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Topknots are the hair look of autumn.

Popular with Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes, topknots pull the forehead taut giving wearers a “naturally” Botoxed appearance.

Here, celebrity hairdresser Amanda Clarke shows you how to the achieve the look.

Brush your hair back into a tight, high ponytail at the crown of your head and secure with a hairband. Spray hairspray on to your hand and smooth over your head.

Pull your ponytail upwards and plait it tightly to the end, securing it with another hairband. Spray a little hairspray on the plait to keep it sleek and together.

Pull the plait to the side and, holding the end and the base of it, wrap it around itself into a bun. Tuck the end into the centre of the bun so it’s hidden.

Spray the bun with hairspray and secure it tightly with pins. Smooth down any strands that may have escaped.