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What colors, shapes, and products will make you look gorgeous this year? The nude and pastel ones. Everything that is almost invisible is exactly what you need in 2018.


Adopting Your Makeup To 2018 Trends

A new year means new makeup trends. The following five directions are going to appear a lot this year both on the red carpet and on the streets. Fashion trends affect not only closing styles, colors, design, forms, textures, and other, but also the face image which fulfills the general idea. Though trends are changing each year and fashion often concerns not only pure unconditional beauty and health but also many other aspects including even politics.

Ways of figuring out the trends

There are several ways to determine your makeup set for the current season. The easiest way is to follow a blogger who will tell you everything from A to Z about which tones, brands, applicators to use and why. Cons of the method are time-consuming. You will need at least good hour to check everything out. Another option is to read a favorite magazine like Vogue or HarpersBazaar. There you can find the best overviews of fashion shows and trendsetting brands together with the celebrities’ looks. In other words, you will see the complete guideline in a magazine. The most complicated and time-consuming way is to research the latest fashion shows yourself and make your own opinion. It is hardly necessary for women who are not bloggers or celebrities.

No more contouring, only highlighters

During the last few years, the fashion setting makeup trend always included contouring. 2018 has become the official end of the exaggerated face contouring. Instead, Rihanna has started the trend of gold highlighter which is not actually lighter than a skin tone but is gold. It fits perfectly for those who have warm skin undertone. The pastel or silver tones fit perfectly for a cooler skin. The application is effortless. You only have to apply it as a regular highlighter or making a creative form on your cheek for a special occasion.

Eyeliner, lines

At the end of the day in 2017, there was only one official look to draw a line on the corner of your eye. Makeup brushes will be necessary for a gentle gradient. The line should have been very long, bold in the middle, and pointy towards the outside until it vanishes. 2018 offers more creative opportunities to make this line look trendy. The thick and filled wings, mini wings, unfilled wings, upside down lines and anything else that comes to your mind.

Peachy smokey


If you are a student and don’t have time and money for qualitative skin care products, the next trend will make you look gorgeous in a few minutes. You also can gain more time by shifting a few home works to the guys who will write my assignment in Australia service. The look is perfect for daily use. You can keep it quite discreet which also looks fresh at all ages. The idea is taking a technique of smokey eyes and perform it in a warm peachy or rose pastel palette. Gel texture will make it glow which is quite impressive.

Inner corner

It may be not perfect makeup for sensitive skin, especially the under eye area, but the inner corner of the eye must be highlighted. 2018 involves very subtle looks which involve not the whole area around the eye decoration but just the inner part of it. The rest area remains bare. It is not only cheap makeup but fast as well. You can do it right before going out with your fingertip. The matching tones remain pastel like white, cream white, silver, or pearl. It also looks very refreshing.

Pantone: purple


Cheap cosmetics often has its cons like not lasting, wrong texture, not shimmering, and other. On the other hand, there is no point in buying trendy sets for significant amounts of money. The trends are changing, and the unused products go to the trash. It applies to purple pallets. In fact, purple and violet is a significant trend of 2018 no only in makeup. You will see it everywhere. You have plenty of options to apply the tone both on the lips and on the eyes.

To sum up, keep it nude

Organic makeup was and will always be trendy all times. Apart from decorative cosmetics remember to take good care of your scene which includes everyday hydrating, sun protecting, cleaning, massaging and treating if needed. The best makeup is the one that doesn’t include hiding your screen under bases and powders. They won’t do your pores healthier. The healthy shine comes from inside and makes you gorgeous. Here are the step-by-step daily scan care and decoration.

  1. Apply nursing SPF crème. Every day. This is the must.
  2. Light BB crème if you have different colors on your face skin.
  3. Under eye, concealer to cover the problem zones if needed.
  4. Superlight cheekbones contouring.
  5. Make the eyebrows visible by filling the spaces without changing the existing form.
  6. Brow pencil/shades for highlighting the under eyebrow area and make you look awake.
  7. Mascara and lip glow.
  8. Add one trendy element. If needed.