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Honey Boo Boo’s mother, June Shannon, has stated that her granddaughter Kaitlyn will not be having surgery to remove the extra thumb on her right hand anytime soon.

Kaitlyn, whose mother is June Shannon’s 18-year-old daughter Anna “Chickadee”, was born on July 26 and shortly after the bone abnormality was detected.

But it has been revealed that doctors do not want to operate on the two-month-old infant, as they would rather wait until her digits are fully developed.

Kaitlyn, whose mother is June Shannon's 18-year-old daughter Anna “Chickadee”, was born on July 26

Kaitlyn, whose mother is June Shannon’s 18-year-old daughter Anna “Chickadee”, was born on July 26

Talking about the possibility of her grandchild having her extra thumb amputated, 33-year-old June Shannon, from McIntyre Georgia, told RadarOnline.com that corrective surgery has been delayed until a later date.

“The doctor doesn’t want to do anything right now because they don’t know the full function of the other thumb or if they’re both connected,” she said.

“They just have to wait and see. They don’t want to do it too early, if they cut one off the other could have paralysis or it could make the other fingers not work, so they don’t want to make any rash decisions.”

Reports surfaced shortly after Kaitlyn’s birth that June Shannon had made inappropriate comments about the physical abnormality, which she denied.

Talking about her first grandchild, the mother-of-four exclaimed: “She’s just special; I would never make fun of her.

“That is not right. It makes her more unique and special to us. We don’t even pay attention to it. We don’t make a big deal about it.”

June Shannon and her family shot to fame on TLC’S Toddlers & Tiaras.

They currently star in the spin-off series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, with the season finale set to air this Wednesday.

Caleb Clark, 19, from Griffin, Georgia, previously came forward as Kaitlyn’s father. He claimed he fathered the child after dating Anna Shannon for two years during high school.

June Shannon added that her grandchild “may or may not ever” get surgery to remove the double thumbs and they will wait for a while before returning to hospital.

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