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Actress Nicole Kidman attended the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games and she looked younger than ever.

Yesterday, Nicole Kidman was guest of honor at the private opening of Omega House, the watchmaker’s official residence during the London 2012 Olympic Games, and she was dressed to impress.

Nicole Kidman – who is a brand ambassador for the Swiss company – looked demure in a sleeveless black dress with black lace up sandals.

The actress appeared years younger than 45 with her hair in soft waves to her shoulders and sported minimal make-up.

Nicole Kidman obviously wore one of the famous watches but apart from dazzling earrings and her wedding ring, she wore no other jewellery.

Her husband Keith Urban was at the Olympics launch with her last night, where the excited actress posted pictures on her Facebook account and shared her enjoyment with her fans.

Nicole Kidman attended the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games and she looked younger than ever

Nicole Kidman attended the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games and she looked younger than ever

Posting one picture of herself looking excited, with her spouse in the background, Nicole Kidman wrote: “At the Olympics with omega! Amazing!!”

It was a return to the spotlight for the star who has tried to stay out of the public eye to avoid the drama surrounding her former husband’s latest split.

Nicole Kidman refused to get involved in the divorce drama unfurling between Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes, even though there are echoes of her 2001 split with the now 50-year-old movie star.

Not least 33-year-old Katie Holmes’ decision to file for sole custody of the couple’s daughter Suri, six, after Nicole Kidman lost primary residence of her two adopted children with Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor.

However, Nicole Kidman, who was married to Tom Cruise for nearly 10 years before the actor filed for divorce, even steered clear of close friends in recent weeks to avoid being drawn on the subject.

“Nicole won’t talk, wants her privacy, wants to be left out of this and they [she and Tom Cruise] don’t speak much,” an insider told RadarOnline.com. “Communication between her and Tom is very limited.”

Nicole Kidman, who was said to be shocked when Tom Cruise filed for divorce in 2001 – only two months after they renewed their vows – kept a low profile immediately after the Holmes filed for divorce.

“Nicole really does not want to be dragged into this or say anything to anyone,” continued the source.

“At some point though, she will probably be forced to say something, and she will most likely support Tom for the sake of their children.”

According to one report, after the dissolution of their marriage, members of the Church of Scientology turned Isabella and Connor Cruise against Nicole Kidman, calling her a “sociopath” and the actress has only recently reunited with her adopted daughter.

“I love mom,” Isabella Cruise recently told Australia’s New Idea magazine. “She’s my mom. She’s great. I see her sometimes [in Nashville] and I speak to her.”

Tom Cruise has hired Dennis Wasser, the same lawyer who represented him for his divorce from Nicole Kidman.