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Framework Ruby On Rails software web development companies are using to create, publish and manage a website’s content, it is necessary having a reliable and easy-to-use content management system. CMS (content management system) is a computer program that is widely used for blogs, websites and also for corporate sites. This program provides a user-friendly UI and helps avoid hand coding. CMS gives an ideal environment for a hassle-free content management and does not require mastering any programing language to start using it. In other words, a content management system is understandable even for newbies.

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web development framework used for CMS developing. This powerful, open source web application framework enables running diverse web apps. It provides facilities for developing new pages, handling templates, querying the database and gathering information from the web server. Content management systems created with Ruby on Rails, are characterised by a secure UI and a wide set of functions that make content management apprehensible even for the most inexperienced users.

Here are top 5 CMS created with Ruby on Rails:

Radiant CMS

This is one of the most popular and widely used open source CMS. Users choose it for its elegant and intelligible UI and a huge collection of templates it comes with. When choosing Radiant CMS you get awesome page parts, snippets, plugins and layouts.

Casein CMS

This Ruby on Rails CMS is extremely lightweight. It comes with basic management, user authentication and minimal CURD user interface.

Refinery CMS

The main advantage of this content management system is that it is available absolutely for free. Refinery CMS is very easy to use and can be easily modified in accordance with your needs. The interface provided by this content management system is ideal for creating websites with a customized content management.

Browser CMS

A comprehensive set of efficient features has made Browser CMS a number one choice for editors. This content management system is very easy to use and therefore is suitable for newbies.

Locomotive CMS

This content management system is focused on a standard development process and front end technology. When choosing Locomotive CMS, you help your clients avoid a number of difficulties, including a bothersome and time-consuming learning process.

Whatever Ruby on Rails content management system you choose, you will get a wide range of useful functions that will make a website’s content management easier and more efficient. Moreover, you will get an excellent opportunity to increase your productivity and at the same time, save much effort and energy.