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President Barack Obama has hit out at his Republican rivals likening them to “Grumpy Cat”, the notoriously unhappy feline.

As he addressed the DNC Women’s Leadership Forum on October 23, Barack Obama accused the Republicans of being “so down on America” and always suggesting that “everything is terrible”.

Photo ABC News

Photo ABC News

“I mean, they are…They are gloomy. They are like Grumpy Cat,” Barack Obama added, referencing the feline internet sensation.

The comparison was accompanied by an imitation of the Grumpy Cat frown – an image familiar to fans of the Internet meme that ultimately spawned a product line and a Christmas movie.

“I mean, I know it’s political season, but you listen to [the Republicans] and they’ve constructed this entire separate reality. It’s like the Twilight Zone,” Barack Obama continued.

Several times during his 23-minute speech, Barack Obama referred to Republicans’ statements as “crazy”.