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The new NOOK is as much a tablet PC as it is an eReader, which actually works in the user’s favor when it comes to obtaining key accessories. Unlike previous NOOK devices, which ranged in proportions from standard to almost square (making it very difficult to find some important accessories), the favorite of the new line is Nook’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7-inch, with NOOK apps and access straight out of the box to one of the largest eBook libraries online today. As a standard sized tablet, there are plenty of option when it comes to making this device your own—here’s a list of what you need to have the best experience with your hybrid eReader.



You know your NOOK needs a case, but what kind of case should you be looking for? According to eBookFriendly, there are plenty of cases out there to fit this device, but the best have a few features in common:

  • Rigid cover construction
  • Magnet closure(s)
  • Doubles as ergonomic stand

A good case should be snug and appropriately sized for your device, but not put inordinate pressure on any point on the screen. It’s difficult to remove the new NOOK from many cases with hard corner closures, meaning that the pressure on the glass could be enough to cause breakage if dropped. Look for cases with snug elastic fasteners to hold your device in place, and make sure that you can remove it easily. Cases in this style range in cost from around $10 to $50, depending on brand, design and function. Ebooks are made of plastic, but can they make a Case for Environmental Responsibility?



You may not need a stylus right away, but for many Samsung NOOK users this is a must. If you intend to use the device for taking notes, doodling or even word processing a stylus can make it almost as natural as writing on an old-school paper writing tablet. If you intend to use your stylus more for working with Swype features on your keyboard or helping hit tiny app icons, a standard round-tipped stylus will do fine; these range in price from $5 up to $20. For more detailed work, particularly for the artists out there, a precision or active stylus is definitely the way to go, although this tool could set you back up to $70 depending on the brand you choose.


Screen Protector

Even if it’s going to be in its case 100 percent of the time, any touch device requires a screen protector. The new NOOK works best with an anti-glare screen, also called matte and “natural view.” This both protects the screen from scratches and helps stabilize the glass to avoid breakage in case of a collision. A cheap protector for a 7-inch unit could cost as little as $5 from certain vendors, but it’s much more effective to spend a little more and get a multi-pack, just in case, which can range in price anywhere from $20 up to $40 for three to five protectors.


External Storage

Regardless of what you intend to do with your NOOK, you need more space. The Galaxy NOOK ships with 8 GB of internal space, but with the free content and built-in apps, you’ll only have about 4 GB available to use when you boot it up for the first time. Rather than deleting $200 worth of free content, try picking up a micro SD card and transferring your books, movies and games off the internal storage; this will not only save you space on your eReader’s hard drive, but can also keep the device running faster longer by pulling app caches and temp files onto external storage rather than weighing down the pre-designated “shelf space.”

According to GSM Arena, the 7-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK can expand up to 32 GB via micro SD card, while the 8- and 10-inch variants can take memory cards up to 64 GB in size; these range in price from around $25 for a 32 GB to $45 for a 64 GB card.



If you want to use your NOOK for TV, movies, music or even gaming, you probably want a way to keep from disturbing everyone around you with background music and ambient dialogue. Getting a pair of headphones is easy and inexpensive enough, but there are a few variables to consider before buying. For portability, PC Mag recommend sticking with ear bud style headphones, although a nice Bluetooth headset could be worth a little more cumbersome transportation; if you’re going to be out around other people or in a noisy public place, you may want to splurge on some noise-canceling headphones to help tune everyone out. A cheap pair of plastic ear buds will run you less than $20, but a sleek set of noise-cancelling headphones, with or without Bluetooth capability, will set you back between $100 and $300.



The most important thing you can get to make your NOOK better than ever is a little delicacy. Remember that while this is a mobile device designed for some abuse, being overly rough or careless with it could result in issues other than a broken screen—leaving it out in the car could ruin your color calibration or even permanently damage the chargeability of your battery. Get the best accessories for your device, and then treat them all with care to get everything you really need out of this sleek new device.


Samsung Electronics is forecasting a 25% drop in profit for Q2 2014 due to a slowdown in the smartphone market and a strong Korean currency.

It expects to make an operating profit of 7.2 trillion won ($7.1 billion) in the April-to-June period, down from 9.5 trillion won a year ago.

Its operating profit has now fallen for three straight quarters.

Samsung is the world’s biggest maker of mobile phones and the handset division accounts for the bulk of its profits.

The South Korean firm said it “witnessed a slowdown in the overall smartphone market growth and saw increased competition in the Chinese and some European markets” during the period.

Meanwhile, a stronger Korean currency also hurt Samsung’s earnings during the period.

Samsung Electronics is forecasting a 25 percent drop in profit for Q2 2014 due to a slowdown in the smartphone market and a strong Korean currency

Samsung Electronics is forecasting a 25 percent drop in profit for Q2 2014 due to a slowdown in the smartphone market and a strong Korean currency

The Korean won rose more than 11% against the US dollar and nearly 7% against the euro between July 2013 and end of June this year.

A strengthening currency hurts profits of firms such as Samsung – which rely heavily on exports – when they repatriate their foreign earnings.

Samsung’s growth in recent years has been powered mainly by its mobile phone division.

The success of its Galaxy range of smartphones, coupled with a growing global demand for such gadgets, saw it displace Nokia as the world’s biggest mobile phone maker in 2012.

However, the pace of growth of the smartphone market has been slowing down and the competition in the sector has also increased, forcing manufacturers to cut costs of their devices in an attempt to attract consumers.

Analysts said that profit margins in the sector are likely to fall even further.

Various other smartphone makers including China’s Xiaomi, Huawei and ZTE have been increasing their market share steadily.

For its part, Samsung has said it “cautiously expects a more positive outlook in the third quarter”.

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2013 Internet & Mobile World  (IMWorld 2013) participants,  the biggest “business to business”event,  dedicated to Romanian digital solutions, mobile and software, to be held Wednesday and Thursday at Romexpo, will receive a free consultation, own “Black Friday”, access to specially designed for networking software, as well as specialized training discounts.

 “Internet & Mobile World was created to respond to two major needs: know-how updated in the most dynamic areas of the moment and facilitate direct contact between the leading business solution providers and potential beneficiaries. Therefore, we thought a series of promotions and tools that facilitate interaction between participants”, said Cristian Hossu, Universum Events Managing Partner, IMWorld organizer.


So, the 5,000 participants will receive a free site audit of the company WSI (stands 61-62, Hall C2), while Padicode will give free advice for conversion optimization (Stand 79, Hall C2).

Furthermore, immediately after IMWorld, Thursday to Friday night, Content Speed ​​(stand no. 93) and its partners activates “Black Friday”, under which IMWorld visitors (who visited the stand in question) can order online with 100% product discount for a total value of 20,000 lei (approx. 6,134 USD or 3,815 GBP) – find out more on myblackfriday.ro

Moreover, participants will be able to access the Connector application throughout the event, a special software designed for networking. “Through the online and mobile application, specially developed for the event, every visitor can see the other guests and can send messages and invitations to meetings in the two areas of networking“, said Cristian Hossu.

The application has Selection filters created by company name, industry, turnover or the decision level of the person / persons involved.

Also, 2013 IMWorld visitors will receive up to 50% discounts of in a series of trainings and will participate in a “treasure hunt” organized by Entersoft Romania (stand 45), after which they can earn more many prizes and enjoy dynamic networking.

Also, at 2013 IMWorld those interested can test in “Future Corner” most modern technologies, which include Google Glass, Leap Motion, Oculus Rift or Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch.


All event takes place in a futuristic setting, signed by Hansen Office Design – nonconformist workspaces designers- and BUCHAREST DESIGN CENTER – Product Romanian designers platform promotion, in relation to internal audiences and external markets – using sustainable materials and technologies. The design of the object will be highlighted also by Architecture Lab and ZEST Collective proposed works and architectural design offices.

Computer Aided Design is exposed at IMWorld by a borderline series of art and technology installations, which were made by computational design school Parametrica [digi fab school] workshops participants.


Access to IMWorld is based on pre-registration and tickets can be purchased online until October 8, 2013, accessing www.imworld.ro.

Additional data on 2013 Internet & Mobile World:


IMWorld second edition is divided into three business areas: Marketing Technologies, Mobile and Apps, and Business Software and is organized by Universum Events, who is also the “Innovation Summit” organizer, first exclusive event dedicated to Romanian business innovation.


At the event are expected 5,000 visitors and already announced their participation over 25 international speakers and 130 companies providing business solutions. Also on IMWorld 2013 will be launched over 20 applications and business solutions.

The event is supported by Cosmote Romania and Romtelecom Business Solutions, as main partners and sponsors of the Business Software World.

Mobile and Apps World Partner is Microsoft and Marketing Technologies World Partner is Saatchi&Saatchi. 2013 Internet&Mobile World sponsors are: Nokia, S&T Romania, Qualysoft Information Technology, Telcor Communications, Entersoft Romania, Fujitsu, Star Storage, Zitec, MailAgent, Agilio Software, Safetech, Agile Media, MODE360, Transart, BearingPoint, Dynamic Web, Mediapost Hit Mail, Mobixera, SEO monitor, Liberty Technology Park, Cisco, Bittnet Systems, PayPro Global, Carnation Group, White Image, Romanian Business Consult, Like IT and miniPRIX. Metro Online is Office supplies partner, and official Internet service provider in the event is Voxility.

Media partners are Kiss FM, The Money Channel, Getica OOH, Wall-Street.ro, HotNews.ro, AdHugger, Agora, B2B Advertising, Business24.ro, Cariere, Computer world, Comunicatedepresa.ro, Connect, DoingBusiness.ro, Digital Trends, Forbes, Incont.ro, IT Channel, IT TRENDS, Magazinul Progresiv, Market Watch, PC World, Today Software Magazine, Ziare.com and Zona IT.

More information can be found on www.imworld.ro and www.universum.ro.

Samsung Electronics has announced its profits surged 76% in the last quarter of 2012, helped by sales of its Galaxy smartphones.

Net income rose to a record 7.04 trillion won ($6.6 billion), up from 4.01 trillion won in the same period a year earlier, beating analysts’ expectations.

The Korean firm said its mobile profits more than doubled over the same period.

Last year, Samsung became the world’s biggest smartphone maker, overtaking Apple, its main rival in the sector.

“Overall its earnings momentum remains intact,” said Lee Se-chul, from Meritz Securities in Seoul.

“Smartphone shipments will continue to grow, even in the traditionally weak first quarter, as Samsung’s got a broader product line-up and Apple appears to be struggling in pushing iPhone volumes aggressively.”

Samsung did not provide data on the number of smartphones it had shipped, but analysts estimate it sold 63 million smartphones in the quarter.

Samsung Electronics has announced its profits surged 76 percent in the last quarter of 2012, helped by sales of its Galaxy smartphones

Samsung Electronics has announced its profits surged 76 percent in the last quarter of 2012, helped by sales of its Galaxy smartphones

The strong sales numbers come after Apple shares tumbled 12% in the US on Thursday, over fears the company was losing its edge in key smartphone markets.

Apple had reported record quarterly revenues of $55 billion, but there was disappointment over sales of the company’s new iPhone 5.

Samsung said its Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets has been its top seller, driving profits.

The handsets division, which sells about a quarter of all mobile phones in the world according to analysts, saw an operating profit of 5.44tn won, up from 2.56tn won a year earlier.

Earnings were also helped by Samsung’s displays unit, which made a profit, after losses a year earlier.

The unit enjoyed a sales boost from its organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) screen, used in the Galaxy smartphones.

The firm said its capital spending this year will be similar to 2012 levels, despite analyst expectations that it would be cut.

However, it did caution that increased competition in the smartphone sector could lead to a softening of demand in some regions.

“The furious growth spurt seen in the global smartphone market last year is expected to be pacified by intensifying price competition, compounded by a slew of new products,” the company said in its earnings statement.

“In the first quarter, demand for smartphones in developed countries is expected to decelerate, while their emerging counterparts will see their markets escalate with the introduction of more affordable smartphones and a bigger appetite for tablet PCs throughout the year.”

Both Apple and Samsung are facing tough competition in markets such as China from smartphone-makers with more competitive prices.