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Press release

Even in the wake of the massive Texas Tech University women’s basketball scandal, TTU’s Senior Associate General Counsel Ronny Wall continues to fight to keep some of the ugly truth a secret.

Ronny Wall is now stalling the release of the personnel file of former Texas Tech women’s basketball strength and conditioning coach Ralph Petrella.

Ralph Petrella resigned at the end of the basketball season and is now accused of harassing five players on the women’s basketball team.

In her response to Ronny Wall’s ongoing abuse of the Texas Public Information Act, Dolcefino Consulting Director of Operations Kelsey Galbraith questioned Wall via e-mail, asking: “Are you just ignoring the purpose and spirit of the Texas Public Information Act like Texas Tech ignored the Marlene Stollings issue?”

Ronny Wall fought for a year to keep the exit interviews of the basketball players from the public. It was those interviews that blew the scandal wide open a few weeks ago. They are an ugly review of what was allowed to go on in Lubbock for two years.

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“Cancer” at Texas Tech: Widening Scandal at Texas Tech Women’s Basketball Program

RonnyWall has been busted twice for overcharging for public records in the Dolcefino Consulting legal battle. Tech has been trying to block the planned sworn testimony of Ronny Wall on the subject of who destroyed records relating to the firing of former head football coach Mike Leach.

In both cases public records were released accidentally. The records accidently released in the Dolcefino Consulting case expose the shoddy investigation, the manipulation of sworn testimony, and the conspiracy to cheat Leach out of $2.5 million dollars.

The legal fight over the Leach records has been going on for two and a half years and Dolcefino Consulting has already spent a quarter of a million dollars to expose the unfair firing of Coach Leach. Austin Judge Paul Davis is set to rule next month on a request to punish Tech for refusing to let us put Ronny Wall under oath.


Press release

The widening scandal in the Texas Tech women’s basketball program is highlighting the significance of the two-and-a-half-year legal fight over Coach Mike Leach records.

The Houston based investigative media firm Dolcefino Consulting has now asked an Austin judge to hold Texas Tech in contempt for fighting the sworn testimony of University lawyer Ronny Wall.

Tech has fought Ronny Wall’s testimony since it was ordered in January, and he faces tough questions about the destruction of records in the Leach case and the overcharging of public records.

One of the journalists who broke the Tech women’s basketball scandal fought for a year to get Ronny Wall to release public records exposing the scandal.

“The only reason why they fired Marlene Stollings was our story came out,” says Daniel Libit of the Intercollegiate news website.

“It is a culture of retrenchment (at Texas Tech) where you protect at all costs and circle the wagons at all costs.”

While Associate General Counsel Ronny Wall refused to turn over the records, female players continued to complain of abuse and fear of retaliation.

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Main Reasons Why to Consider Business Funding in Texas

“How much alleged suffering could have mitigated?” Daniel Libit complained in a recent blog on the Tech scandal.

That is exactly what Mike Leach has been fighting to expose at Tech for ten years.  In his case, it was the contrived firing of the winningest coach in school history after a shoddy investigation that included lies to donors and fans.

“My records aren’t the only ones that Texas Tech is covering up, they’re covering up any records that they feel like covering up which has nothing to do with democracy, the constitution or the legislation around open records, and so no, all those records should be revealed,” Mike Leach said.

Austin Judge Paul Davis has set a hearing for September 11 to deal with the motion for sanctions against the University as well as a motion to disqualify the Texas attorney general.

Ronny Wall has been busted twice for overcharging Dolcefino Consulting for public records. The administrative judge in West Texas has failed to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the illegal withholding of some regents’ phone records.

“It is time for someone to expose how ridiculous this game of hide and seek is,” says Dolcefino.

“We are supposed to complain to the Texas attorney general when a state university hides public records but in this case they are the school’s lawyers. This is the most ridiculous conflict of interest and it is past time for the attorney general to get out of the way in this fight, because they certainly have no interest in helping the public right to know.”

“I feel like there’s something clearly endemic going on a Texas Tech at just the level of what happened with Marlene Stollings and some of the other things,” Daniel Libit said.

“There does seem to be like an issue there, a cancer.”