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A security officer patrols and guard’s other’s properties. They do it on their own, without a weapon or a guard dog. Are you a security officer of the NSW security industry? if you are, then you need a security license to do this job. Security licenses are of two types, class one and class two. Do you feel lost and overwhelmed about how to get one?

Then you are at the right place. In today’s post, I will discuss ways to get the security license and the various aspects. Let’s dig deeper.

Eligibility Criteria:

First and foremost, you will need to know what makes you eligible to apply for a security license.


You would have to be an adult to apply for a security license. This means your age should be 18 years and above to qualify for it.


You will need to be physically fit for the type of license you are interested in. You can find the benchmark of fitness for the role when applying for the license.

Completion of Training:

Also, you would have to complete the required training for the license you applied for. In addition, you will have to submit necessary documents as a proof of your success.

Work Rights:

You should hold the right to work in Australia in order to obtain the license.

Clean Criminal Record:

Furthermore, you should have a clean background. If you have been convicted of any criminal offence in the last five to ten years, your application might get rejected.

Course For Security Licence:

As mentioned earlier, you will need to complete a course to get a security licence successfully. Although there are several training institutes that offer the course, you should find the reputable and eminent ones. Virgil Traning College is among one of them.


The course is full of knowledge and information about the security industry. It is conducted by experts and professionals so you can be sure of its quality. You will learn various aspects of security and the necessary training such as maintaining law and order, first aid techniques, ammunition training where necessary, and so on.


Fees depend on the training program. For unarmed training, which is referred to as 1B, the fee is $350. On the other hand, for arms training, referred to as 1F, the fee is $380. There are nine common course units as well. Their fee is $680.

Documents Needed:

You should bring your 100 points photo ID, past qualifications in security, and security license if you have one on the first day of class.

Things You Will Need:

You will need to have a few things handy when you sit down to apply for the security license.

Documents of Identification: 

You would have to submit several documents for your identification. These can be original if you submit at a counter or certified copies if you mail them over.

You will need either one of these five items, birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, 18+ card, and Immigration card. Submit any of these documents along with your application form.

In addition, you would also have to submit an ID card, a social security card, citizenship certificate, a recommendation letter, most likely from your employer, and other official letters, statements, and cards that are asked from you.

Working Right Evidence:

Also, you would have to submit an evidence stating you hold the rights to work anywhere in Australia.


You will need to pay a certain fee for applying for a security license. These fees include the license fee, which will be stated on the application form, fingerprinting fee that is $100, and criminal background check fee that is $39. These fees can vary and you need to make sure when applying.

Application Process:

  • Meet the eligibility criteria
  • Download and fill up the application form as per your license requirements
  • Attach the necessary documents that are needed as mentioned in the application form
  • Post the filled application form, essential documents, and necessary fees to the mentioned address
  • Once they receive your application, you will have to give your fingerprints at a police station of their choice. You will get the necessary information in time.

Rejection of Application Form:

In case your application form has any wrong or incomplete information, you will receive a written letter telling you to change or submit the missing details. If you do not change or submit the details within three weeks, they will reject your application.


You can get a refund in case of withdrawal or rejection of the application. Also, you can get a refund for fingerprinting and criminal background check. Contact the concerned department for more details.

These are the process and various aspects of applying for the security license. I hope the article equipped you with knowledge about obtaining a security license. You can visit this govt site as well to get more info about licence. Thank you for reading!