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Kim Kardashian was out shopping for Halloween outfits on Sunday in Miami and tweeted a picture of herself in a revealing tiger costume.

Kim Kardashian, 31, took the Instagram snap in the mirror of the changing room, and putting every inch of her famous curves on display in the process.

The skintight catsuit was sheer in the middle area, revealing Kim Kardashian’s enviable cleavage and stomach in the process.

Kim Kardashian teamed it up with a cat-ear headband, as the intimate photo also revealed a Michael Jackson-like costume hanging in the changing room.

The famous Kardashian is a big fan of skimpy Halloween costumes.

Kim Kardashian was out shopping for Halloween outfits in Miami

Kim Kardashian was out shopping for Halloween outfits in Miami

Last year, Kim Kardashian dressed up in a green sequin dress and a red wig in an effort to portray Poison Ivy from the Batman comic books.

The shopping trip was a good way for Kim Kardashian to get her mind off of her recent moving troubles.

The reality star, who’s been dating Kanye West since the beginning of this year, has been plotting a move to Miami, which has not been going as planned.

Kim and her sisters have been trying to rent a house in the popular South Beach area of the city, which sports many nightclubs, restaurants and stylish boutiques.

But instead, the famous family has been forced to find a home in the unfashionable area of North Beach, after residents blocked their application to move to South Beach.