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World’s oldest man Sakari Momoi has died in Tokyo at the age of 112.

The Japanese, a former high school principal and father of five, died of kidney failure in a care facility on July 5.

Sakari Momoi had been named the oldest man by Guinness World Records in August.

In April the world’s oldest person and oldest woman, Misao Okawa from Japan, died at the age of 117. Her titles are now held by 116-year-old American Susannah Mushatt Jones.

Photo Kyodo News

Photo Kyodo News

Born in 1903 in Fukushima, Sakari Momoi – whose death was announced on July 7 – first worked as a teacher and later became a principal in high schools in his home prefecture as well as neighboring Saitama.

According to Guiness, Sakari Momoi enjoyed reading, especially Chinese poetry, and also travelling around Japan with his late wife.

When Sakari Momoi received his certificate from Guinness in August, he told reporters: “I want to live for about two more years.”

Guinness has not announced who is now the world’s oldest man, although it may well be 112-year-old Japanese Yasutaro Koide who was born a month after Sakari Momoi, according to wire agencies.

Susannah Mushatt Jones celebrated her 116th birthday on July 6 with friends and family in New York.

Known as T to her 100 nieces and nephews – the nickname is short for “auntie” – she has said the secret to her longevity is sleep.


Besse Cooper, the US woman listed as the world’s oldest person, has died aged 116.

Besse Cooper died peacefully on Tuesday at a nursing home near Atlanta, Georgia, said her son, Sidney Cooper.

She had recently been ill with a stomach virus, he added.

The Tennessee-born teacher had had her hair set on Tuesday morning and watched a Christmas video, but then suffered breathing problems, said Sidney Cooper. She was put on oxygen but died a short while later.

“With her hair fixed it looked like she was ready to go,” Sidney Cooper told the Associated Press news agency.

Besse Cooper, the US woman listed as the world's oldest person, has died aged 116

Besse Cooper, the US woman listed as the world’s oldest person, has died aged 116

Besse Cooper was certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest person in January 2011.

The following May, Guinness discovered that a Brazilian woman, Maria Gomes Valentin, was 48 days older, but she died the following month.

Born in Tennessee, Besse Cooper moved to Georgia during World War I to look for work as a teacher.

Her funeral was likely to be held later this week, her son said.

Guinness said Besse Cooper is succeeded as the world’s oldest living person by fellow American Dina Manfredini from Iowa, who is 115.

The oldest person ever was French-born Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 122 before dying in 1997.