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The process of electing a successor to Benedict XVI is under way and here are 10 of the candidates in the running to lead the Catholic Church.

Joao Braz de Aviz

  • Archbishop of Brasilia
  • Born 1947 in Santa Caterina, Brazil
  • As young priest, caught in a robbery’s cross-fire
  • Studied at Rome’s Pontifical Gregorian and Lateran Universities
  • Made cardinal in 2012
  • Focuses on welfare of the poor

Timothy Dolan

  • Archbishop of New York
  • Born 1950 in St Louis, Missouri, US
  • PhD in Church history and was rector of Rome’s North American College
  • One of Time’s 100 most influential people for 2012

Marc Ouellet

  • Archbishop of Quebec, head of Congregation for Bishops
  • Born 1944 in La Motte, Quebec
  • Decided to become a priest as a teenager
  • Taught in seminaries in Colombia and Canada

Gianfranco Ravasi

  • President of the Pontifical Council for Culture
  • Born 1942 in Lecco, Italy
  • Chose priesthood over teaching Latin and Greek classics
  • Helped popularize scripture studies through Italian media

Leonardo Sandri

  • Head of Vatican dept for Eastern Churches
  • Born 1943 in Argentina to Italian parents
  • Became a papal diplomat after ordination
  • Served as Vatican’s chief-of-staff 2000-07
  • Speaks English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
The process of electing a successor to Benedict XVI is under way

The process of electing a successor to Benedict XVI is under way

Odilo Scherer

  • Archbishop of Sao Paulo
  • Born 1949 in Cerro Lago, Brazil, of German-Brazilian heritage
  • Doctorate in theology
  • Head of Church’s largest dioceses in world’s largest Catholic country

Christoph Schoenborn

  • Archbishop of Vienna
  • Born 1945, son of a Bohemian count
  • Seen as Benedict’s intellectual protégé
  • Respected by Jews, Muslims and Orthodox Christians
  • Embroiled in  open rebellion by hundreds of own priests in Austria
  • Has broken ranks to speak in favor of reform

Angelo Scola

  • Archbishop of Milan
  • Born 1941 in Milan, Italy
  • Son of a truck driver
  • Has doctorates in Christian philosophy and theology
  • Italian newspaper calls him “crown prince of Catholicism”

Luis Tagle

  • Archbishop of Manila
  • Born 1957 in the Philippines
  • Reputation as a man of the people
  • Media-savvy, frequent broadcaster
  • Served on International Theologian Commission
  • Made cardinal in November 2012

Peter Turkson

  • Archbishop of Cape Coast, general secretary of Synod for Africa
  • Born 1948 in western Ghana
  • Attended New York seminary
  • First-ever Ghanaian cardinal in 2003
  • Seen as a moderate