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According to new reports, the manager of a terrapin farm near Pyongyang, was shot on the orders of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un following a disappointing tour of the farm in May 2015.

The farmer was shot and killed after Kim Jong-un toured the facility in May. The tour left Kim Jong-un furious at the number of terrapin deaths and the failure to breed freshwater lobsters, sources inside the country told the Daily NK, a website run by Koreans from both sides of the border and funded by NGOs who emphasize democracy and human rights.Kim Jong un terrapin farm execution

The farm manager attempted to explain that the terrapins had died due to a lack of electricity, water and food for the terrapins. Regardless of the reasons behind the terrapin deaths, Kim Jong-un apparently decided to set an example by executing the farmer, according to another Daily NK source who corroborated the story.

At the time of the inspection the official state website KCNA reported that Kim Jong-un was unhappy with the breeding of lobsters which had been given to the farm to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of North Korea in October, but information about the death of the manager only emerged earlier this week.

In May 2015, Kim Jong-un also ordered the execution of the North Korean defense minister Hyon Yong-chol, who was charged with treason after falling asleep at an event where the Supreme Leader was the guest of honor.

Kim Jong-un has ordered the execution of 15 other state officials for challenging his authority in 2014.