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Honey Boo Boo’s parents, June Shannon and Mike Thompson, held an over-the-top commitment ceremony back in May complete with a camouflage theme.

In a sneak peak of Wednesday night’s episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Mama June is still hammering out the plans for her big day with Sugar Bear – down to every last Porta Potty.

June Shannon, 33, is seen getting quite worked up over the size and load capacity of a portable toilet she’s ordering for the event.

In the preview clip, Mama June is busy at her work desk composing a handwritten invite to her “celebration of love”.

The 272 lbs mother of four painstakingly writes out her missive with a felt tip pen as she struggles to find the right words to gather her loved ones together for her big day.

The bit of scribbling was surely an effort for legally blind June Shannon – whose condition is tragically the result of childhood cataracts that were not properly treated.

But before she can finish, Mama June is hit with a sneezing fit, signalling the general stress of the coming event, as she states: “See I’m already getting nervous.”

The larger than life June Shannon went on to explain: “There’s only a month left to go before the commitment ceremony and I got a s***load of things to do.

Mama June is still hammering out the plans for her big day with Sugar Bear, down to every last Porta Potty

Mama June is still hammering out the plans for her big day with Sugar Bear, down to every last Porta Potty

“So, why not today, start checking things off my list one at a time.”

She admitted: “The budget for the commitment ceremony is going pretty well… I’m tryin’ not let it get away from me.”

Some of her money saving tricks include reusing Thank You cards as invites for the love ceremony.

But her biggest fear involves toilets.

Mama June explained: “Like any other event I’ve ever put together as long as you have food, people will come. You know when people eat they gotta s***.”

The observation prompts a phone call to a local Porta Potty rental company.

During the rental inquiry June Shannon explained: “Oh, yes, Ma’am. I was trying to enquire on some things about Porta Johns.

“Cause I don’t let a lot of people coming in my house and, um, mess my facilities up. I actually need one of those oversized ones. So, they have, like, a weight limit?

“Because, really, I mean the Porta Potties ain’t nothing but a five-gallon bucket with a lid on it.”

It was just a few weeks ago that Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson proposed to June on an episode of their hit television series.

It was the third time in nine years that love struck “Sugie” proposed, having been turned down twice before.

“I consider myself a chubby chaser,” Sugar Bear revealed on an episode two weeks ago.

Nonetheless, it took some persuading to get Mama June to agree to a commitment ceremony.

Just prior to accepting his proposition, June Shannon explained: “The M word scares me because he’s been through two marriages and it hasn’t worked. Marriages are easy to get into and hard to get out of.”

She may have said “no” to his marriage proposal, but the lack of paperwork attracted June Shannon to the idea of a commitment ceremony.

“I don’t believe in forever but I do believe in Sugar Bear,” she confessed.

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