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Wayne Rennalls, who claims that Justin Bieber and his entourage attacked him on August 3, has given a press conference alleging that the teen idol kicked him during the brawl.

Footage from the night of the altercation did not show Justin Bieber involved in the fight, but Wayne Rennalls, 22, claims that the singer did get physical.

“He [Justin Bieber] got around and kicked me,” Wayne Rennalls said at a press conference in Bay Shore on Friday, alongside his attorney Mark Rudner.

Meanwhile, Wayne Rennalls claims the fight with Justin Bieber and his entourage started after the pop singer became jealous over girls that he wanted to party with.

“Justin Bieber [was] still running his mouth and I took my shirt off to fight,” he said.

“That’s when they all hopped out of the truck and bum-rushed me. They said, <<That’s your f*****g a**>>, and the first one came to me, and I put my hands up to fight, to protect myself.”

According to the New York Daily News, Sophia Rayo, 32, and Diana Bhokasub, 24, were “handpicked” by Justin Bieber to go back to his accommodation after he partied at South Pointe club in Southampton, New York, over the weekend.

Sophia Rayo and Diana Bhokasub, both stunning brunettes who work as cocktail waitresses, were witnesses to the brawl that ensued in the early hours of Sunday morning as they, Justin Bieber and his entourage, left the venue.

Wayne Rennalls claims that Justin Bieber and his entourage attacked him at Southpointe Nightclub

Wayne Rennalls claims that Justin Bieber and his entourage attacked him at Southpointe Nightclub

Justin Bieber, 19, reportedly asked Sophia Rayo and Diana Bhokasub to accompany him home that night.

The two women obliged and then became embroiled in the heated exchange between Justin Bieber, his security and fellow clubgoer, 22-year-old Wayne Rennalls.

Justin Bieber and his entourage were reportedly involved in the incident after Wayne Rennalls tried to retrieve a bow tie from one of the flirtatious waitress, who was seen leaving with the singer.

A witness told the New York Daily News that the patron was not defending a female friend’s honor as first reported but was actually trying to get back his property.

The witness said: “Justin left the club with two waitresses. But the guys on the next table were not happy.”

“One of the waitresses… was flirtatiously wearing a bow tie, which one of the guys on the next table had loaned to her.

“As she got into Bieber’s SUV, the guys chased her out, saying they wanted the bow tie back. Bieber’s security pushed back, and a scuffle started.

“As Bieber and his team drove away, someone threw a rock at his car.

“Bieber jumped out of the sun roof and got on the hood of the car, while his security knocked the guy to the floor.”

Wayne Rennalls was reportedly hospitalized following the brawl which reportedly started in the V.I.P area of the club but escalated in the car park of a Hamptons nightclub.

According to sources, he suffered from bruised ribs and a black eye.

However, according to a law enforcement sources who told the New York Daily News, one of Justin Bieber’s bodyguards also got injured in the fracas.

“It will likely turn out that Rennalls instigated the fight. One of Justin’s bodyguards was also injured in the confrontation, which has not been reported,” they told the paper.

Footage of an incident in the Southpointe Nightclub has been released showing Justin Bieber leaping out of an SUV’s sunroof in what has been described as being like “a scene from Die Hard” as other men appear to be engaging in a physical confrontation.

Justin Bieber is never seen making any physical contact with any other clubgoer but he does appear very agitated.

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