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When you are writing a research paper or course work, you need to perform a very important task first. It is to research the requirement of the paper. The requirement refers to the need of the examiners. If you are eyeing high grade, it is essential that you give the examiners whatever they are looking for. Or else, you will have to find a professional service to buy research paper from.

Effective coursework writing is following a method. You would have to begin with the purpose of writing the paper. Without stating this, you will not be able to drive the writing to the desired conclusion. Making the writing clear is another important factor which you will have to keep in mind. Spell error or grammatical error might ruin the entire paper and this is why you must make it a point to pay attention to the errors. Apart from these, you will have to obey the rules of writing a course paper.

The Purpose

One of the great trick to attract attention of the examiners is to getting started with clearly written purpose. The readers must be able to know why you are writing the paper. The starting should be strong. A weak start will ruin the impact of the paper and will weaken your chance of scoring high.

Introduce Properly

You have only a few seconds to impress the examiners or the readers. This is why the first line must be a grabber. The first line of the introduction or the beginning of the paper will decide the fate of your writing. Make sure to put all your effort in writing a strong introduction which will grab attention immediately. Weak first paragraph will not get you high score because the examiners will lose interest.

The Body

A strong introduction does not mean that you will ignore the body of the paper. It is important that you write a smooth body which will hold the strength of the introduction. This will ensure that you succeed in getting the respect and the attention of the examiners. One thing you need to remember, don’t repeat words or lines. This will ruin the effect. To avoid being repetitive, you will have to go for in-depth research.


To get high grade, you will have to find a balance in your written content. It should be relevant, legitimate and accurate. Absence of one of these three elements might lead to weakness. Thus, while writing you need to ensure that these elements are present. If possible, have an expert to look at your paper or have an expert to write the whole thing.

Clarity and Conclusion

You need to find both clarity and conclusion if you want to score high.  The writing should be to the point. Elaborated pieces will not do you much good if you cannot categorize the content in clear subheading. Additionally, you need to go for the correct conclusion as well. This too needs to be clear and to the point. You must think like an examiner while writing the paper.


10 tips we are going to talk about do not typically concern paper or legit essay writing. We are talking specifically about formal writing, which includes business and academic types of work.

If the information presented below is not enough, you can always apply to a professional paper writing service as another source of credible information.

So, let’s get started.   

10 Steps to Better Formal Writing

  1. Forget about contractions. Never use contractions in formal writing, especially in essays and research papers. For example, «don’t», «can’t», «isn’t» must be replaced with «do not», «cannot», and «is not». Write out all words in full.
  2. Passive Voice or Active Voice? Passive voice is inappropriate for most academic writings. Yes, you can use passive (but don’t too much) if you are in the sciences. But in other cases, use the active voice instead. Passive voice makes sentences sound weak. In academic writing, we want only strong sentences.
  3. Strong verbs over weak verbs. Academic essay requires strong verbs only. For example, «objected» over «made an objection», «audited» over «did an audit», etc.
  4. Ask a question. Ask a question and think over the answer. When you figure out what you think the answer is, write it down. This automatically leads you to the thesis of your future essay. The thesis is the answer to your question. It has to be strong and contain a precise idea. Thus, you will know what you want exactly to write about and the readers will understand it too. So, a stated thesis is the core of the whole essay.
  5. Create an introduction first. When writing an introduction, put your thesis inside of it. This makes essay interesting, so the readers want to read more. If you create a good intro, your whole essay will be easier to write.
  6. Do not focus on the length of your paper. If you constantly focus on the number of pages you have to write, you will not avoid the pressure and stress. Pay your attention to the quality of the essay rather to its length. Do not think about how long it has to be and how many sentences you need to fill all papers. In case, you have nothing to write about, check other sources and make your opinions based on someone else’s research. But use it smartly. The citation is a good way to add length to your writing. The most important thing is to be giving your own thoughts about ideas you put in your essay or paper.
  7. Small breaks. Even a 5-minute break is important when writing a paper. If you are getting stuck in writing, give yourself a little time to focus on other things. Refresh your head and sit down to think about the topic and where you need to go with it. Or break your paper into several parts, and give your brain little breaks after each part. Small rewards are also a good idea.
  8. Divide your writing time. Evaluate the period you have for an essay and divide it into several parts. Give 5-10% of your time for thesis, 15-20% – for writing an outline of arguments, 20-30% – research, 40-45% – actual writing, and 10% — polishing (proofreading+editing). Adjust the time as needed.
  9. Edit, edit, and edit. Polishing up your essay is as important as an actual writing. Make sure that the sentences flow smoothly from one paragraph to another. Check grammar and punctuation. Eliminate excess.
  10. Give your paper to a friend. It is the best way to check if the readers are into your writing or not.