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The delivery time from China and Hong Kong to the US depends on several factors. However, the maximum estimated time is between 10 to 20 days from the date of dispatching the parcel.

The delivery time depends on the destination of the packet when it comes to other countries. You have to consider the location, holidays, custom protocols, and other economic events.

Unlike in the US, other countries may take longer. Most of the time is spent on the journey, while the additional time is spent on reaching the different facilities. Upon entering the facility, they are sorted, traced, and registered before making to their destination.

Even though 10 to 20 days seem pretty long, it is much faster than other commercial delivery services to ship goods from China and Hongkong.

You should also consider the fact that there are thousands of other packages being shipped in bulks every day. It takes time to process all these items and the number of stops they make to reach a destination.

Average ePacket Shipping time

China to Ukraine, Russia, and Saudi Arabia: 7 to 15 business days

China to Mexico: 20 business days

China to all other eligible countries: 7 to 10 business days

It may be confusing and hard to comprehend the small but vital networking process involved in ePacket delivery. However, E-tracking has made this task more straightforward and convenient for both the sellers and the customers.

Image source: Image by Gareth van Vollenstee from Pixabay

Steps to Track ePacket

When using epacket shipping, there are several ways to track your parcel, which is why it is so convenient and reliable.

One of the first steps is to make sure you have the right parcel tracking number. Once you have this number, which is unique for each parcel, you can use an official website. The seller will account for all your shipping details on the site before it is sent out.

Before the parcel leaves China, you can use EMS, and once it reaches, you can access the USPS website to track your package.

There are also other middle party tracking services as an alternative to the official websites. These include websites such as

You can view your order details when you purchase from sites like AliExpress. They automatically show the location of your parcel when you enter your order details in the search portal.

All packages sent by epacket has a tracking number with the letter “L.” That way, you can quickly tell if your parcel is shipped by ePacket or other services.

List of Countries with ePacket Shipping Services

ePacket Shipping does not work for all the countries due to international trade regulations. But currently, 44 countries are legible for epacket shipping.

These countries are:

1.       Australia

2.       Austria

3.       Belgium

4.       Brazil

5.       Canada

6.       Croatia

7.       Denmark

8.       Estonia

9.       Finland

10.     France

11.     Germany

12.     Gibraltar

13.     Great Britain

14.     Greece

15.     Hong Kong

16.     Hungary

17.     Ireland

18.     Israel

19.     Italy

20.     Japan

21.     Latvia

22.     Lithuania

23.     Luxembourg

24.     Malaysia

25.     Malta

26.     Mexico

27.     Netherlands

28.     New Zealand

29.     Norway

30.     Poland

31.     Portugal

32.     Russia

33.     Saudi Arabia

34.     Singapore

35.     Spain

36.     South Korea

37.     Sweden

38.     Switzerland

39.     Thailand

40.     Turkey

41.     Ukraine

42.     United Kingdom

43.     United States

44.     Vietnam