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Jay-Z and Timbaland have been cleared over Big Pimpin’ copyright violation, a judge ruled on October 21.

The rapper was accused of not getting permission to use a flute sample from a track written by an Egyptian composer called Baligh Hamdi in 1957.

Baligh Hamdi’s nephew and heir, Osama Ahmed Fahmy, claimed they didn’t ask to combine his uncle’s song with the lyrics of Big Pimpin’, released in 1999.

Timbaland, real name Timothy Mosley, testified that in 2011 he paid $100,000 to EMI Arabia.

The music company said they owned the rights to the song Khosara Khosara, which Timabland and Jay-Z sampled.

Photo Reuters

Photo Reuters

Both Jay-Z and Timbaland said they believed they had a valid license to sample the flute notes.

Osama Ahmed Fahmy said this deal was irrelevant and consent to change the track should have been requested.

However, Los Angeles district judge Christina Snyder dismissed the lawsuit before it went to a jury.

The flute is used throughout Big Pimpin’ that became the first major hit single for Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter.

“My client is pleased and gratified by the decision,” Jay-Z’s lawyer Andrew Bart said.

The lawyer for Osama Ahmed Fahmy, Keith Wesley, said: “We strongly disagree with the ruling and we fully intend to appeal.”

The case has taken years to get to court, with Baligh Hamdi’s nephew first filing a legal complaint in 2007.


Rapper Jay-Z has told a Los Angeles jury he was not aware there was a sample of Egyptian songwriter Baligh Hamdi’s 1957 song Khosara Khosara on his 1999 hit Big Pimpin’.

Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, and producer Timbaland are accused of using the melody from the song without permission.

The rapper testified for roughly 90 minutes in court on October 14.

“I didn’t think there was a sample in it,” Jay-Z said.

“Timbaland presented me with a track. I didn’t even think about there being a sample,” he continued.

Jay-Z’ss lawyers told the court Baligh Hamdi’s family had repeatedly been paid for use of the song.

Four notes from Khosara Khosara‘s 74 notes are repeated throughout Big Pimpin’, a music expert has testified.

Photo Getty Images

Photo Getty Images

Asked why he did not thoroughly check out the rights to the track, Jay-Z replied: “That’s not what I do. I make music.

“I’m a rapper, I’ve got a clothing line, I run a label, a media label called Roc Nation, with a sports agency, music publishing and management. Restaurants and nightclubs … I think that about covers it.”

The rapper said he had a team of hundreds of people who dealt with his contracts and licensing.

Timbaland – real name Timothy Mosley – later told the court he had found Khosara Khosara on a CD of Arabic music labeled “license free”.

“I’m thinking it’s free music, free songs, and I sampled it,” he said.

Baligh Hamdi’s nephew, Osama Ahmed Fahmy, first filed a legal complaint in 2007, claiming the musicians had purposefully avoided asking permission because of Big Pimpin’s lyrics.

His lawyer, Peter Ross, has already told the court Jay-Z and Timbaland had infringed Baligh Hamdi’s “moral rights” – a legal concept he claimed was well-established in Egypt which would have required the musicians to get permission to use elements of Khosara Khosara in a song celebrating a promiscuous lifestyle.


Jay-Z has surprised fans by travelling to his concert at London’s O2 Arena on the Tube.

The rapper was joined on his journey by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Timbaland, who is supporting him on his Magna Carta world tour.

Chris Martin, who is good friends with Jay-Z, later joined him on stage.

Fan Jamie Robb tweeted a photo after meeting the rapper.

“What a riot… Just met Jay-Z on the tube in London,” he said.

He also revealed they had an entourage of around 10 people with them.

Jay-Z has surprised fans by travelling to his concert at London's O2 Arena on the Tube

Jay-Z has surprised fans by travelling to his concert at London’s O2 Arena on the Tube

Another fan, Fu Choi, tweeted he was “too starstruck” to take a photo and said the rapper was mobbed by fans when he arrived at the arena.

And a third passenger, Elias, tweeted how the rapper surprised him on the escalator.

“Coming off the tube and I see Jay-Z casually walking up the next escalator next to me… EVERYONE GOES NUTS!!”

Last year Jay-Z took the subway to one of his concerts in Brooklyn, New York.

Rihanna has also used the Tube a number of times to get to concerts at the 02.

Jay-Z is playing four nights at the arena before his tour heads to mainland Europe.

Magna Carta Holy Grail is Jay-Z’s 12th studio album and became his first number one album in the UK.

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Michael Jackson, who died in June 2009, would have been 55 today.

Though the King of Pop died four years ago at the age of 50, Twitter was full of birthday greetings and retrospectives of the late singer.

Michael Jackson, who died in June 2009, would have been 55 today

Michael Jackson, who died in June 2009, would have been 55 today

Also, producer Timbaland (Timothy Zachery Mosley) hinted at a new project that could include Michael Jackson’s vocals. In a teaser initially posted on YouTube’s Revolt TV channel, Timbaland talked about being approached by Epic Records executive L.A. Reid about a project that “would be like two kings working together.” Timbaland never mentions Michael Jackson’s name, but the singer’s image appears throughout the clip, which has appeared in several third-party versions since the original was removed from YouTube.

To celebrate his August 29 birth, Sony Music Entertainment is encouraging fans to share birthday wishes — and ideas for making the world a better place — by uploading an Instagram photo or video with hashtags #MJBDay or #MjWeAreOne.

Birthday.MichaelJackson.com will employ Instagram’s API to plot your submission on an interactive map, which lets users click and see other fans’ photos and videos.

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