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Hit film Les Miserables isn’t exactly a barrel of laughs, but, for one New York family, the experience of seeing the musical tearjerker on the big screen proved positively overwhelming.

Amused by their parents’ tearful reaction to seeing the film, Ryan and Kevin Ferguson uploaded a video to YouTube of the couple crying as they drove home from the cinema.

Their distraught mother asks her husband: “Wasn’t it better than the play, George? It was better than the play.”

Their father also found the film devastating, admitting that it didn’t take much for the waterworks to start.

“When I hear the first notes I start to cry,” he said.

“I was walking in I was crying. I look at Anne Hathaway and I still cry.”

He went on: “We’ve been to funerals where we’re less upset. We’ve been to funerals of family members and have cried less.”

Couple can't stop crying after seeing Les Miserables

Couple can’t stop crying after seeing Les Miserables

As their sobs continue, the brothers begin to laugh, drawing a horrified response from their mother.

“How could you laugh?” she asks Ryan, to which he responds: “I’m not laughing! I was sad too.”

The brothers were clearly tickled by their parents’ reaction, describing them as “cute”.

“My father was crying too, as my brother and I had earlier during the movie,” Ryan Ferguson wrote beneath the video.

“This is a lighthearted video showing how great my parents are.”

The video become viral and hit thousands of views since was posted on YouTube few days ago.

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