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The economy is always experiencing phases where this or that industry begins to emerge as a major source of jobs. This can be because a new technological advancement gives rise to the need for a new career type. It can also mean that an industry is simply generating a lot of consumer demand. Often it is useful to research which industries are experiencing an uptrend both for getting a head start on a new job or even for investment purposes. Here are three trending industries that may deserve a closer look.


In the realm of hazardous chemicals and biological materials there exists the need for biorepositories and laboratory moving services. A Biorepository is a place where biological material is dealt with. This could include storage of biological materials, processing, and even proper distribution of such products and specimens. In the case where biological materials need to be transported in mass, the need for laboratory moving services becomes essential. These moving services need to have trained staff who comply with the regulatory measures imposed on the transport of hazardous chemicals and infectious biological agents. They must also have the proper temperature controlled refrigerated containers and back up refrigerator units to facilitate the proper and safe storage of specimens during transport. This industry may involve a hint of danger, but there are certainly exciting career possibilities to be considered.

Data Infrastructure Services are often overlooked facilities where private and public cloud services are housed will be a growing industry in 2014. The cloud infrastructure is home to much of the digital applications being developed, stored, and accessed by mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and phablets. As more mobile devices increase demand for cloud services in the industry, this creates a greater need for more data centers and cloud infrastructure. The expansion of new data centers translates to more positions needing to be filled. Management, software engineers, and sales representatives will be among the many key positions needing to be filled by qualified applicants as this trend of infrastructure expansion occurs and business continues to pick up.

Perhaps one industry people do not take much time to think about is the role played by materials engineers. Every product we use is made of materials. Materials have specific properties that are often studied and manipulated to determine their range of use. Materials engineers spend countless hours playing and experimenting with various materials to figure out these properties and where they are most useful. Usually, a materials engineer will specialize in an area, such as metals, plastics, or ceramics just to name a few. Many times materials engineers are dealing with substances at the atomic level, trying to figure out how to manipulate atomic structures to produce new and exciting properties. As long as companies continue to create innovative products with new substances that exhibit exotic properties, this industry will continue to positively trend.

Catching an unknown industry as it is trending can often involve a lot of investigation and research. However, being able to determine if demand, product sales, and employment in an industry is increasing or not are sometimes indicators that an industry is on an up or down swing. Sometimes, only time can tell for certain what industries were trending in which direction.