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Shia LaBeouf has livestreamed himself watching his performance on the big screen and six other strange moments.

The actor has invited everyone to watch the livestream via digital-art website NewHive.

Shia LaBeouf will be watching his blockbusters including Transformers, Indiana Jones, Holes, Surf’s Up, Disturbia and many more for three days.

The Hollywood star has also invited New Yorkers to come and join him for free at the city’s Angelika Film Center.

With the camera focused on just his face, viewers can spend 72 hours staring at Shia LaBeouf staring at something else.

Photo NewHive

Photo NewHive

The actor even took a break to thank fans.

He wrote on a nearby wall: “Thank you so much. I am aware of how crazy this whole thing is – thank you for your faith.”

Shia LaBeouf intensely encourages viewers to not “let their dreams be dreams”. He manages, in just over a minute, to rant, contort, shout, double over, and pull invisible bird seed out of his palm.

This led many on the internet to go meme crazy making something strange.