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Selling women’s shoes is one of the best businesses you can do. It is undeniable that many women love shoes and enjoy shopping for them too. If your customer base is made up of women, you can be assured of getting a lot of business all year round. There is a huge variety of women’s shoes available today. When buying wholesale shoes for your business, consider this:


Sandals may seem like the simplest category of women’s shoes but there is a lot to think about. You need to consider the season and the environment in which you are selling the shoes. If you are on the east or west coast, beach sandals should make up a lot of your sandals stock, especially in summer. Other types of sandals include thong sandals, flats, wedges, strappy sandals and so much more. Sandals are a trend in the warmer seasons, especially in nudes, beiges, browns and blacks. You should stock up sandals in all sizes as almost all women wear them, especially if they are really comfortable.


Pumps are also versatile shoes and just like sandals, they are worn by a lot of women. It is advisable to add pumps to your store if you have a women’s shoe store. Pumps come with a range of heel heights. If your target demographic were the young, trendy and fashionable, then higher heels would be great. Choose a variety of colors and fabrics too as the fashion for pumps is quite versatile.


Boots are ideal for a turn of the weather. They make up most women’s looks for fall, winter, and early spring. Boots should be comfortable and weather proof. It is also worth noting that boots have evolved beyond cold weather and muddy puddles. Open toe boots are still a hit for the warmer seasons like late spring and summer. Depending on the design, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few in stock even in the warmer months.


There is a very specific demographic of women who buy sneakers. Most women will own many pairs of sandals and pumps but only one or two pairs of sneakers. Unless your target is sports and fitness for women’s wear, do not load up too much on the sneakers. If you do, keep then trendy and comfortable. Choose designs that can make a part of an everyday look rather than focus on the exercise look.



1. Always pick the right bra as clothes mould to your shape and even tightening the straps can make a difference. A tighter band and fuller cup appears more youthful.

2. Play to your strengths by picking one area and choosing garments with features that draw attention to it.

Five tips on dressing to look younger

Five tips on dressing to look younger

3. Avoid washed out or drab colors all over your body and instead make a color statement.

4. Choose classic garments that are shaped with gentle tailoring to give a youthful silhouette, with vertical seaming giving a streamlining effect.

5. Have fun with accessories. Bags, shoes, belts and statement jewellery are a great way to bring an up to the minute trend into your wardrobe and re-invigorate your look.