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The Bachelor Season 18 finale episode began with each of the girls meeting Juan Pablo Galavis’ family in St. Lucia.

Clare Crawley is up first and has an interesting conversation with his mom. When Clare asks her if there’s anything she should know, Juan Pablo’s mom eventually says: “He is sometimes very rude.”

Clare then brings up their disagreement from Vietnam and somehow finds comfort in his mom’s reaction to it.

Nikki Ferrell has already spent some brief time with Juan Pablo’s parents, daughter Camila, and Camila’s mom.

This time she sits down with his cousin Rodolfo. It’s then that Nikki also hears what are potential red flags straight from Rodolfo.

“Juan Pablo … sometimes when things are getting rough, he walks away [from] the relationship,” Rodolfo tells her.

“So how can you deal with that?”

“I think a relationship with no fighting, [has] no passion… so I feel like we would fight well,” Nikki says.

Nikki Ferrell got Juan Pablo Galavis’ final rose without a ring

Nikki Ferrell got Juan Pablo Galavis’ final rose without a ring

Both girls have their final one-on-one dates. For Clare, it’s a romantic helicopter ride. But when they step off the plane, Clare says Juan Pablo made some hurtful, insulting remarks. She explains he said something along the lines of: “I don’t know you that well, but I love hooking up with you.”

Later in her hotel room, Clare tries to get Juan Pablo to clarify and as per usual his party line is: “It’s OK.”

But Clare finally gets Juan Pablo to say what she wants to hear, that it’s more than just the physical with her.

“Tonight I know that he wants me here,” she says.

Nikki’s final date with Juan Pablo begins with a catamaran ride. But, again, he brings up some insecurities Nikki has about their relationship. Later that night, Nikki is still concerned that she’s going to lose Juan Pablo. After giving him a photo and a letter expressing her feelings for him, Juan Pablo says goodbye for the final time before she finds out if she’s the one.

At the end of the show, Juan Pablo picks Nikki, saying: “I have a ring here in my pocket and I’m not going to use it. I’m not 100 percent sure I want to propose to you, but at the same time I’m 100 percent sure I don’t want to let you go.”

For the first time since Brad Womack rejected both ladies in the Season 11 finale, there was no proposal.

Juan Pablo Galavis hands out the final rose, but without a ring, and Nikki Ferrell accepts it.

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