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McDonald’s has quietly changed the size of one its most popular items, the Quarter Pounder, CNBC reported.

The Quarter Pounder now includes 4.25 ounces of beef, slightly more than its former size of 4 ounces before cooking.

The former 4-ounce patty cooked down to just 2.8 ounces after heating.McDonalds changes Quarter Pounder size

On its most recent earnings call, McDonald’s noted domestic commodity costs rose about 1 percent, mostly due to climbing beef prices.

It will be up to the food chain’s operators to decide whether to raise prices for the bigger burgers, one source told CNBC.

The move comes as McDonald’s seeks to improve its core menu as part of an ongoing turnaround led by CEO Steve Easterbrook.

McDonald’s initiatives include different cooking methods, such as changing how it sears and grills its beef to deliver hotter and juicier sandwiches, and a new drive-through ordering process to improve accuracy.