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If you’ve ever been involved in the sales business, you’ll have come across upselling at one point or another. Now, it’s time for you to bring this tried and tested sales technique into your company. However, it isn’t necessarily as easy as you might think. If you want your employees to upsell customers to bigger and better products, they’ll need to possess the right skills.

The Definition Of Successful Upselling

It has long been thought that upselling is simply all about getting the most money out of the customer. Sure, that’s the intention from a financial point of view, but it isn’t the only point of upselling. Common mistakes with this technique usually come back to the same thing: being overly pushy. The idea is to analyze customer needs and strategically upsell to benefit both you and the customer. If you’re becoming overly pushy, you stand to lose the sale altogether. The moment that desperation kicks in, you’re in trouble.

Implementing The Right Training

You can’t simply ask employees to start upselling without training them first. This is where investing in services like Saleshub for sales enablement services can be beneficial. You want to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of sales coaching programs. Taking the time to effectively train your staff will mean that they’ll be able to make more money for your company. Unfortunately, companies all too often skip this part of the deal. Instead, they’ll engage in hiring and firing on an unprecedented scale because of a lack of success. This ultimately costs them more money in the long run.

Personality Traits

It’s important to keep in mind that not every employee in the world is suited to the art of upselling. I’m not saying you should fire your employees – far from it. However, some people will take longer to adapt to it than others. Some will never be able to get their head around it, but they’ll be much more effective in general customer service. Different strategies will also work for different team members. For some, it’s a case of getting to the bottom of every little customer detail. For others, it might just be a case of providing constant reminders about your latest products. It’s important to understand every member of your team and allocate roles as necessary to get the most out of upselling.


Unless you’ve got a close-knit team who really care about the company, incentives are necessary. You can’t expect your employees to work twice as hard to upsell if they aren’t getting anything out of it. Most companies that engage in upselling offer commission rewards for those who do well. An alternative option which has also proved popular is the reward of gifts for the top performers of the month. It doesn’t matter how you do it; just make sure you’re offering some kind of incentive.

Let’s recap some of the most important details we’ve mentioned today. Firstly, upselling serves to assist both you and the customer with their needs. Training your staff is important, as is getting the most out of each individual. And, incentives provide the finishing touch to ensure maximum productivity.

Good luck!