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Former news anchor Tom Brokaw has revealed that the cancer he was diagnosed with in 2013 is in remission.

“A year ago my future was more uncertain than I cared to acknowledge but now I face the New Year with very encouraging news,” the former news anchor told staff at the NBC network.

“The cancer is in remission and I will shortly go on a drug maintenance regime to keep it there.”Tom Brokaw diagnosed with cancer

Tom Brokaw, 74, revealed in February he had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

The cancer affects blood cells in the bone marrow and there is currently no cure.

In a letter distributed to NBC employees, Tom Brokaw said the last year had been “a challenge” but that he had been “meeting it in world class hospitals with brilliant physicians”.

The Emmy-winning broadcaster is a special correspondent at NBC, having spent 20 years presenting NBC’s Nightly News bulletin.

Last month Tom Brokaw was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom alongside such other distinguished honorees as Stevie Wonder and Meryl Streep.

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