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Fashion mogul Oscar de la Renta has slammed celebrities for turning New York Fashion Week into a “highly chaotic circus”.

Oscar de la Renta, 81, told WWD that he is sick and tired of the “huge crowds of people’ who pile into shows, ‘with no direct connection to the clothes”.

As a result, for his September 10 show at his midtown Manhattan showroom, he will only be allowing 350 invitees with a “legitimate professional purpose” to enter.

Explaining his motivation further, Oscar de la Renta said: “When you do megashows, it loses the reason of why we’re showing.

“It’s important for [certain industry professionals] to look at the clothes and see them. 

Oscar de la Renta has slammed celebrities for turning New York Fashion Week into a highly chaotic circus

Oscar de la Renta has slammed celebrities for turning New York Fashion Week into a highly chaotic circus

“They shouldn’t have to go through 30,000 people . . . who are trying to take pictures of all of those people who are totally unrelated to the clothes.

“I feel [inviting a more targeted audience] is the most manageable way and the most civilized way.”

In another interview with the Guardian, Oscar de la Renta explained that when shows are “highly chaotic and real circus, the people that do matter aren’t going to be put into the best of moods”.

He says for that those not invited to his presentation, all of the action will be available online, 20minutes later.
Echoing Oscar de la Renta’s sentiments, fashion journalist, Suzy Menkes wrote in the New York Times earlier this year that “today, the people outside fashion shows are more like peacocks than crows”.

“You can hardly get up the steps at Lincoln Center, in New York . . . because of all the photographers snapping at the poseurs.”

Meanwhile, retail consultant Robert Burke told the Guardian that once inside it’s often impossible to see what’s going on because people are “jumping to photograph” famous faces on the front row.

He points out that bloggers and celebrities are important, “but there needs to be balance”.

New York Fashion Week runs from September 5 to 12, with more than 80 designers set to show their spring/summer 2013 collections.


John Galliano made his return to the fashion world yesterday with an outfit that resembled Hasidic Jewish clothing at Oscar de la Renta’s New York Fashion Week show.

John Galliano, who was fired from Christian Dior in March 2011 after several notorious drunken outbursts and anti-Semitic remarks in a Paris cafe, was seen in a long black jacket, charcoal homburg-style hat and twirled peyos – long sidelocks grown to demonstrate faith.

His outfit, seen en route to Oscar de la Renta’s design studio, where he has been helping the designer prepare for last night’s fall 2013 collection, shocked New York’s Jewish community.

Williamsburg community leader Isaac Abraham told the New York Post: “He’s trying to embarrass people in the Jewish community and make money on clothes [while] dressed like people he has insulted.

“It looks like the hairstyle he added was done purposely to insult.”

“I would invite Mr. de la Renta and Galliano to come to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so I can show them some Holocaust survivors and the clothes they [wear].”

Meanwhile rabbi and fashion designer Tobi Rubinstein Schneier commented: “This was not very smart, unless he really wants attention. I’m hoping that this is not in any way a mockery through this attire.”

John Galliano made his return to the fashion world yesterday with an outfit that resembled Hasidic Jewish clothing at Oscar de la Renta's New York Fashion Week show

John Galliano made his return to the fashion world yesterday with an outfit that resembled Hasidic Jewish clothing at Oscar de la Renta’s New York Fashion Week show


Hélène Rochas, the French elegance icon, died at 84.


“After 30, you get the face you deserve.” Said Hélène Rochas paraphrasing George Orwell and Coco Chanel.[googlead tip=”lista_mica” aliniat=”dreapta”]

Hélène Rochas

Hélène Rochas said the clothing had to match your age


Madame, as she was called,  was determined to age with grace, to accept ageing process as natural. There was no sense in hiding, or fighting, those could do even worse.

I’m against the idea of dressing young – that shows fear. When you see a woman with long, loose hair, a slender silhouette, and she turns and you see she no longer has the face for it.”  She said in 1977 to W magazine.

 Hélène loved natural beauty and belived that everyone could find her or his own style, “create a personal atmosphere, one to refine yourself in”.[googlead tip=”vertical_mic” aliniat=”dreapta”]

I don’t like creams…. In the summer, it’s fruit, like crushed grapes, to nourish my face.” (1987 W magazine).

 Hélène Rochas had a strong will and she ignored the global obsession on rejuvenation. “It’s so boring” she said about exercising. She refused to underwent a facelift. “I’d rather keep myself the way I am.
Young women are never elegant.“(People magazine 1980)

When it came for the social interaction:

A dinner for six has to be for very close friends,” (W magazine 1981)

Her perfect menu: eggs en cocotte with truffles, lamb with baby vegetables, salad and cheese and about  her chef’s sorbets: “They’re not heavy, because we use only fruit and sugar, never milk”.

About motherhood Hélène admitted her career was an impediment: “I was not a good mother.” (People magazine 1980)
She an Marcel had two children: François and Sophie.

 Hélène Rochas kept the traditional French conception on the woman. Like in a lot of  cultures, woman was perceived as a tender, needing protection person.

“I work, but I don’t want to get taken for a women’s libber,” (People magazine 1980)
Women should have a fragile air, even if they are not.” (W magazine 1984)

Madame Rochas 2nd edition, The first was signed by Hélène Rochas herself

Madame Rochas second edition. The first was signed by Hélène Rochas herself.

Madame was highly appreciated for her work, for her intuition and her cleverness.[googlead tip=”vertical_mediu” aliniat=”dreapta”]

“She is our nose, our intuition, our mirror,” said Jacques Pecqueraux Rochas’ president in 1980, when they asked her to come back to Rochas and she accepted.

“She was the spirit of Rochas and she will put them back on top” said Oscar de la Renta.

However, Hélène Rochas elegantly declared that she was Marcel Rochas’ creation and he was her mentor even after he died.
She was taking acting lessons when she met  Marcel on a Paris Métro in 1942. He was a designer and he suggested her to be his model.

I was very vexed because he didn’t think I was old or elegant enough to model his dresses.” she said and added with a smile: “I was a good student.”(People magazine 1980).

In 1960 Guy Robert created “Madame Rochas”. Perfume’s bottle was replica of an 18th century one that Hélène discovered in a Parisian antique dealer. The “Parfum de toilette” (Pdt) was signed by Hélène Rochas herself. The perfume has aldehydes, bergamot, lemon and neroli at the top, flowery notes in the middle and woody tones at the base. Its second edition appeared in 1989.