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Talking About the Le-Vel Brands


Le-Vel Brands is generating so much buzz and excitement through its innovative dietary supplements that it is expanding exponentially. Indeed it is the ultimate goal of the Le-Vel Brands to soon have its logo everywhere as its reputation and fame increases in both the dietary supplement and direct sales industries. The rapid rise of Le-Vel Brands owes its success to the innovative weight and health management products that also generate extra income flows for its retailers and affiliates.

What Le-Vel Brands Supporters Say About the Company

Supporters and promoters of the Le-Vel Brands are quite vocal about their belief that this company is its way to becoming a trusted global brand. They are not only excited about the products and commissions rate plan the company offers today, but are also looking forward to having more great and innovative products in the future. Indeed, Le-Vel Brands’ true goal is to be known worldwide for its brand, not just products. The company, which was founded in 2012 by three veterans of the direct sales industry, aims to continue communicating its message of quality and passion to the world. The three founders of Le-Vel Brands, Paul Gravette, Justin Rouleau and Jason Camper never lose sight of the company’s ultimate goal: everything boils down to the quest of becoming a global premium lifestyle brand.

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Why Everybody Else is Talking About the Le-Vel Brands

Much of the excitement surrounding the Le-Vel Brands is focused on its four core products that are marketed for people who wish to stay healthy and have more energy. The first two products in the lineup are Thrive M (weight management pills for men) and Thrive W (identical to Thrive M but is marketed to women). Both products contain natural ingredients such as green coffee bean and grape seed extracts as well as amino acid, vitamins and minerals. The third product is called the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix, which is also a weight management product that comes in whey protein form that can be added to smoothies and other drinks. The fourth product is the one that is generating the biggest excitement: the Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT (Derma Fusion Technology), a skin patch that is meant to be worn on the skin for 24 hours to deliver its natural components straight to the bloodstream. The Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT also supports weight and health management thanks to its blend of Cosmoperine (derived from black pepper to increase skin absorption), Garcinia Cambogia (also called the Malabar tamarind, it is a popular fruit that is often used to support weight loss), white willow bark, and green coffee bean extract.

Weight Management Made Even Easier with the Thrive Experience

Everybody knows that staying healthy requires commitment and effort. The Le-Vel Brands is making health and weight management even easier with its “Thrive Experience”, an eight-week plan that provides even more support to achieve fitness and health goal. When users of the Thrive products join the “Thrive Experience”, they will find it easier to stay healthy and have more energy.