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The killing of Turkish transgender activist Hande Kader has caused an outcry in Istanbul.

Turkey remains conservative on LGBTI issues, but on August 21 activists will stage a rare protest in Istanbul.

Hande Kander’s body was found in a forest in Istanbul last week.

The 23-year-old transgender woman, who earned her living as a prostitute, was last seen entering a client’s car one night.

Photo Twitter

Photo Twitter

LGBTI activists protest against violence towards trans people, but the rest of Turkish society rarely reacts.

Under the state of emergency, declared after the failed coup attempt of July 15, restrictions on demonstrations are in place.

However, for the first time, famous figures in Turkey have joined the calls to raise awareness of Hande Kader’s murder and to take part in a demonstration scheduled for August 21 in Istanbul.

According to data from the rights group Transgender Europe, Turkey has the highest number of trans murders in Europe.

Hande Kader tried to call attention to trans murders in Turkey and the lack of justice. She was usually in the front at demonstrations.

In 2015, police had banned the annual LGBTI Pride march in Taksim Square in Istanbul. They tried to disperse the crowds, using water cannon, rubber bullets and pepper spray.