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Drinking alcohol is fun for most people. However, it’s important to consider the amount of alcohol you drink and how it affects your life, as well as, those around you. It’s easy to start as a social drinker and eventually become an alcoholic. And most alcoholics have financial challenges too. That’s why some people do not seek treatment for alcoholism even when the negative effects of alcohol on their lives and loved ones are clear.

Some alcoholics are homeless and unemployed. They live in abject poverty. These are just some of the conditions that hinder some people from seeking treatment for alcoholism. Nevertheless, some individuals are genuinely interested in fighting their alcohol addiction. As such, they may try the dangerous at-home detox or cold-turkey due to their financial challenges. 

Luckily, it’s possible to get substance abuse rehabilitation provided for free if you or a loved one is genuinely interested in beating alcoholism. You just need to know the available free or affordable options that you or a loved one can consider.

Finding Free or Affordable Rehab

Alcohol use disorder or alcoholism refers to drinking that causes physical or mental health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive consumption of alcohol causes about 88,000 deaths in the United States every year. Seeking affordable or free rehab can, therefore, save a life.

Most residential treatment facilities are expensive. They require patients to have good insurance and credit. However, some facilities offer free help to addicts that can’t pay for their services. Here are some of the options to consider when you want to fight alcoholism on a budget.

Professional Rehab Facilities

Despite being for-profit and private, some facilities offer free help for alcoholics. These treatment centers provide alternative means of payment, sliding-scale fees, or payment assistance. So, if you or a loved one wants to fight alcoholism on a budget, don’t hesitate to ask. Just call or visit the nearby facility to find out if it provides payment assistance plans. Some of these facilities have assistance plans for individuals that do not have insurance or employment. 

Faith-Based Rehab

Faith-based programs that target drug addicts and alcoholics have existed longer than 12-step programs and professional rehabs. Religious organizations and groups have reached out to communities to assist people struggling with drug abuse and alcoholism for ages.

And, this is yet to change. Today, there are many faith-based programs than there were in the last decades. For instance, it’s possible to get a free drug treatment program offered by a Christian organization in almost any community. Thus, you can undergo treatment for alcoholism with such a program even when you have a tight budget.

State Supported Rehabs

Some states, counties, and cities offer inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities for drug addicts and alcoholics. These are completely tax-funded and they do not charge a fee for their services. Their programs may include long-term residential treatment and short-term detoxification. They can also provide individual counseling and therapy at local clinics.

It’s, however, crucial to note that state-sponsored programs have long waiting lists. That’s because most people that use them are in the system already. These have interacted with agencies like the criminal justice system and the county health department.

Additionally, taxpayers’ money supports these programs. Therefore, they can experience significant cutbacks in funding during hard economic times. Consequently, their services can be restrained.

Online Recovery Support

If you Google ‘free rehab near me’ the search engine will list many options including those providing online support. These are platforms that offer support aimed at helping people quit drinking. Some are chat rooms, instant messenger groups, bulletin boards, and email groups. If you can use these platforms to communicate, you can also use them to get recovery support.

Any addiction recovery program has an online presence. In most cases, you will find chat meetings that started many years ago. That means you can learn about the challenges that different people have faced while fighting addiction. You can also get the support you need to fight alcoholism on a budget by checking in with your forum friends.

Mutual Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous is an example of mutual support groups that have helped many people fight alcohol addiction. This mutual support group has existed for over 75 years. Millions of people have learned to beat addiction and lead sober lives. The group has remained self-supporting via its members’ voluntary donations.

If you wish to regain sobriety but have a tight budget, attending meetings of a mutual support group can help you. You can also get a sponsor that will help you through the 12 steps. Most addiction recovery programs yield better results when mutual support is included. Even if you don’t have a spiritual inclination, there are secular support groups to consider. The majority of these groups do not have dues or fees.

Reasons to Get Professional Help with Alcoholism even on a Budget

Regardless of your financial status, it’s important to get professional help with alcoholism.

Here are some of the reasons why rehab is important:

  • Specialists at the rehab facility will guide and help you through the detox process. They will make the otherwise unsafe and painful process comfortable. Attempting to detox from alcohol or drugs at home can be dangerous without medical supervision. That’s because some withdrawal symptoms are life-threatening.
  • Rehab specialists provide the assistance alcoholics need to avoid relapse. They can even prescribe medication that facilitates the withdrawal process.
  • The counseling sessions offered in the rehab facilities help the patients understand their causes of alcohol abuse and addiction. This is an important step in the recovery process.
  • Rehab centers offer specialized treatment that heals the damage caused by alcohol to the brain structure and chemistry.
  • The aftercare support provided by rehab centers promotes a substance-free life and long-term sobriety.

A tight budget should not be a reason for not seeking treatment for alcoholism. Many options exist for those in need of affordable treatment or free alcohol treatment centers. Simply search for a facility that offers the kind of treatment you need and one that’s within your budget.


Lindsay Lohan was reportedly crying hysterically as she finally headed off to court ordered rehab on Wednesday.

Convicted thief Lindsay Lohan, 25, was sentenced to 90 days in a facility after pleading no contest to charges for lying to police about driving during a car crash last June.

And while it may seem like she has gotten off lightly, her father Michael Lohan revealed that did not stop her weeping when she finally headed off on an airplane bound for California from New York.

Michael Lohan told Radar: “She was crying hysterically when she called me.

“Lindsay is heading to California but she doesn’t want to go the place she’s going and she’s upset that she’s being forced to do so.”

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly crying hysterically as she finally headed off to court ordered rehab on Wednesday

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly crying hysterically as she finally headed off to court ordered rehab on Wednesday

Lindsay Lohan had been desperately trying to change the location of her rehab centre from Newport Beach in California, which is the richest city in the US, to one he recommended in Florida.

Michael Lohan said: “Lindsay wants to go to the Lukens Institute.

“But she’s going to go to Morningside in Newport Beach until she can transfer to the one in Florida.

“She asked me if she could transfer to Lukens once she starts and I told her of course she can.

“I will get it all settled for her.”

TMZ are claiming Lindsay Lohan is breaking her plea deal by jetting out to California, as it was agreed she would be attending the Seafield rehabilitation facility in New York.

Although there are good facilities in the West Coast like The Discovery House in Reseda, California, she has to follow what the court ordered.

If it is decided she has broken the terms of the bargain Lindsay Lohan could be sentenced to 90 days in jail.

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Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl went missing back in May before entering a rehabilitation facility to address drug and alcohol addiction.

And it seems that Nick Stahl has once again vanished after checking himself out.

Nick Stahl, 32, who played John Conner in the 2003 action hit, has reportedly left rehab, “against doctors advice” according to E! News.

According to the website, Nick Stahl left the facility a week ago and now his loved ones, including his estranged wife Rose Murphy Stahl, have no idea where he is.

“He’s been missing for four days,” Rose Murphy told E! News.

“But I don’t want to comment any further.”

Nick Stahl checked himself out of the undisclosed rehab facility last weekend, then reportedly went to stay with a friend.

He was later spotted in downtown Los Angeles, where he has often been seen in the notorious Skid Row area.

Following the sighting, Nick Stahl apparently returned to the friend’s home, however he has not been seen since leaving the property last Thursday night.

Nick Stahl went missing after checking himself out from a rehabilitation facility

Nick Stahl went missing after checking himself out from a rehabilitation facility

Once again Nick Stahl has left friends and family members panicked by not telling anyone of his whereabouts and a full search party has ensued.

“Now he’s disappeared. We can’t find him anywhere. He has not made contact with anyone. We are all just desperately looking for him,” a source told E! News.

“Everyone just wants him to come home. It’s a terrible situation. We are searching, but we’ve had no solid leads.”

The disappearing act comes after the star left his wife Rose and loved ones frantic when he first went missing in early May.

He later then reportedly told his wife he has checked into rehab as well as emailing his friends to tell them he was alive.

At the time Rose Murphy Stahl told TMZ she had spoken to the actor – very briefly – and he told her he checked into rehab.

She said she checked with the facility to make sure he was still there and they confirmed that he was.

Nick Stahl’s wife also told the website that she wasn’t considering divorce and was just relieved that she could tell the couple’s two-year-old daughter Marlo that her “daddy is safe”.

She also said she intended to visit her husband in rehab for however long he needed to stay.

Nick Stahl had apologized for the raising fears about his safety, and pledged to stick out a period in rehab to get his drug and alcohol issues under control.

According to TMZ, his friends and family were hopeful he would live up to his word, though at the time they were skeptical.

Nick Stahl and Rose Murphy are currently estranged.

In February she attended court to seek a ban against the actor seeing their daughter Marlo if he failed a drug test.

In May, when Nick Stahl went missing, she spoke out in the media voicing her fears that he was dead.

She said she feared he may have lost his battle with substance abuse and overdosed.

Rose Murphy Stahl told People magazine: “He could have overdosed, that’s one thought.

“And I’m wondering if there will be a body recovered.”

Rose Murphy Stahl first reported her husband as a missing person on May 14, and it came after the pair suffered a number of domestic problems.

In court documents she claimed Nick Stahl was abusing drugs and said she was afraid for their daughter’s safety.

She demanded that his visitation with Marlo be limited to just 8 hours a week and that all visits be supervised.

She also wanted Nick Stahl to prove he wasn’t abusing drugs around their child, asking that he present “proof of a negative result for a test for drugs and alcohol within the 24 hours prior to his scheduled visitation time”.

She claimed they both were happy to file the legal paperwork in early February to motivate him to get better, and he had been living away with a male friend since that time.

Rose, full name Roseann, also said she does not consider the two of them separated or estranged.

She said: “That was an adult, loving decision that we made to try to inspire his recovery and maybe even scare him away from relapse.”

Sources said Nick Stahl had been frequenting Los Angeles’s notorious Skid Row area.

Before he took on the task of becoming John Connor in 2003’s Terminator sequel, Nick Stahl appeared in The Man Without A Face with Mel Gibson, Disturbing Behavior, and The Thin Red Line, which was nominated for Best Picture by the Academy Awards.

Nick Stahl also appeared in the short-lived HBO cult hit series Carnivale.

The actor was arrested earlier this year on charges that he did not pay a taxi driver, after he allegedly could not cough up an $84 fare.

Nick Stahl spent an entire day in jail following his crime, so his $50 fine was suspended.