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Recently has been reported that Demi Moore’s daughters have become estranged from their mother.

Daughter Rumer Willis, 23, was by her mother’s side when she was rushed to hospital following a binge on nitrous oxide in January and in the weeks that followed.

But now it has been alleged that she and her sisters Scout and Tallulah have stopped talking to Demi Moore.

It appears that the girls have “broken all ties” with Demi Moore,49, due to her emotional breakdown in the wake of her split from Ashton Kutcher.

“Demi is very messy right now and the girls have been waiting to get out and move on and now they’re being sucked back in, and they’re all getting into various kinds of trouble.”

Demi Moore's daughters have become estranged from their mother

Demi Moore's daughters have become estranged from their mother

The Willis girls, Rumer, Scout, 20 and Tallulah, 18, also appear to be struggling to cope with life without Ashton Kutcher.

A source closed to the family said: “The girls loved him because he actually took parenting seriously even though he was younger and they miss him.”

Apart from Tallulah’s graduation ceremony, Demi Moore has not been seen out with her daughters much in recent months.

Sources close to the family told RadarOnline that the family has reached”’breaking point” following a series of fights.

“Rumer, Scout and Tallulah just don’t want to deal with the drama at the moment,” the source said.

“Since breaking up with Ashton, Demi Moore has been a mess.

“The girls were there for her through it all – the split and the rehab but now they just feel like they need a little distance.”

Things were said to have come to a head when Demi Moore attended Tallulah’s high school graduation.

The trio of sisters allegedly did not want their mother there. Demi Moore arrived alone looking miserable, while the girls looked happier with father Bruce Willis, and they were not pictured with their mother.

There have also been reports that the girls continued relationship with Ashton Kutcher has caused tensions.

Ashton Kutcher was present at a nightclub to see Rumer sing back in April and the pair were also seen meeting up in May.

A source told the gossip site: “They [Rumer, Tallulah and Scout] all adore him and talk to him regularly which Demi hates, but he was a huge part of their lives when they were growing up and they don’t want to break off all contact with him.”

The family has had their fair share of drama of late. Earlier this week Tallulah was at the centre of nude photo scandal. And sister Rumer is lamenting the disappearance of her dog.



Demi Moore put on a brave front at the high school graduation for 18-year-old daughter Tallulah on Thursday and looked in great shape.

Although still slim, Demi Moore, 49, looked like she had put on a few healthy pounds and wore a black mini dress to show off her legs.

Keeping her long dark hair in a simple style and wearing flats, Demi Moore, who turns 50 in November, seemed to be focused on just being there for her teen.

The actress was reunited with ex-husband Bruce Willis who was also there to support Tallulah and their other daughters Rumer, 23, and Scout, 20, were along for the family occasion too.

Rumer showed off her toned stomach in a belly baring grey top which she paired with a see-through white summer skirt and her orange bag matched her flaming locks.

Meanwhile, middle girl Scout flew in to Los Angeles from New York to face all the family after recently being arrested for underage drinking and having an open alcohol container on the street.

Demi Moore put on a brave front at the high school graduation for 18-year-old daughter Tallulah on Thursday and looked in great shape

Demi Moore put on a brave front at the high school graduation for 18-year-old daughter Tallulah on Thursday and looked in great shape

Scout is studying at Brown University and is also an aspiring singer.

It’s not the first time she has been at the centre of controversy. Earlier this year she took to Twitter and ranted about how much she hated her parents and how she tried the drug MDMA.

She later claimed the tweets were a ‘hoax’ and that she did it for a class project at school.

One person who was noticeably absent was Demi Moore’s estranged husband Ashton Kutcher.

The clan had always prided themselves on attending special events together but it seems now that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have split it may not be as comfortable a situation as it once was.

Ashton Kutcher, who is currently filming the Steve Jobs biopic, is apparently still close to his stepdaughters but stayed away.

There have been recent rumors swirling that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher may reunite after calling it quits on their marriage following allegations the actor cheated on Demi on their six-year anniversary

RadarOnline said that they have met up on several occasions are “still desperately in love and could be on for a reconciliation”.

No divorce papers have yet been filed.

Meanwhile, Bruce Willis became a father for the fourth time in April when his new wife Emma Heming gave birth to a girl, Mabel Ray.

He was all smiles for the graduation and beamed proudly as he got to spend time with his daughters.