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Obviously, air freight is the fastest way to deliver goods. It may be very comfortable, as a bid amount of stuff can be delivered quite quickly. However, there are a lot of difficulties during preparation for air delivery and while delivery. Air freight requires a lot of documents to prepare. Incase you need air freight, it is better to contact logistic specialists. Globalink Logistics is a specialized transport company, which transport cargo in different ways and air freight is one of them. Managers know everything about transporting cargo be air and will easily help you.

Procedures and documentation in air freight

The quickest transit time undoubtedly can provide air freight. The quickest time, however, also means that your freight operations must be equally quick because several preparations, including loading, paperwork, and clearance, are necessary.

Hence, in order to meet the shipping and delivery schedule, you must take initiative. Any scheduling slippage could keep the cargo waiting. That is why you must know exactly what documentation is required and all the procedures during the air freight. And it can be quite a challenge. To avoid mistakes you can contact specialists from moving companies.

Top supply chain managers are knowledgeable freight forwarding professionals and they are familiar with the processes and documents and are equipped to handle unforeseen difficulties. These benefits that you get from working with skilled freight forwarding companies help firms stay on schedule.

Here is the list of documents needed for air freight:

  • commercial Invoice;
  • packing list;
  • airway Bill (AWB);
  • certificate of Origin (CO);
  • declaration for Dangerous Goods;
  • MSDS;
  • and more (there are oter document you may need depending on cargo and destination).

Air freight space constraints

Air freight is defined as a low volume transit. Air services offer benefits like the quickest transit times, high-end security, and dependability, but it is not easy to find space in an aircraft. Many supply chain managers struggle to handle this challenge. It takes careful planning and execution to overcome situations with limited space. Established freight forwarding companies can usually get your cargo on board the plane even in tight spaces in order to avoid these situations. They pre-book space with the airlines. Additionally, they are able to secure last-minute reservations thanks to their strong working relationships with the airlines.

Protection and security of the goods

Air freight is fast and convenient way to deliver cargo. High-value machine parts and manufacturing equipment, electronic parts for manufactured goods, consumer electronics, jewelry, and fresh produce like fresh flowers, fruit, seafood, and pharmaceuticals are typical examples of air cargo. And It is very important to be sure that all these staff are safe during the flight. That is why there are many rules and restrictions during air freight.

Aviation cargo security procedures guard against theft and also against objects like bombs or drugs. In November 2020 new standards were adopted. It was said that employees must establish policies and procedures for the transportation of items in the cargo compartment, including the carrying out of a specific safety risk assessment. The capacity of the aircraft, its systems and the security of the supply chain for the goods must both be considered in the safety risk assessment. New requirements also mandate that the components of the cargo compartment fire protection system have to be included in documentation supporting aircraft operation.

Often, products that need low temperatures and have short shelf-life term are delivered by planes. The only method to ensure that a product will be of high quality and have a long shelf life when it is delivered at the end of a transportation process is to keep perishable food items cold. Air freight can provide that, so products stay fresh.


Air freight is really convenient way to deliver your cargo on a long distance and keep it in good condition. However it is important to remember about all the documents and permissions you need to prepare.

Image source: Image by Peter H from Pixabay

When you own a business that needs to be able to safely transport heavy machinery and materials you owe it to yourself to have some commercial trucks in your arsenal. Having your own trucks means you can guarantee your clients and customers that everything will run as smoothly as possible. Here are a few reasons why renting your commercial trucks is so important to your business.

It Gives You Freedom To Do Business

The more freedom you have to conduct your business the way you need to, the more likely it will be successful. If your budget is limited, purchasing commercial trucks may not be possible. But renting them allows you to keep up with demand without needing to have a large amount of capital. Being able to save money is important, especially in the early days of your company.

Its Less Of A Financial Risk

When you purchase a commercial truck you are taking less of a financial risk than you would be if you purchased one. Owning your truck means any necessary repairs have to be paid for out of the company budget. You also have to pay for regular maintenance and replacement parts when necessary. Lastly, if your truck breaks down on the road, having it towed would be costly. Without a backup truck, you would be hard-pressed to make deliveries on time. But if your company doesn’t own the truck, the rental company always has to pay for the towing and provide you with another truck right away.

You May Not Always Need One

Depending on the nature of your company, you may not need to have a commercial truck at all times. If you don’t then owning one is a waste of money that could be earmarked for other uses. Buying a commercial truck that would be parked more often than not wouldn’t be a good financial decision for any company. Paying insurance and deprecation fees for a truck that doesn’t get much use is not practical.

It Pays To Shop Around

If at any point your company grows so much that you need to own a commercial truck, you may not know what to pick. Rather than purchasing one that doesn’t meet your company’s needs, it may be better to try renting a few different models, one at a time. This allows you to determine what you do and don’t need in your truck. You can then make a more informed decision about which one to purchase.

Commercial Truck Insurance

When you are ready to expand your company you’ll need to look at used dry vans for sale. As explained by the experts at Hale Trailer “Our used dry vans keep your cargo clean and dry, an ideal choice for shipping items that are sensitive to moisture.”

While this is one way to protect your company’s bottom line, it isn’t the only way. You’ll also want to obtain insurance for your commercial truck when you purchase it. There are some compelling reasons why you need to have it insured for your piece of mind.

Commercial truck insurance covers more than just the costs resulting from an accident. It also protects your company if a fire or theft occurs involving the truck. When your truck has to travel to areas that could be dangerous you can’t afford to overlook the importance of insurance.

No company wants to weather a financial loss that could have been avoided. Insurance provides you with liability coverage so that any expenses incurred don’t come out of the company’s budget. The newer your company is, the more important it is to have this kind of coverage.

Business continuity is extremely important in today’s competitive world and is another reason why commercial truck insurance is necessary. In the event your truck is involved in an accident while making a delivery, you’ll have a backup plan in place so that the delivery can be completed promptly.

Protecting your company and the image it projects is a crucial aspect of your success. When you have insurance for your truck you will be able to remedy negative situations before they have a chance to drag down your company’s reputation. As long as you can guarantee on time deliveries you are more trustworthy in the eyes of the public.

So before you purchase a commercial truck and insurance for it, you’ll want to try renting in the meantime. This gives you the flexibility to find what you need before committing to the truck you will use.