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A benefits package can make or break a job, since it will determine how desirable a role might be to prospective employees outside of the raw salary, the working conditions and other relevant factors.

Unfortunately not all businesses are able to offer competitive or compelling benefits to their staff. With that in mind, here are a few of the perks that will be most appealing to look out for when applying for a job.

Childcare Support

Some employers offer workers the opportunity to get assistance with childcare. This can be in the form of a payment which covers some of the costs of seeking support externally, or via an in-house service.

In the case of search engine giant Google, as well as many other titans of the tech sector, this means offering an on-site crèche, day care services and support for parents who want to bring their young kids into the office.

Comprehensive Medical Coverage

Getting a basic level of medical insurance is common across all types of employment, but businesses that go above and beyond the call of duty in this regard can more easily win loyalty from their staff.

This is not just about covering the cost of essential treatments, but also paying for things like dental work and optometry, which are not usually considered vital but can still be very expensive. Some firms even offer inclusive pet insurance, which is an advantage for animal lovers.

A PEO (professional employer organization) can help small businesses to offer comprehensive medical benefits to staff that match those of much larger firms, which is good news for employees as well.


As one of the world’s biggest coffee chains, Starbucks has garnered global success as a brand. It has also kept employees happy by giving them the opportunity to further themselves and move on to bigger and better things.

For example, it works with Arizona State University to help reimburse tuition fees for its employees who choose to study online to attain a bachelor’s degree at this respected educational institution.

Health & Fitness

Staying healthy is important, but it has its own costs. Whether paying for a gym membership or splashing out on expensive organic foods, there is a price to pay for general wellbeing.

Employees of Eventbrite get $60 a month as part of the company’s ‘wellness stipend’. This is a deliberately vague description for a benefit which can be spent on a wide range of products and activities, so long as they contribute to the health of the worker in question.

In-Store Discounts

In the world of retail, getting a discount can be a big deal for employees. The level of savings that are made available varies, but the ideal scenario is embodied by Whole Foods Market, where permanent staff in both full and part-time roles can enjoy 20 percent off every purchase they make in-store.

The recent takeover by Amazon has caused a few changes at the company, but this benefit remains in place for the time being.


A sabbatical is a common concept in the world of academia, but people who work in other industries can also take time away from their job without putting themselves at risk of being replaced.

Deloitte is a supporter of sabbaticals, giving staff the option to take up to a month off without, needing a specific reason, whenever they like.

This period will be unpaid, but the firm also allows up to six months’ away from the office for those who want to take advantage of opportunities that will help them to expand their professional horizons while still taking home 40 per cent of their full salary. Any benefit which supports employees and makes them more of an asset to their employer is worth pursuing.