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Actor Eddie Hassell has died at the age of 30 after being shot in North Texas on November 1.

Eddie Hassell was best known for his roles in the 2010 Oscar-nominated film The Kids Are All Right, and the NBC TV show Surface.

The star’s representatives confirmed the news of his death to Variety.

Eddie Hassell was killed in what appeared to be a carjacking, although the incident was still being investigated.

According to The New York Times, Eddie Hassell was shot outside his girlfriend’s apartment in a suburb of Dallas just before 2AM on November 1 and died in hospital soon after.

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In 2010, the Texas-born actor showcased his skills to the world in the comedy drama film The Kids Are All Right, which was one of the first mainstream movies to show a same-sex couple raising two teenagers.

It was nominated for four Academy Awards, including best picture.

In it, Eddie Hassell played Clay – a friend of Laser (Josh Hutcherson), whose parents (Annette Bening and Julianne Moore) believe Hassell’s character is unstable.

Earlier in his career, Eddie Hassell portrayed Phil Nance – the best friend of schoolboy Miles Barnett – In the science fiction TV series Surface.

He appeared in 10 episodes, acting opposite the likes of Leighton Meester and Lake Bell, before NBC announced in 2006 that the series had been canceled after one season.

In 2013, Eddie Hassell played the young Chris Espinosa in Jobs – a biographical film about Apple founder Steve Jobs, alongside Ashton Kutcher.

Microsoft has launched a US marketing offer for people to exchange “gently used” iPads for its products such as Surface tablets.

Microsoft is offering at least a $200 token to go towards products such as the Surface RT and the Surface Pro.

The company is far behind Apple in terms of global tablet sales and market share.

One US-based analyst expressed doubts that many people would swap their iPad for a Microsoft product.

“Do I think that many people will take [Microsoft] up on this offer? In a word, no,” said Gartner mobile device analyst Van Baker.

Microsoft has launched a US marketing offer for people to exchange "gently used" iPads for its products such as Surface tablets

Microsoft has launched a US marketing offer for people to exchange “gently used” iPads for its products such as Surface tablets

“The app ecosystem is the problem for Microsoft and this offer doesn’t fix that problem.”

There was a far greater range of mobile apps available for iPads than for Windows devices, giving Apple a competitive edge, said Van Baker.

Microsoft has been engaged in an aggressive US marketing campaign to try to tempt Apple iPad users to buy Windows-based tablets.

In May, Microsoft launched an iPad v Windows comparison website, coupled with head-to-head advertising campaigns.

Microsoft has experienced problems trying to sell Surface devices.

In the first quarter of this year, Apple shipped 19.5 million iPads, compared with 900,000 Microsoft tablets.

In the second quarter, Microsoft shipped only 300,000 Surface devices, technology publication CiteWorld said.

Although Microsoft announced a revenue of $853 million on Surface sales in its latest financial regulatory filing, the company took a $900 million loss after failing to shift Surface RT devices.

Microsoft’s $200 gift certificate offer is valid in its bricks and mortar stores. A Surface RT tablet costs $349, and a Surface Pro retails at $799.