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Lucille Ball’s famous polka-dot dress sold for more than double the expected takeaway at a Hollywood auction.

The items were on auction at a Profiles in History sale on July 30, which also included props from The Sopranos, The Sound of Music, and Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom.

Lucille Ball’s “Lucy Ricardo” dress was expected to fetch between $40,000 and $60,000 at auction, but ultimately sold for $168,000.

From Temple of Doom, a lot of sankara stones and a pyrotechnics bag got $72,000 and $64,000 respectively, well over their estimates.

Lucille Ball’s famous polka-dot dress sold for $168,000 at Hollywood memorabilia

Lucille Ball’s famous polka-dot dress sold for $168,000 at Hollywood memorabilia

A collection of costumes from The Sound of Music sold for $1.3 million. The collection included a costume worn by Julie Andrews’ character, as well as floral lederhosen worn by the Von Trapp children.

The costume worn by James Gandolfini in the final scene of The Sopranos sold for $22,000.

Steve McQueen’s Bullitt jacket and Charlie Chaplin’s “tramp” cane from modern times also commanded high selling prices.

Lastly, Judy Garland’s iconic Wizard of Oz dress sold for $360,000, which was twice its estimate.

Other Lucille Ball memorabilia was also auctioned off on August 3 at the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, which also included a fashion show. These items included props and dresses from I Love Lucy! and other Lucille Ball / Desi Arnaz productions.

Items included Lucille Ball’s red velvet dress from Mame, her pink sequined costume from the first episode of the Milton Berle Show, and her Charlie Chaplin costume from The Lucy Show episode “Chris’ New Year’s Eve Party”.


For her first public appearance as a mother, Kate Middleton chose an elegant pale blue polka dot dress made specially for her by Jenny Packham, one of her favorite designers.

Last night the Jenny Packham website appeared to have crashed after the word got out that Kate Middleton had worn the empire-line crepe de chine design.

Demand for Kate Middleton's blue polka dot dress crashed Jenny Packham's website

Demand for Kate Middleton’s blue polka dot dress crashed Jenny Packham’s website

Initial reports on Twitter had suggested the dress was from Jenny Packham’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, leading many shoppers to believe it might available to buy online.

Last night a spokesman for the British designer confirmed that the dress was a one-off creation for Kate Middleton’s long-awaited appearance on the steps of the Lindo Wing.

Asked whether there had also been a pink version made in case the royal baby turned out to be a girl Jenny Packham said: “I couldn’t possibly comment.”

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Kate Middleton made her first appearance as a mother as she presented the royal baby to the waiting crowds on the steps of the Lindo Wing today.

As one of the most scrutinized women in the world – and at this most high profile of moments with all the world watching – Kate Middleton would have labored over her outfit choice today.

Kate Middleton made her first appearance as a mother as she presented the royal baby to the waiting crowds on the steps of the Lindo Wing

Kate Middleton made her first appearance as a mother as she presented the royal baby to the waiting crowds on the steps of the Lindo Wing

In the event, Kate Middleton chose a crepe de chine polka dot dress by Jenny Packham – a designer she has turned to on multiple occasions for public events – which was made bespoke for her.

The cornflower blue was a nod, no doubt, to her baby’s gender – the same gesture made by her mother during her own visit earlier in the day.

Kate Middleton cradled the baby as she stood alongside Prince William, her husband wrapping a protective arm around her waist before taking the infant into his own arms.

“We’re still working on a name,” Prince William told the assembled Press.

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Kate Middleton was left red-faced after the gusts lifted up her polka-dot dress, drawing attention to her thighs.

The Duchess of Cambridge was caught out by the wind as she arrived at the wedding of friends William van Cutsem and Rosie Ruck Keene, in south Oxfordshire, just over a week ago.

Seemingly unaware that her skirt had blown up, revealing her shapely legs, Kate Middleton, 32, gripped her black and white fascinator rather than her hem, laughing as she did so.

It happened as she walked towards St Mary the Virgin Church, in the village of Ewelme in the Chiltern Hills, on Saturday, May 11.

Kate Middleton appeared not to have learned her lesson from the last time she wore the Topshop dress, when she suffered a similar wardrobe malfunction.

The duchess was forced to hold down the back of the black and cream outfit as she arrived at the Hertfordshire-based Warner Bros Studios with Princes William and Harry, last month.

The High Street bargain sold out within hours of her wearing it, but the dress may not get a third showing after proving unsuitable for the gusty British weather once again.

Kate Middleton attended the wedding with Prince William, who arrived separately and was believed to have been an usher, wearing the same morning suit, blue striped shirt, and dark red tie as the groom.

Kate Middleton was left red-faced after the gusts lifted up her polka-dot dress

Kate Middleton was left red-faced after the gusts lifted up her polka-dot dress

The couple have known the van Cutsem family for many years and the groom’s niece, Grace, was a flower girl at the royal wedding.

Kate Middleton’s embarrassing moment, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe in film The Seven Year Itch, was one of several for the duchess.

In July 2011, during a North American tour, her cream and navy cable-knit Alexander McQueen dress was whipped up by the wind as she met wellwishers in Charlottetown, in Canada.

On that occasion Kate Middleton was wearing a cream slip, which protected her modesty. She was not so lucky four days later as her yellow Jenny Packham dress flew up on the tarmac at Calgary airport, briefly revealing her underwear.

But Kate Middleton, who is expected to give birth on July 13, handled all the mishaps with her usual poise.

The exact due date had been shrouded in secrecy, but close friends of the royal couple discussed at a barbecue hosted by a family friend that Kate Middleton expects to go into labor on July 13 – during the Queen’s Coronation Festival.

For the first time, 50% said Charles would be a fitting monarch in the YouGov poll, up 13% from May last year. The Prince of Wales was seen as making a positive contribution to the monarchy by 60% of voters.

The poll showed, for the first time, a majority believe the Queen should abdicate if she becomes too ill to fulfill her duties.

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Kate Middleton and Princes William and Harry had a wizard Harry Potter experience today as they attended the inauguration of the Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, UK.

The highlights of their visit include a trip to the Great Hall, a special effects demonstration on Diagon Alley and even a wand lesson in The Gryffindor Common Room.

Kate Middleton, who is due to give birth in July, wore a short £38 ($59) polka dot dress by TOPSHOP and black suede heels with a black Ralph Lauren jacket pushed up at the sleeves.

The trio have brought with them to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, 500 guests, both children and adults, associated with some of the charities they support.

The royal party were first shown props and costumes from the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. Princes William and Harry were clearly taken with a camouflaged Batmobile known as the Tumbler.

Prince William turned to his brother and whispered: “We should borrow that for the weekend.” He then climbed inside and turned on the engine, revving it to within an inch of its life.

When Prince William finally emerged from the Batmobile after a long while he said: “I’m a very happy man” but when he spotted his wife the royal apologized saying: “Sorry, sorry.”

Clearly a fan, the future king then couldn’t resist climbing on board the Bat Bike and posing for the cameras as Harry looked on enviously. Both brothers own their own superbikes – but clearly nothing on this level.

The three royals also spent time examining Batman’s heavy rubber armor.

“Is this really what the actor wore, how heavy is it?” Prince William asked.

He was astonished to discover it took 25 minutes for actor Christian Bale to put on.

Kate Middleton joined Princes William and Harry for a wizard day out at the Harry Potter film studios

Kate Middleton joined Princes William and Harry for a wizard day out at the Harry Potter film studios

The royals headed over to a “green screen” where draftsman Ed Symon was seated on another model of the Batpod motorbike sited on top of a “six axis motion base”. It was originally built for the broomstick flying in Harry Potter movies.

John Richardson special effects supervisor on the movies, said: “We’ve had everyone on it from Harry Potter to Voldemort.”

There, Prince William took to the controls of the simulator making the Batpod move up and around as if it was flying.

The visit will culminate with them hosting a most unusual meeting for their Charities Forum in the Great Hall, one of the original sets from the Harry Potter film series.

The Charities Forum is a collection of charities, of which The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are Patrons.

Started in 2006, it provides a platform for collaborative activity between the 35 participating charities and organizations who meet twice a year to discuss ideas and ways to support each other.

During the first part of today’s Studio tour, Kate Middleton and Princes William and Harry also met some of the creative teams from recent Warner Bros. Productions and were given an insight into the film making process as well as being shown some of the props and costumes from those films.

Warner Bros.’ £100 million ($160 million) facility, the first of its kind to be built in the UK in 70 years, accounts for a third of the dedicated major feature film production stage space in the UK.

It is the only film studio in the country to be owned and operated by a major Hollywood studio.

Formerly the production home of all eight Harry Potter films, Goldeneye, Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace and Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, the state-of-the-art studios now encompass nine sound stages, a 100 acre back-lot and one of the largest underwater filming tanks in Europe. It is available to all kinds of productions, not just Warner Bros., from commercials to music videos, TV shows to feature films.

The first production to shoot there since the redevelopment was All You Need Is Kill, directed by Doug Liman and starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter takes guests behind the scenes of the Harry Potter films and showcases the incredible British talent, creativity and artistry that went into bringing the series to life.

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