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We’ve heard of father and son as well as mother and daughter matching shoes. What you don’t hear about as much (and what might be the cutest of all) is father daughter matching shoes.

Like father like daughter is a phrase you hear all the time. Celebrate the closeness and similarities between a father and daughter by purchasing a pair of matching father daughter sneakers. No one will be able to resist the cuteness.

Your daughter will look back at photos of you both in matching sneakers and be so happy about the bonding time you had while she was young. With so many shoe stores online, it might be hard to find the right pair of shoe that matches both you and your daughter’s personalities (while still pleasing your wallet, too).

We’ve researched the most adorable pairs of matching father-daughter sneakers online and this is what we found!


Adidas shell tops are in style again. They are everywhere.

Get a pair of these Adidas classics for you and your daughter and you both will be stylin’. The photo above is from the kids section, but you’d never guess because the kids and adult shoes look so similar.

Imagine a father daughter day out and how many heads would turn to look at the cuteness that is upon them.

Not only that, but if she hasn’t learned to tie her shoes yet, this is a wonderful experience to teach her. You’ll be wearing the exact same pair of shoes, so you can teach her how to tie laces and use your own as an example.

Ok, keep reading and try not to shed a tear!


Though technically some of these pairs of are not sneakers, we just had to include Sperry. They did devote a whole section to parent/child shoe matching!

Sperry has a section specifically for kids to wear shoes like their parents called “Just Like Mom and Dad.” They have lots of adorable miniature sized shoes that are otherwise identical to what their parent would wear.

All of the shoes in this special section are shoes that a father could buy and match with his daughter. Go hiking, boating, or take a walk in the forest, braving the elements together in matching Sperrys.

How cute!


Universally cool, timelessly in fashion, Converse a fantastic choice for the rocker/alternative dad when matching shoes with his daughter.

These shoes look like they could easily be adult shoes. That’s because Converse offers most of the same styles in adult, so matching father daughter shoes are super easy (and cheap!) to acquire.


Like most of these choices, Vans are always in style. Easy to slip on and off, they made a practical kids shoe. Take advantage of the efficiency of the shoe and buy a pair for yourself as well!

Dressed up or dressed down, these vans come in a variety of colors and choices to wear to different events. Wear them on a walk to the park, a day at the playground, or celebrating someone’s birthday.

Whatever the choice, the people around you will be delighted.


Light up your day and grab two pairs of light up sneakers – one for you and one for her!

Who knew light up shoes would not only come back in style, but that they would become hugely popular with adults of all ages?

Skechers offers adult male light up sneakers along with the kids. Imagine walking around the mall in matching light up shoes. So many kids will see and tell their parents they want to do the same!

Light up birthday parties, weddings, and anything else that calls for fun!


What’s cuter than tiny Nikes?

Be the coolest father daughter duo in town by grabbing a pair of matching Nikes. They’re comfortable, so you can walk around all day sporting your favorite athletic brand while father daughter bonding.

If you want to make it even more darling, you could even buy completely matching nike outfits.

Maybe that’s not such a good idea, because people will probably start fainting of cuteness-overload at that point.

Air Jordan

For those who are more into Jordans, there are unbelievably cute matching father daughter sneakers to buy.

These pairs definitely run higher on the price range, but true Jordan fans will sacrifice for their favorite brand.

You will be sporty along with your stylish daughter. Teach her how to pair Jordans with pants, jeans, and shirts for that perfect look. You’ll both be the talk of the neighborhood!


Dress simply in clean white Keds. They go with almost any outfit, and most importantly, you’ll match with your daughter. Heck, the whole family could wear these together!

She can wear these with a light sundress or dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt along with her father. However they’re worn, they’ll look nice. Afterall, they’re Keds!

The only challenge, of course, will be teaching her how to clean them clean.

Father Daughter Bonding

Sure, matching pairs of shoes is cute and all, but what it’s really about is bonding! Unforgettable childhood moments like this will live on in her memory forever.

Honestly though, you could wear matching shoes well into her adult life and it would still be awesome.


Selling women’s shoes is one of the best businesses you can do. It is undeniable that many women love shoes and enjoy shopping for them too. If your customer base is made up of women, you can be assured of getting a lot of business all year round. There is a huge variety of women’s shoes available today. When buying wholesale shoes for your business, consider this:


Sandals may seem like the simplest category of women’s shoes but there is a lot to think about. You need to consider the season and the environment in which you are selling the shoes. If you are on the east or west coast, beach sandals should make up a lot of your sandals stock, especially in summer. Other types of sandals include thong sandals, flats, wedges, strappy sandals and so much more. Sandals are a trend in the warmer seasons, especially in nudes, beiges, browns and blacks. You should stock up sandals in all sizes as almost all women wear them, especially if they are really comfortable.


Pumps are also versatile shoes and just like sandals, they are worn by a lot of women. It is advisable to add pumps to your store if you have a women’s shoe store. Pumps come with a range of heel heights. If your target demographic were the young, trendy and fashionable, then higher heels would be great. Choose a variety of colors and fabrics too as the fashion for pumps is quite versatile.


Boots are ideal for a turn of the weather. They make up most women’s looks for fall, winter, and early spring. Boots should be comfortable and weather proof. It is also worth noting that boots have evolved beyond cold weather and muddy puddles. Open toe boots are still a hit for the warmer seasons like late spring and summer. Depending on the design, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few in stock even in the warmer months.


There is a very specific demographic of women who buy sneakers. Most women will own many pairs of sandals and pumps but only one or two pairs of sneakers. Unless your target is sports and fitness for women’s wear, do not load up too much on the sneakers. If you do, keep then trendy and comfortable. Choose designs that can make a part of an everyday look rather than focus on the exercise look.



Reebok has brought out the new U-form Plus trainer, literally the hottest running shoe on the market, designed to shrink-to-fit using heat from your hairdryer.

As anyone who has worn ill-fitting trainers knows, there is nothing like a blister or a twisted angle to sabotage even the most dedicated runner, ad these hi-tech new shoes aim to put an end to these annoyances.

They look like normal high-end sneakers, but they come with instructions about how to put them under the hair dryer before hitting the treadmill.

Exclusive to InterSport, the Reebok U-Form+ are different from the original Reebok U-Form, which needed to be put into the oven for three minutes.

The unique U-Form+ material is inside the shoe, starting in the mid-foot and wrapping around the heel.

You hold a hair dryer about 10 cm away from the shoes, off your feet, for 2 minutes to heat them up, before putting them on and lacing them up tightly.

Reebok has brought out the new U-form Plus trainer designed to shrink-to-fit using heat from your hairdryer

Reebok has brought out the new U-form Plus trainer designed to shrink-to-fit using heat from your hairdryer

The material is secured around the foot by the lacing system, so when it’s laced it locks down around your foot and heel.

It then ‘fits’ round your foot, supposedly giving a perfect fit and improving running performance.

The original U-Form trainers go into a preheated oven at 93 degrees Celsius for three minutes, until the “U-Form” tab turns red.

Assuming you haven’t over-cooked your trainers, they should be warm but not too hot to put on.

You then lace them up to your preferred tightness and wear them, while seated, for eight minutes.

As they cool they shrink round your feet, and in the sitting position they should give optimal support to your feet, ankles and leg muscles.

Available in both men and women’s sizes, the U-form trainers cost $150, and while some amateurs might balk at spending that on something you might accidentally set on fire, running enthusiasts seem to be willing to go to any length to get the perfect fit.

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