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James Bond’s SPECTRE car, an Aston Martin DB10, has sold at auction for $3.4 million.

The DB10, one of only two “show cars” from the ten made especially for the movie, smashed its reserve price of $1.5 million.

Made in Warwickshire, the model has a 4.7-litre V8 petrol engine and a top speed of 190 mph – but it cannot be driven on public roads.

SPECTRE – The Auction, at Christie’s London King Street, saw 10 lots raise $4.2 million for charities.Aston Martin DB10 James Bond Spectre auction

A further 14 items continue in an online auction which ends on February 23.

Other lots included the “Day of the Dead” costume worn by Daniel Craig in SPECTRE.

Aston Martin has been associated with James Bond since the 1964 film Goldfinger, which featured a DB5.

The auctioned DB10, hand built at Aston Martin’s UK headquarters in Gaydon, was signed by Daniel Craig.

Most of the DB10s were modified for use in the filming of SPECTRE but two were left unmodified for display.

SPECTRE is reported to have destroyed $36 million worth of cars during shooting.


Aston Martin will auction one of 10 DB10 cars made for James Bond movie SPECTRE along with 23 other Bond-related items for charity.

The car, which was specially built for SPECTRE, will be put up on February 18 with a minimum price of £1 million ($1.6 million).

It forms part of SPECTRE – The Auction, timed to coincide with the release of the 24th James Bond movie on DVD.

The car has a 4.7-litre V8 petrol engine and a top speed of 190 mph, but it cannot be driven on public roads.James Bond Spectre car auction

Aston Martin has been associated with James Bond since 1964’s Goldfinger, which featured a DB5.

Most of the DB10s were modified for use in the filming of SPECTRE, but the DB10 offered at Christie’s auction house is one of only two “show” cars, which were left unmodified and used for display purposes.

SPECTRE is reported to have destroyed $36 million worth of cars during shooting.

The car up for auction has been signed by James Bond actor Daniel Craig.


Spectre has continued to top the North American box office in its second week of release.

The 24th James Bond movie, starring Daniel Craig, made $35.4 million between November 13 and 15, according to estimates.

The Peanuts Movie held firm at No 2, with takings of $24.2 million.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt drama By the Sea failed to make a splash, taking just $95,440 at 10 screens.

Photo IMDb

Photo IMDb

The European art house film stars the real-life couple as a husband and wife struggling to cope in the aftermath of a trauma. The movie was also directed by Angelina Jolie – her third time at the helm of a movie – and the actress also wrote the script.

By the Sea, which marks the first time Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have appeared together on the big screen since Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005, has been generally panned by critics.

Despite its poor takings, By the Sea’s limited release is thought unlikely to hurt its film company, Universal, too much since it was made for a relatively modest budget of $10 million.

Spectre‘s takings fell 50% in its second weekend, bringing its North American total to $130.7 million.

That is well behind the $161 million earned by its predecessor Skyfall over the same period.

The Peanuts Movie – the family-friendly adaptation of the beloved Charles Schulz comic strip, featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy – saw its second weekend takings drop by 45%, bringing its total in the US to $82.5 million.

The rest of the top five saw Love the Coopers, an ensemble comedy about a family gathering starring Diane Keaton and Alan Arkin, enter the chart at number three with $8.4 million.

Old release The Martian dropped one place to No 4, while at number five was another new release, The 33.

The 33, based on the 2010 Chilean mining disaster, took $5.8 million from 2,452 theaters.

North American box office Top five:

  1. Spectre – $35.4 million
  2. The Peanuts Movie – $24.2 million
  3. Love the Coopers – $8.4 million
  4. The Martian – $6.7 million
  5. The 33 – $5.8 million


Spectre has entered the Guinness World Record books for featuring the largest film stunt explosion in cinema history.

The 24th James Bond movie stars Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux, along with producer Barbara Broccoli, were presented with an official certificate on November 9.

The official title holder is Oscar-winner Chris Corbould, who created the explosive scene for the movie.

The 7.5 second scene was shot in Morocco.

The blast used 68.47 tonnes of TNT equivalent and was the result of detonating 8,418 liters of kerosene with 33 kg of powder explosives.Spectre explosion stunt

Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said: “It is absolutely tremendous that the Guinness World Records have recognized Chris Corbould’s incredible work in Spectre.”

Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday added: “The James Bond movies are synonymous with pushing cinematic boundaries. The scene featuring the world’s largest film stunt explosion is spectacular and will live long in the memory as one of the outstanding moments in the Bond franchise.”

Chris Corbould won an Oscar for Inception in 2010.

Spectre is currently at the top of the North America and UK box offices, with earnings of $73 million in its opening weekend.

However, the movie failed to beat the performance of the last James Bond movie Skyfall in the US and Canada, which took $88.4 million in 2012.

Records were also set in Norway, the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark.


Spectre has topped the North American box office in its first weekend of release.

The 24th movie in James Bond franchise, which sees Daniel Craig reprise his role as 007, earned $73 million between November 6 and 7, according to early estimates.

However, Spectre failed to beat the performance of the last James Bond movie Skyfall, which took $88.4 million in 2012.

The lower figure was partly due to this weekend’s release of The Peanuts Movie.

The family-friendly adaptation of the beloved Charles Schulz comic strip, featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy, took $45 million.

Spectre still had the second-biggest opening weekend for a Bond film in the US and Canada.Spectre US box office

“We never expected [Spectre] to open to the level of Skyfall,” Rory Bruer, Sony’s president of worldwide distribution, said.

“It was a very different scenario. The competition was different, the weekend was different. One thing I am certain of is that the Bond franchise is as healthy and strong as ever.”

The rest of the top five was made up of previous releases The Martian, family horror Goosebumps and Tom Hanks’ movie Bridge of Spies.

Three movies hoping to score success this awards season also opened in limited release across five theaters. They included Spotlight, which took $302,276.

Saoirse Ronan’s 1950s-set immigrant story Brooklyn made $181,000, while Bryan Cranston biopic Trumbo took $77,229.

North American box office Top 5:

  1. Spectre – $73 million
  2. The Peanuts Movie – $45 million
  3. The Martian – $9.3 million
  4. Goosebumps – $7 million
  5. Bridge of Spies – $6.1 million


Spectre has broken all-time box office records in nearly every market in which it has been released so far.

The 24th James Bond movie’s launch in the UK set a new record for movies released on a Monday – as opposed to a Friday – taking more than £41 million ($65 million) in its first week.

Spectre beat previous Monday release record holder, 2004’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which took £23.8 million.Spectre box office record

Records were also set in the Norway, the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark.

Spectre took $80.4 million in all six released territories.

Skyfall, the previous James Bond movie, was the highest-grossing 007 movie in the franchise’s history, taking $1.1 billion worldwide.

Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as 007 has received widespread critical acclaim, with one saluting it as “pure action mayhem”.

Spectre opens in the US on November 6 where it is expected to top the box office, after a Halloween weekend of flops.


Sam Smith will sing the theme tune for the next James Bond movie, Spectre, the singer has confirmed in a radio interview.

The song, called Writing’s On The Wall, has been co-written by Sam Smith and was recorded in January.

Spectre will be released in the US on November 6.Sam Smith to sing Spectre theme

On September 7, Sam Smith posted a photograph of his hand wearing a ring with the movie’s Spectre logo on it.

Writing’s On The Wall will be available to buy and stream from September 25.

The song was also co-written by Jimmy Napes who has previously collaborated with Sam Smith on tracks including Stay With Me and Lay Me Down.

Previous James Bond themes have been sung by Adele (Skyfall), Madonna (Die Another Day), Sheryl Crow (Tomorrow Never Dies) and Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker).


Daniel Craig has had knee surgery after an injury sustained while shooting scenes for new James Bond movie Spectre.

Eon Productions said Daniel Craig, 47, had had a “minor procedure” in New York during a break in production over Easter.

A spokeswoman denied reports Daniel Craig had missed several days of filming on the 24th James Bond movie.Daniel Craig Spectre

“During a scheduled break, Daniel Craig had arthroscopic surgery to repair his knee injury. He will rejoin production on April 22nd at Pinewood,” she said.

Filming on Spectre began at Pinewood Studios, in Buckinghamshire, last December, and has since moved to Rome and Mexico.

It is Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as the secret service agent, and follows the success of 2012’s Skyfall, which made $1.1 billion worldwide.

Spectre features Christoph Waltz plays a character called Oberhauser – which, in the novels, is the name of James Bond’s former skiing instructor. However, it has been rumored the actor will be revealed as James Bond’s old nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld was the “number one” in Spectre, an international crime syndicate which last featured in the Sean Connery-era films.

Spectre will be released on November 6, 2015.

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The new Bond movie, Spectre, will focus on James Bond’s childhood as an orphan, director Sam Mendes has revealed.

“Spectre is a movie entirely driven by Bond,” Sam Mendes explained in a new behind-the-scenes Vlog.

“He is on a mission from the very beginning.”

Sam Mendes also said the storyline would develop the characters of Ralph Fiennes as M, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, and Ben Whishaw as Q.

The vlog also features footage of the characters shooting scenes, in addition to a glimpse of a car chase.

Spectre will be Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as 007, but he has hinted it will be his final film in the franchise.Spectre Daniel Craig

Sam Mendes directed Daniel Craig as 007 in Skyfall in 2012.

“The reasons I’m doing the second Bond movie are the reasons I would do any movie, really, which is all to do with the story,” he said.

James Bond’s tragic childhood in Scotland and the death of his parents featured in Skyfall – which shared the name of his family home.

Sam Mendes said the new film returned to the theme.

“It’s about whether or not to pursue the life he’s always pursued, whether he matters and is he going to continue or not.”

The first picture of Dave Bautista as the villainous assassin Mr. Hinx was publicly unveiled on February 26.

Spectre‘s cast also includes Lea Seydoux, Andrew Scott, Christoph Waltz and Monica Bellucci.

The new James Bond movie will open in cinemas worldwide on November 6.

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Idris Elba has responded to rumors of becoming the next James Bond after Sony attack.

The actor has said he’s done nothing to deny the rumors.

“Isn’t 007 supposed to [be] handsome? Glad you think I’ve got a shot! Happy New year people,” Idris Elba tweeted, along with a picture of himself.

Current star, Daniel Craig, is committed to just one more movie.

Reports about the leaked Sony Pictures Entertainment emails suggest that a message from chairman Amy Pascal read: “Idris should be the next Bond.”Idris Elba next James Bond

Amy Pascal was thought to be emailing Elizabeth Cantillon, the former executive vice president of production for Columbia Pictures – which distributes the Bond franchise.

There has been no confirmation from Sony Pictures that the actor will be the next 007.

Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh criticized the rumors, saying that because the original author Ian Fleming wrote James Bond as “a white [man] from Scotland”, the character should not be played by a black actor.

“That’s not who James Bond is, and I know it’s racist to probably even point this out,” he said.

Idris Elba, 42, has previously said he would like to play James Bond.

Daniel Craig is currently filming upcoming James Bond movie, Spectre.

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A version of the script for the new James Bond film, Spectre, has been stolen by hackers during last month’s attack on Sony Pictures.

The producers of Spectre have confirmed that the screenplay was taken as part of a cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in November.

In a statement on the film’s official website, Eon Productions said they were concerned the script may be published online.

Spectre is due to be released in November 2015.

The statement said: “Eon Productions, the producers of the James Bond films, learned this morning that an early version of the screenplay for the new Bond film SPECTRE is amongst the material stolen and illegally made public by hackers who infiltrated the Sony Pictures Entertainment computer system.

“Eon Productions is concerned that third parties who have received the stolen screenplay may seek to publish it or its contents.”Spectre script stolen

Filming for Spectre began this month after the title and cast were unveiled in London.

A new car was shown off, but few details were given about the plot for the film.

A Sony spokesman denied reports that the cyber attack had forced the studio to stop production.

“Productions are still moving forward,” Robert Lawson told the Reuters news agency.

The James Bond franchise is a valuable asset for Sony Pictures, with Skyfall making $1.1 billion worldwide.

On November 24 hackers disabled the computer network at California-based Sony Pictures.

They also released salary and Social Security numbers for thousands of Sony employees – including celebrities

North Korea has denied being behind the attack in retaliation for a film depicting the country’s leader but praised it as a “righteous deed”. The FBI has confirmed that it is investigating.

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Spectre has been announced as the title of the 24th official James Bond film.

Director Sam Mendes revealed the title at a launch event at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, where principal photography is due to begin on December 8.

Daniel Craig will play 007 for the fourth time in the film, to be released in the UK on October 23, 2015.

Other cast members were also announced at Thursday’s event, which was beamed around the world.

They include Andrew Scott, as a Whitehall-based character called Denbigh, and Dave Bautista, playing a henchman called Mr. Hinx.

Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux have been unveiled as the new Bond girls, named Lucia Sciarra and Madeleine Swann respectively.

As previously reported, Christoph Waltz will have a role in the film, playing a character called Oberhauser.

The name of the character is the same as that of James Bond’s former ski instructor, though it has been rumored Christoph Waltz will really be playing Bond’s old nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld.Spectre James Bond

Spectre – Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion – was the name of an international crime syndicate, whose Number One was Ernst Stavro Blofeld himself.

The organization featured in the Bond films of the 1960s and was part of a legal tussle with a rival film producer that was recently resolved after many years.

Thursday’s event also saw the unveiling of the Aston Martin DB10 which James Bond will be driving in his latest screen adventure.

The car manufacturer had had a long association with the James Bond series, starting with Goldfinger in 1964.

Daniel Craig, 46, first played Ian Fleming’s legendary secret agent in 2006’s Casino Royale, then in 2008’s Quantum of Solace and 2012’s Skyfall.

The 007 production will be based at Pinewood Studios and on location in London, Mexico City, Rome and Tangier and Erfoud, in Morocco.

James Bond will return to the snow once again, this time in Solden, along with other Austrian locations, Obertilliach, and Lake Altaussee.

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