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Paris Jackson attempted to take her own life on Wednesday afternoon, but it appears that her cry for help may have started some time ago.

In previously published pictures, the 15-year-old daughter of late singer Michael Jackson was seen six weeks ago with a crop of scars on her forearm – which appear to suggest she has been self-harming.

Paris Jackson has reportedly been on a psychiatric ward for 72 hours after she apparently cut her wrists on Wednesday.

Seen on a lunch date out with her biological mother, Debbie Rowe, at the Fire Island Grill in Palmdale, California, on April 28, rows of scars could clearly be seen on the troubled teenager’s forearm as she raised her arm in a rock sign.
Lines of marks – typically associated with self-harming – can be seen coursing down the teenager’s arm from her wrist and almost reaching her elbow.

In the light of Paris Jackson’s suicide bid, it would appear that the teenager had been in need of support for some weeks in the lead-up to the attempt.

The latest tragic turn her relatively short life is somewhat unsurprising given the personal struggles she has endured over the course of the last few years.

Not only did the teen lose her superstar father prematurely when he passed away in 2009, but she has also had to put up with a great deal of criticism surrounding her recent reconnection with her birth mother.

Paris Jackson began rebuilding her relationship with her mother, who signed custody of her children over to Michael Jackson after her divorce from the singer in 1999, following her father’s tragic passing in 2009.

However, her elder brother Prince, 16, is said to have been less than understanding about Paris Jackson’s desire to reconnect with their absent parent, causing a rift between the siblings.

A source told E! News: “It’s been a very difficult time. Paris has wanted Debbie in her life… She’s a young girl and having a female mother figure has been something she has desired for as long as she can remember, but it has caused problems in the family.

“It has caused some problems between Paris and Prince. It’s a very personal choice for both of them and they do not see eye to eye on it at all. But Paris has believed from the start that it is something that Prince will come around to, that he will change his mind as he gets older.”

The source added that Paris Jackson felt “alone and confused” after Prince refused to “understand her wanting to have a relationship with her mom”.

Paris Jackson’s grandmother Katherine, who is currently guardian of Paris and her two siblings Prince and Blanket, is also said to have been unsure about the relationship being rebuilt but “understands that this is what Paris needs and she would not want to stand in her way”.

In fact, the teenager’s relationship with the Jackson family is believed to have become so strained that it was recently claimed she will walk away from her relatives and “never return” as soon as she turns 16.

Mark Lester, who is godfather to all three of Michael Jackson’s children, recently told Grazia magazine: “I’m sure when Paris hits 16 she will take herself out of that Jackson clan, walk out of that door and never turn back. She will never go back. I’m glad she’s got Debbie Rowe in her life.

“It appears to be the case that each family member has a different agenda. You’ve got all the brothers and sisters taking an interest in their lives now. I think it’s inevitable when they reach 16, or when Katherine dies, that they will say to the rest of the family, <<Back off, it’s my life>>.

“It must be hard for Katherine, being an 83-year-old having teenage kids running around. It must be very difficult for her stepping in as a mother when she was always granny, which brings us back to Debbie Rowe. I think it’s a good thing she’s coming back on the scene, perfect timing.”

Paris Jackson was seen six weeks ago with a crop of scars on her forearm

Paris Jackson was seen six weeks ago with a crop of scars on her forearm

A source close to the teenager said that Paris wanted to be free of her family guardians after suffering from depression “for some time” and felt “unsolved” following the death of her father in June four years ago.

It has been revealed that being surrounded by various members of her family and their entourage had made the teenager feel “alone” adding that she “misses her father every day”.

Paris Jackson even asked for “emancipation” from her family at one point, according to the US columnist Roger Friedman, who has strong sources close to the Jackson family.

The court action would have given Paris Jackson control over her own life before legally becoming an adult at 18.

Roger Friedman also alleged that Debbie Rowe, 54, Paris Jackson’s mother and ex-wife of Michael Jackson, could seek legal custody of her daughter removing her from the Jackson family compound in Calabasas.

A family insider is quoted as saying: “She’s a handful for the Jacksons. They don’t know what to do. Paris suffers from depression. She’s lonely, she thinks no one loves her or is listening to her. She doesn’t want to be controlled or told what to do.”

According to reports, Paris Jackson “didn’t want to die” when she reportedly attempted to take her own life on Wednesday.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department will have to class the call as a suicide bid due to Paris Jackson apparently cutting her wrists and taking a drugs overdose, sources told TMZ.com that Paris’ contact with a suicide helpline is an indication that the incident was in fact a cry for help.

A law enforcement source told the website: “She wanted attention, she wanted to be saved. It makes no sense if you really want to die to call a hotline, where the person on the other end will get an ambulance over to your house.”

While another family source has claimed to Fox that it was ‘not the first time’ Paris had attempted to take her own life.

Paris Jackson’s paternal grandmother Katherine, 83, currently shares guardianship of her and her brothers Prince Michael, 16, and Blanket, 10, with TJ Jackson, the son of Michael’s brother, Tito.

On Thursday, Prince Michael canceled an appearance on German television, following his sister’s troubles.

He was scheduled to make a guest appearance on the ZDF show Wetten, dass …? (Wanna Bet?).

“Under these circumstances, we perfectly understand that Prince Michael prefers to stay close to his family,” ZDF’s Silke Blömer told People.

“We wish Paris the strength and the power to recover soon.”

Meanwhile, the producer of what is set to be Paris Jackson’s acting debut has said she “will be ready” to start filming soon.

Author Dennis Christen is producing the film Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys based on his own novel.

He told UsWeekly: “Paris will do a delightful job in her role… She’s been concentrating on developing her acting skills and is becoming a very proficient actor.”

The website also reports that Paris Jackson was conscious and aware when the ambulance arrived, and put up no struggle when the emergency technicians placed her on a stretcher and took her to the hospital.

Following the reported suicide bid, Paris Jackson’s family released a statement saying the teenager is ‘safe and doing fine’ and is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital.

The statement, released by Katherine Jackson’s lawyer Perry Sander, did not refer to the nature of Paris’ emergency, but said Michael Jackson’s daughter is getting the “appropriate medical attention”.

It read: “Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you her father. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family’s privacy.

“Thank you for the outpouring of concern and support for Paris. She is safe and doing fine. We truly appreciate you respecting our family’s privacy at this time.”

Paris Jackson’s mother Debbie Rowe, who was pictured speaking to police on Wednesday outside her Palmdale ranch in California, also released her own statement, which read: “We appreciate everyone’s thoughts for Paris at this time and their respect for the family’s privacy.”

She also reportedly told police that Paris Jackson has had “a lot going on lately”.

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Sophie Jastrow, Paris Jackson’s best friend, has spoken of her shock following Michael Jackson’s daughter’s apparent suicide bid – revealing she was left “shaking” after hearing the news.

Sophie Jastrow made her comments as it became clear that Paris Jackson, 15, had been under immense strain recently after being forced to defend her newly-forged relationship with her mother Debbie Rowe.

The schoolgirl tweeted: “so f***in sad right now…litdraally (sic) shaking right now…literally i cant even focus.”

Joline Nehoray, another of Paris Jackson’s friends and a fellow student at the private Buckley school in California, added: “So heartbroken. Stay strong.”

Paris Jackson posted pictures of her and Sophie Jastrow together at Debbie Rowe’s California home last month, adding: “Ok so I realized that Sophie became my best friend and i love her so much.”

Writing on her ask.fm site, Paris added: “So i realized dat some ppl dont like my mom and im getting hateful comments about sayin obviously rude things about my mom and i won’t let that okay?

“I am bonding good with her and like i said we are really strong relationship and nobody’s gonna stop me from that (: x yes Prince still isn’t ready idk why but he will meet her too (: i hope so no hate! xx “

Sophie Jastrow, Paris Jackson's best friend, has spoken of her shock following Michael Jackson's daughter’s apparent suicide bid

Sophie Jastrow, Paris Jackson’s best friend, has spoken of her shock following Michael Jackson’s daughter’s apparent suicide bid

Paris Jackson had revealed that she was back in touch with her biological mother, writing: “So on my birthday, I hung out with my mom because of course, haven’t seen her since… a long time ago. So glad I bonded with my mother. It’s like we have this really strong relationship and did I mention, I kind of look like her. It was so amazing to see my mother after all these years. Love her.”

But when one critic said her mother was only out to use her, Paris Jackson replied: “Well wtf are u messing in my life?

“Stfu im sick of ppl like u who are saying that! She wasn’t in my life around 15 years but now as i said we became close and i know that she wouldn’t use me cuz im her daughter kay?”

Paris Jackson was taken from her Calabasas family home on a stretcher at around 2am on Wednesday and conveyed to a nearby hospital, according to TMZ.

Scott Miller of the Los Angeles County Fire Department tells People Magazine that paramedics responded to a 911 call at 1.27 a.m. “regarding a possible overdose” while TMZ reports a source as saying Paris Jackson had cut herself multiple times on one of her wrists.

Insiders told Entertainment Tonight Paris Jackson was upset because she was not allowed to go to a Marilyn Manson concert in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The incident unfolded just hours after the teenager posted a series of alarming messages on Twitter.

Around midnight she recited the sorrowful Beatles’song Yesterday to her million plus followers, writing: “Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away, now it looks as though they’re here to stay.”

An hour previously, Paris Jackson posted: “I wonder why tears are salty.”

The 911 call came in at 1.27 am local time, according to TMZ and the website reports Paris Jackson is now “doing ok”.

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