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Everyone is looking for the best log splitting maul that has multiple uses to meet their different needs. And sure enough, this maul can turn the work of transforming one log into the firewood fast so that we save a lot of time and efforts for the process. Again, with any work, owning the right equipment makes all the difference on the planet!

Just learn how to set things up for success and finish the job properly. In this article, we’ll share the best techniques on how to split firewood with a maul fast and safely, but still help to conserve your energy during the process.

What is a splitting maul?

One of the fantastic features of a splitting maul here is to turn all heavy-looking tasks of separating huge chunks of wood much lighter and easier than ever! Unlike the camping ax we’ve often used, a maul is just heavier and owning a much longer handle.

The popular length of the tool is around 36 inches, and people want to ensure that it’s long enough to hit the ground successfully after striking it.

And its head gets shaped specially to raise the splitting angle when it’s almost driven down through the wood grain and into the ground. Well, it means cutting the inside of the tree while for an ax, you only use it to cut into the tree bark.

Anyway, what you need is a smooth maul with a rounded edge to lessen your efforts which easily frustrate you in the job of splitting many logs out there! Luckily. The maul makes it much easier for us to split wood, which is an absolute perk. Not only that, but this also triggers almost no part of your wood to be wasted!

Besides, we also have some mauls which are slightly lighter, so they can be availed for tinier pieces of wood if you want.

The Art of Splitting Firewood with A Maul

If you’re a wood chopper, there’s no need to learn how to split firewood with a maul since it will come naturally. However, you’re a fresh trimmer who has to deal with the increasingly popular wood-burning stoves, don’t miss some of the best ways of processing your wood – particularly in the sudden run-up to the festive season.

In this guide, you’ll be taken through how to approach this job correctly and safely. First of all, let’s consider what you might need for the art of splitting firewood with a maul!


1. Chainsaw

Choose yourself a good-quality chainsaw initially, which can be seen as one of the most versatile equipment cutting wood so well. If your blade feels dull, get the best chainsaw sharpener since it’s time to sharpen it!

2. Splitting maul

Regarding the best option for diving firewood, the answer is not its sharpness because you won’t cut or chop wood, you’re just splitting it. For this reason, the maul is usually heavier and showing up with a wider head than that of an ax, making itself more superb for any massive wood-splitting work.

How come? Thanks to that sharply tapering top, the maul can push the firewood apart along the grain. Not to mention how rounder the head feels with none of the flat area to dodge being stuck, the maul also owns a wide and flat end that can be utilized as a typical hammer.

In the end, the maul is a must have for wood-splitting and burn among many other splitting wedges and axes. It might be not as interesting as other axes, but it lasts a long time and does not need to be as sharp as your razor.


Use a chainsaw to chop wood

It can help to chop wood approximately three-quarters of all the way through one bulky piece of a fallen tree at the 16-inch groove. Note that you shouldn’t cut through it, or you will only cut into dirt and rocks here, making the cutting chain duller than expected. We recommend you to roll it about 180 degrees and slice through the last ⅓ of wood.

Avail splitting maul to split firewood

Pick up a thicker and sharp maul that is ideally made for your wood-splitting job along the grain. Make sure it to have the blunt edge right on the blade’s back as well to turn the work to be much easier.

Split firewood with a maul

Place your piece of wood on its end or one block if you’ve got it! When it’s not available to use, put it on the ground and maintain it standing still. After that, try to position yourself such that when you’re swinging with arms that have to be extended straight out. And your blade hits the wood right in the middle.

Trim wood to suitable length

As for the ordinary wood stoves and tinier fireplaces, it often takes 16 – 20 inches log. Besides, when that chunk of wood is shorter, it can split more easily. Always cut it to the most reasonable length for your purposes and only trim it at the ends of each firewood piece.

Get support from chopping blockers

To create a chopping blocker, use a big segment of the trunk, which will become the surface where you put the logs on for splitting them. This can make it more convenient to swing the maul and release less strain on the back. Bear in mind that block can’t be too high or too short so that it can dodge any ricochet.

Start the work in a safe space

Choosing a secure place will give none of the debris or any limb overhung above you or where you’re supposed to split firewood. Also, never try to split alone by yourself and always get someone around there since he or she could give you support when any accident took place.

Never forget your safety gears

This is important, especially when you’re learning how to split firewood with a maul. We suggest you put on a decent pair of gloves to prevent your hands from being damaged by splinters. Aside from this, bring along your protective glasses and working boots to make the whole process safer and more comfortable.


If you’re still confused about how to split firewood with a maul without wasting too much time and efforts, then get any of these recommendations we’ve just shared for reference. And watch over your stance so that when the maul misses the target, its swing can’t strike any part of your body!