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Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live tricked El Nacional newspaper in the Dominican Republic into thinking he was the real thing.

El Nacional has now apologized for accidentally publishing a still of Alec Baldwin, captioned as the American president, next to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

The image accompanied an article about Israeli settlements.

El Nacional has said sorry to readers and “anyone affected”.

The picture was sent to the newspaper along with information about SNL.

No-one spotted the mistake, says El Nacional.

SNL is not Donald Trump’s favorite TV program. He says Alec Baldwin’s frequent impressions of him “stink”.

“Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!” Donald Trump once tweeted.

SNL writer Katie Rich has been suspended after posting a tweet mocking President Donald Trump’s son Barron, media reports say.

They quote a person familiar with SNL‘s plans as saying Katie Rich was suspended indefinitely. NBC is yet to comment.

On the inauguration day, Katie Rich posted a now-deleted tweet, saying: “Barron will be this country’s first home-school shooter.”

An avalanche of criticism on social media followed.

Katie Rich later deleted her tweet, suspending her Twitter account.

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However, on January 23, Katie Rich she was back online to issue an apology.

One Facebook post in reaction to her previous tweet has been shared nearly three million times.

The post read: “NO child deserves to be talked to in such a manner… He is a child, he is to be respected and he is off limits.”

Former first child Chelsea Clinton joined the support for Barron Trump.

Saturday Night Live has made a number of shows in recent months, parodying Donald Trump.

President Trump, who took office on January 20, has described SNL as “not funny” and with “terrible” cast.


The social media frenzy was sparked when SNL writer Katie Rich posted a tweet just after Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony saying: “Barron Trump will be America’s <<first homeschool shooter>>.”

Donald Trump’s supporter Melissa Earnest posted a number of responses on her Facebook page including one long defense of Barron Trump in which she said: “Whether you like or dislike the Trumps – this is their 10-year-old son. He is still growing and words hurt.”

Her post has already been shared several million times.

Melissa Earnest, who describes herself on Facebook as “wife, mother, businesswoman” began her defense of Barron Trump by stating: “Do you see this child? This child’s life was changed forever when his father was sworn in as President of the United States of America yesterday.

“Long before his father, President Donald J. Trump, was sworn in – this child became the center of hateful online attacks. From a certain celebrity attempting to diagnose him with a neurological disorder with her degree from <<The University of Google>> to now, when a writer from Saturday Night Live decided to tweet saying that he would be the <<first homeschool shooter>>.”

Melissa Earnest concluded: “He is a child. He is to be respected and he is off limits!”

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She first posted a report about Katie Rich’s tweet asking people to “go to Saturday Night Live’s Facebook and plague their page with comments”.

Although Melissa Earnest later posted another message saying: “It was suggested to me that I put the accounts out there for the world to see so that they could be messaged over and over. May I just say that no harassing of any form will be tolerated on this page nor will I partake.”

Katie Rich’s Twitter account was later made private and there were claims that the offending tweet had been removed. But the row continued.

Former White House child Chelsea Clinton waded in with a message that simultaneously supported Barron Trump and took a thinly-veiled swipe at his father.

Chelsea Clinton was 13 when her father was inaugurated.

She was mocked by both talk show host Rush Limbaugh and Saturday Night Live for her appearance.

Similar spats about Barron Trump have been going on across social media.

On Instagram, Modern Family actress Julie Bowen posted pictures of Barron Trump, who seemed occasionally distracted during his father’s inauguration ceremony. She posted: “I think Barron is on his Gameboy. Can’t say I can blame him.”

Julie Bowen’s post attracted a blast of criticism with people also leaving abusive messages on another one of her Instagram posts featuring a picture of her child.

The actress tweeted a response to one of her critics which said: “I love that Barron is a kid being a kid. My kids would be a horror show at a public event! Just trying to keep it light.”

President Barack Obama’s daughters were no strangers to social media abuse throughout their father’s terms in office.

Two years ago Sasha, then 13, and Malia, then 16, were advised in a Facebook post to “try showing a little class”.

The author was Elizabeth Lauten, a communications director for a Republican congressman who added in a reference to the length of the girls’ skirts: “Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar.”

In the backlash, people tweeted Elizabeth Lauten’s boss, and the hashtag “#FireElizabethLauten” went viral. She posted an apology and later resigned.

Before the Obama girls, President George W. Bush’s 19-year-old twin daughters Jenna and Barbara made their own international headlines when they were cited by Texas police for underage drinking in 2001 when they first went to college.

In a recent letter to Sasha and Malia Obama, Jenna and Barbara Bush acknowledged the pressures that come with being in the spotlight at such young age. On leaving the White House, they reflected: “You won’t have the weight of the world on your young shoulders any more… make mistakes – you are allowed to.

“You have lived through the unbelievable pressure of the White House.”

Donald Trump’s allies have said he is a “genius” if a New York Times report is true that he paid no federal income taxes for 18 years.

The New York Times said it had received some of Donald Trump’s 1995 tax documents revealing $915m losses that allowed him to legally avoid paying taxes.

Donald Trump’s camp refused to confirm or deny the report, but said the filing was “illegally obtained”.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s campaign called the report a “bombshell”.

Donald Trump’s surrogates took to the airwaves on October 2 to defend him.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said the New York Times article was a “very good story” because it showcased the “genius” of Donald Trump.

Image source Wikipedia

Image source Wikipedia

Chris Christie told Fox News Sunday the report would only underline that Donald Trump is best qualified to ease tax policy on working people.

Former New York Rudy Giuliani, a close adviser to Donald Trump, also said the Republican candidate was an “absolute genius” if he avoided federal income taxes.

“A lot of the people that are poor take advantage of loopholes and pay no taxes,” Rudy Giuliani told NBC’s Meet the Press on October 2.

“Those are loopholes also.”

Donald Trump himself played down the report tweeting: “I know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and am the only one who can fix them. #[email protected]

During the first presidential debate on September 26, Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump for not releasing his tax returns, as all previous White House candidates have done since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Hillary Clinton suggested he was hiding “something terrible” and that he had perhaps not paid any federal income tax. Donald Trump replied: “That makes me smart.”

In its article, the New York Times said three pages of documents were anonymously sent last month to one of its reporters who had written about Donald Trump’s finances.

A former accountant for Donald Trump, Jack Mitnick, whose name appears as Trump’s tax preparer of the filings, said the documents appeared to be authentic copies of portions of the 1995 returns, according to the New York Times.

Donald Trump’s campaign did not directly address the authenticity of the excerpts, but the New York Times said a Trump lawyer had emailed the newspaper arguing that publication of the records was illegal.

His camp accused the publication, which has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, of being “an extension of the Clinton campaign”.

Donald Trump, the campaign added, was a “highly skilled businessman who has a fiduciary responsibility to his business, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required.

“That being said, Mr. Trump has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in property taxes, sales and excise taxes, real estate taxes, city taxes, state taxes, employee taxes and federal taxes, along with very substantial charitable contributions.”

Hillary Clinton’s camp said Donald Trump embodied the “rigged system” of an unfair US tax code.

Her campaign manager Robby Mook said in a statement: “This bombshell report reveals the colossal nature of Donald Trump’s past business failures and just how long he may have avoided paying any federal income taxes whatsoever.”

Hillary Clinton has already disclosed nearly 40 years of federal income tax returns, while Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, has made publicly available 10 years of his tax returns.

At an October 1rally, Donald Trump appeared to accuse Hillary Clinton of marital infidelity.

“Hillary Clinton’s only loyalty is to her financial contributors and to herself,” the Republican told thousands gathered in Manheim, Pennsylvania.

“I don’t think she’s even loyal to Bill if you want to know the truth. Why should she be, right?”

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin has debuted his impression of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, parodying the candidate’s pronunciation of China, among other things.

Sporting a blonde wig and a lip-puckering scowl, Alec Baldwin appeared on the comedy show alongside SNL regular Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, using a walking cane.


Latino protesters have marched in New York as Donald Trump presented the NBC’s Saturday Night Live show.

Donald Trump became the seventh presidential hopeful to host the NBC show, five months after the network dropped him after he made derogatory statements about immigrants.

Groups marched to NBC’s studios, criticizing the network.

Donald Trump’s opening monologue on the show made light of the protests.

When he announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump described Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug smugglers.

Soon afterwards, NBC dropped the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants co-owned by Donald Trump, saying “respect and dignity for all people” were “cornerstones of our values”.

Photo NBC

Photo NBC

However, NBC announced last month that Donald Trump would return to the airwaves for a one-off appearance on SNL.

He had previously hosted the show in 2004.

Donald Trump told the audience in New York that he was there “to show I can take a joke”.

While Donald Trump’s campaign officials have not commented on the protest, he said in June that he was on good terms with his Hispanic employees and that “Latinos love Trump, and I love them”.

In the opening sketch of Saturday night’s show, Donald Trump was heckled by a man calling him racist – only for it to emerge that the voice belonged to Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David.

“I heard if I did that I would get $5,000,” Larry David said, referring to an offer made by a Latino rights group to any potential hecklers.

“As a businessman, I can fully respect that,” Donald Trump replied.


Dakota Johnson’s spoof advert for ISIS on Saturday Night Live show has caused a furor on Twitter.

Fifty Shades of Grey actress plays a girl saying goodbye to her father in the skit, which appeared on SNL.

Dakota Johnson appears to be leaving for college, but it transpires she is actually joining the Islamic State group.

“It’s just ISIS, dad,” she says.

One Twitter user wrote: “I found NOTHING funny about that ISIS #SNL skit. Sorry but no laughing matter. Ever.”

Later in the sketch, Taran Killam, who plays the father, tells the ISIS recruiter to “take good care” of his daughter, to which the ISIS member replies: “Death to America.”

Photo SNL

Photo SNL

The skit ran shortly after the news broke that three British schoolgirls had run away from home to join the terrorist organization.

On Twitter, another user, Mike Smith, wrote: “Make sure you send a copy to the families of the people murdered… See if they think it’s funny. SNL went too far for a laugh.”

However, some users were more supportive. Pam Bell wrote: “Seems this may have been controversial, but SNL does this better than anyone, & if we don’t laugh, they win.”

Dakota Johnson, who can currently be seen in Fifty Shades of Grey also hosted this week’s SNL.

Her parents, actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffiths, were in the audience.

Dakota Johnson joked with them that she was conceived during SNL when her mother hosted the show in 1988.

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Saturday Night Live has celebrated its 40th anniversary with a three-hour special featuring guests like Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake kicked off the anniversary show with a medley of music, catchphrases and characters.

Steve Martin, Taylor Swift, Tom Hanks, Paul McCartney, Melissa McCarthy and Keith Richards also joined the party.

Paul McCartney performed an impromptu duet of I’ve Just Seen A Face with Paul Simon.

Other musical guests included Kanye West and Miley Cyrus.

“Tonight is like an enormous high school reunion,” 15-time host Steve Martin said as the show began.SNL 40 special

SNL has become a TV institution and numerous cast members – including Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Amy Poehler, Adam Sandler and Kristen Wiig – have gone on to carve out Hollywood careers.

Creator Lorne Michaels is widely regarded as one of the most revered producers in the business.

“If Lorne didn’t have good taste, this would have gone away a long time ago,” said Mike Myers, whose Wayne’s World skit with Dana Carvey – which he reprised on Sunday – inspired the 1990s comedy film of the same name.

Robert De Niro proclaimed that SNL is “still at it”, adding: “Forty years! That’s like back when TV was still watched on TV.”

A montage of audition tapes, including disappointing ones from Jim Carrey and Stephen Colbert, were also shown.

A spoof news team made up of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Jane Curtin appeared together for the Weekend Update, with the top story being none other than the SNL anniversary.

“Viewers of Saturday Night Live span several generations,” Tina Fey reported.

“From the Baby Boomers to Generation X all the way to whatever you call the little dummies who are live-tweeting this right now instead of watching it.”

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Saturday Night Live star Jan Hooks has died aged 57.

The actress’ agent confirmed she died in New York though no cause of death has been given.

Jan Hooks also played Jenna Maroney’s mother Vera in two episodes of hit comedy 30 Rock.

Her SNL co-stars included Wayne’s World stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey.

Seth Myers – former head writer at SNL and the host of this year’s Emmy awards – tweeted: “RIP Jan Hooks. One of the all time greats.”

Jan Hooks was born and grew up in Georgia and began her comedy career in the Los Angeles-based troupe The Groundlings

Jan Hooks was born and grew up in Georgia and began her comedy career in the Los Angeles-based troupe The Groundlings

Jan Hooks was born and grew up in Georgia and began her comedy career in the Los Angeles-based troupe The Groundlings, whose alumni include Will Ferrell, Jack Black and Friends star Lisa Kudrow.

She was offered a contract with SNL in 1986 alongside Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman – who would go on to voice several characters in The Simpsons, including failed actor Troy McLure.

Her impersonations included Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan and Jodie Foster.

Jan Hooks’ other TV work included the CBS sitcom Designing Women and Futurama.

She voiced Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon in The Simpsons in six episodes between 1997 and 2002 before she was replaced by Tress MacNeille.

On film, Jan Hooks had roles in 1985’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and played the Penguin’s image consultant in 1992’s Batman Returns.

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Saturday Night Live will celebrate its 40th birthday with a three-hour live special that will air on Sunday, February 15, 2015.

The show will include a huge reunion of former cast members.

The list of returning Not Ready for Primetime Players, as well as special and musical guests from the show’s run, will be announced in the coming months.

“Saturday Night Live is an institution unlike anything else in television history,” said Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment.

Saturday Night Live will celebrate its 40th birthday with a three-hour live special that will air on February 15, 2015

Saturday Night Live will celebrate its 40th birthday with a three-hour live special that will air on February 15, 2015

“The many brilliant <<Not Ready for Primetime Players>> over the years is a who’s who of film and television comedy for the last two generations. The roster includes everyone from the iconic first cast in 1975 to household names ranging from Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, and Adam Sandler, to Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers – to name only a few. This brand, which is still one of the highest-rated comedies on television, was the brainchild of Lorne Michaels, who still presides over the whole enterprise today. This special is just one of the many ways we plan to celebrate ‘SNL’s’ historic 40th season next year.”

SNL has won 40 Emmy Awards, the most in television history.

The show also holds the title for the most-nominated TV show in Emmy history with 171 nods. It has been honored twice, in 1990 and 2009, with the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award and cited as “truly a national institution”.

Saturday Night Live, which has also been inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame by the National Association of Broadcaster, remains television’s highest-rated late-night show.

Broadcast live from NBC’s famed Studio 8H in New York City’s Rockefeller Center, Saturday Night Live premiered October 11, 1975.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


Lena Dunham will make her Saturday Night Live hosting debut on March 8 with musical guest The National.

The appearance will also mark The National’s their first time on the SNL. The National’s most recent album, Trouble Will Find Me, received a 2014 Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album and their documentary Mistaken For Strangers hits theaters during last week of March.

Lena Dunham will make her Saturday Night Live hosting debut on March 8 with musical guest The National

Lena Dunham will make her Saturday Night Live hosting debut on March 8 with musical guest The National

Saturday Night Live returns on March 1st with host Jim Parsons and musical guest Beck. With the departure of Seth Meyers’ for NBC’s Late Night, next Saturday’s SNL will also mark the debut of head writer Colin Jost as new Weekend Update co-anchor.

Colin Jost will join Cecily Strong – who worked the popular fake news segment with Seth Meyers this season – behind the desk.

In his book, “God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m F***ed”, Darrell Hammond, one of Saturday Night Live’s most popular cast members, has revealed vicious abuse that led to years of drug and alcohol problems.

As well as verbal abuse, Darrell Hammond says he was regularly stabbed, beaten and subjected to electric shocks as a young boy.

Darrell Hammond talks of the brutality he suffered at the hands of his mother, Margaret.

“I am three or four years old, and my mother is holding me close to her with one arm. In her free hand she holds a serrated steak knife.

“Slowly, she sticks it into the center of my tongue, making an incision about one-quarter inch to one-half inch long. It is quiet except for the sound of the hibiscus bush thump-thumping against the kitchen window. I do not struggle or cry. Somehow I know that to do so will make it worse. The kitchen floor is red with my blood.

“I am getting into the car to go somewhere with my mother. <<Wait>>, she says, holding the door open. <<Put your hand there>>. When I do, she slams the door.”

As well as verbal abuse, Darrell Hammond says he was regularly stabbed, beaten and subjected to electric shocks as a young boy

As well as verbal abuse, Darrell Hammond says he was regularly stabbed, beaten and subjected to electric shocks as a young boy


Those moments led to deep psychological scarring that later led Darrell Hammond to self-harm as a young adult – and, ultimately, a dependence on alcohol and cocaine.

And Darrell Hammond maintains that, as his popularity grew while starring on SNL, his self-harm and substance abuse increased to keep out painful memories and cope with his fame.

Darrell Hammond writes in his book: “I kept a pint of Remy in my desk at work. The drinking calmed my nerves and quieted the disturbing images that sprang into my head… If drinking didn’t work, I cut myself.”

At one point, after a performance in the NBC building where the show is recorded, Darrell Hammond was taken away in a straitjacket.

Darrell Hammond spent time in psychiatric institutions and psych wards, where he was prescribed “as many as seven medications at one time”.

He also said he was urged to reach out to his mother as a part of his therapy. He writes that when he finally did call, his mother said: “Don’t ever call us again.”

Darrell Hammond did not see his mother again until just before her death. His father died soon after.

Despite his problems, Darrell Hammond was the longest-running performer on the show until his retirement in 2009, and he told the New York Post last month that he had a deep respect for many of his former co-stars, who include Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig.

Darrell Hammond said: “I don’t have anything bad to say about anyone there. They all went above and beyond the call for me.”

And he suggested that the culture of the show, and the view of its producer Lorne Michaels, was that personal issues may be overlooked if they didn’t directly affect the performances.

Darrell Hammond told CNN: “SNL is a place where if Lorne judges that you can hit the ball over the wall that night, then you’re going to step up to the plate. So I didn’t want to let Lorne down, who I’m close to.”

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