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Przystanek Woodstock

Sziget Festival 2011 Hungary.


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SonneMondSterne 2011 electronic music festival Germany.

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Polish Woodstock 2011 (Przystanek Woodstock) attracted around six hundred and fifty thousand people, according to officials. It seems that the previous number was below the real interest arised by this festival.

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Polish Woodstock 2011

Polish Woodstock 2011

The biggest audience was at The Prodigy concert. During the Gentleman & The Evolution’s show a great number of fans began to gather and all of them waited for the main star. Exceptionally, the stage has to be fenced in as The Prodigy requested. Jerzy Owsiak, festival creator,  objected to this. He said that putting bariers beetwen public and artists came in conflict with the values of Woodstock festival, but eventually he complied. The hits  “Breathe”, “Poison”, “Firestarter” and “Smack My Bitch Up”  were sung. The group went to the stage protected by bodyguards, played and left.

Łąki Łan Apteka performed after The Prodigy a special surprise concert and recorded a live DVD. Jerzy Owsiak said he was glad that she was the star who sang at the end of  Polish Woodstock 2011.

Airbourne performed a great show and were cheered by the public. Enej and Arka Noego, two Golden Spinning winners, were also enthusiasticly applauded. Dog Eat Dog’s singer John Connor played wearing a T-shirt of Poland national men’s ice hockey team and he also showed an Woodstock special T-shirt. Large audience danced, sang and listened to the hits “Who’s the king” ,  “No Fronts”.

On Saturday, August, 6, Przystanek Republika concert was performed by Grzegorza Ciechowskiego an his guests: Titus (Acid Drinkers), Kasia Kowalska, Ania Dąbrowska, Tomek Makowiecki, Glaca (Sweet Noise), Maciej Silski, Lipa (Lipali, Illusion), Kobra (Kobranocka).

 Przystanek Woodstock  (polish for “Woodstock Bus Stop”) was inspired by and named after the Woodstock Festival, that was held in August 1969, over 40 years ago.
Polish Woodstock 2011  edition was quite peaceful, there were some troubles regarding landing transport, but besides these, the concert-goers were delighted. 

Polish Woodstock 2011 , also called “the biggest open-air festival in Europe”,  started on Thursday, August 4 and ends today, Saturday, August 6.

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Warsaw’s Foundation “Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity” have organized Przystanek Woodstock since 1995, every year at the end of Juky or at the begining of August. Przystanek Woodstock mean in polish Woodstock Bus Stop.

The festival has been held in  Kostrzyn nad Odrą, a town near the Germany border,  since 2004.
Warsaw’s Foundation is an annual organizer of a big fundraiser in which contribute thousands of volunteers. The funds are meant to help the polish hospitalized children.

As a reward for those dedicated people, Przystanek Woodstock  is free of charge every year, the musicians play voluntarily.

Woodstock 2011 attracted thousands of persons, especially young ones. It is  estimated that the festival gathered around five hundred thousand people.

Woodstock 2011 Poland

Woodstock 2011 Poland


Usually rock is the central theme, but lots of other genres can be found (folk, grunge, punk, heavy metal).  A lot of polish performers came to play on the Woodstock 2011 stage, but along with them very many singers from other countries were invited.

From  Poland: Plateu “Projekt Grechuta”,  Kumka Olik, Riverside,  Buldog,  Łąki Łan Apteka
From Germany: Donots, H-Blockx, Jahcoustix,  Hellloween,  Gentleman & The Evolution, Heaven Shall Burn 

Kontrast (from Austria), Airbourne ( from Australia),  Zebrahead and Dog Eat Dog from USA, Skinred and The Prodigy from UK were also glad to participate.

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Besides the concerts, there are other important events during the festival. People could meet artists, politicians, religious leaders, journalists in a place called The Academy Of The Finest Arts.

“Love, Friendship and Music” is the festival motto summarizing the values for which the participants stand.

Woodstock 2011 another motto is “Stop drugs! Stop violence!” . Rigid rules are applied during the event. Alcohol, drugs are prohibited and beer can be drink in a special zone. “Peace Patrol” ensure security.

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