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If you are struggling to figure out where to start when it comes to buying sport glasses or goggles then here are a few tips on how you can choose the right ones for you and your needs.

First, choose several pairs rated for your activity/sport.

Just like all sports are different, all glasses are different. Glasses are not all designed for a certain level of physical activity so you should pick a selection from those that are specifically rated for what you plan on wearing them to do. For example, baseball glasses are different from fishing glasses which are in turn different from football glasses.

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Secondly, pick the right material for your glasses.

Most sports glasses will have lightweight, flexible frames and polycarbonate lenses. The reason these materials are most popular is that it makes the glasses more durable and keeps them light. If you plan to wear these glasses for long periods of time or need the for eye protection then you should keep durability and weight in mind.

Lastly, decide on the style and fit

The most important factor for your sports glasses is how they are going to protect your eyes. You need to pick a pair that fits securely around the whole eye and covers both eyeballs as well as the soft tissue around them and you should also consider protection against UVA and UVB rays. Some people may stick to the traditional glasses style whereas others opt for a secure strap that holds them in place.

Do you need different glasses or different sports and activities?

It is essential that you choose the right type of prescription sports glasses for the specific activity that you are participating in. There are some glasses and goggles that can carry over for multiple types of events but it is important that you find ones that offer the most protection for the specific sport you are going to be doing,

Should you wear prescription swimming goggles?

If you wear prescription glasses on a daily basis and enjoy swimming then you should definitely consider getting prescription goggles. You can, of course, use standard swimming goggles in conjunction with contact lenses to help you see underwater but in this case, it is important to purchase high-quality goggles that will keep water from getting into your eyes.

Lens Options

Sports glasses come in a variety of different lens options, but polycarbonate is the most popular because it is lightweight and offers an extra layer of protection when outdoors as they block dust, debris, and other particles from getting into your eyes.

You should also look into tinted or transition lenses. Some athletes prefer an amber-tinted lens as this makes it easier to see and reduces glare to improve distance contrast while on a golf course for example. However, anglers typically prefer a yellow tint to make it easier to see when staring into dark waters whilst fishing on a lake. Transition lenses will automatically turn dark when you go outside or when the sun is out, this can be particularly helpful for athletes as it means they do not have to carry an additional pair of glasses with them.