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For students, being in school means tackling a wide variety of assignments that challenge their writing skills. There’s a good chance that they’ll have to write book reviews, lab reports, and a couple more projects before they graduate.

Students who hate writing are prone to making mistakes that affect their performance and make essay tasks look harder than they are. Fortunately, there are lots of credible platforms to which a modern student can turn to with write my paper for me request. This is the easiest way out of any writing-related trouble.

However, we have prepared this article for everyone who gets butterflies at the idea of writing an essay. You’ll learn how to change the mindset and solve common writing problems.

Let’s get to it.

Is There a Balance Between Creativity and Responsibility?

Any student who’s tackled a writing assignment knows the importance of being intentional about how to plan one’s time.

It takes commitment to come up with a schedule that leads to finishing pending tasks instead of using that time to watch movies or lazy around.

When students receive an assignment, they don’t like they tend to procrastinate until the last minute. This hasty, reckless approach leads to poorly done essays that taint their academic record with low grades.

It’s easier for a person to be creative, even with the toughest tasks if they make a conscious choice to be responsible.

Is It Wise to Use Passion as a Driving Force?

It is mesmerizing to look at the work of a passionate author. Everything about the project, from the introduction to the conclusion, is proof that the writer has taken one’s time to compose a beautiful story.

Passion is a powerful motivator that can help students develop fantastic content. However, in school, students don’t have the power to select projects they like, at least not in all courses.

So, in the absence of passion, that’s where hard work and commitment fall in place. A successful student would tackle a task one dislikes with the same zeal and desire they would if it was their best project.

Why? Because they understand that getting high grades on all assignments will get them closer to pursuing their dream job.

Can Positivity Help Solve Writing Problems?

Students who nurture positive thoughts perform better in tough projects as compared to those who focus on the complexity of the task. Most people have heard the saying fake it till you make it. With such an ideology, someone can imitate positivity and act confidently in all aspects of life.

Confidence does not come naturally to everyone, and people must learn how to use positive thinking as a strategy to approach their least favorite tasks or assignments.

For a student struggling with writing assignments, coming up with a first draft can be discouraging. That’s why the assignment should be broken down into smaller tasks. Once he/she comes up with the intro, it gets easier to manage the other parts of the paper.

Should Students Avoid Negative Feedback Altogether?

No one likes negative feedback. Unfortunately, in any creative work like writing, presenting the paper to an audience opens an outlet for receiving all types of responses, negative ones included.

Any student who spends time researching and actualizing a concept would want to receive appraisals, but that’s not always the case.

In fact, negative comments present a platform where someone can evaluate their work, identify any flaws, and find ways to fix them. If students look at negative feedback as constructive criticism, it can be a powerful tool to shape and polish their talent and skills.

Whenever someone pokes holes at their ideas or story, instead of feeling bitter or disappointed, they should ask themselves a series of questions such as:

  • Can they capitalize on the knowledge of the person providing feedback?

For any student interested in becoming successful, it is crucial to learn how to use criticism as a stepping stone onto more important things.

How Is Gratitude Useful in Solving Writing Challenges?

A person who spends one’s time complaining about every aspect of their lives, from the dorm setup to the timetable, might give up on a writing assignment the moment they face an obstacle.

Alternatively, someone who shows appreciation for all the small things in life has a better opportunity to persevere through challenges and not give up.

Gratitude is a crucial factor that can help students find enjoyment in their studies despite the countless number of struggles they might face. A grateful person feels inspired, which directly impacts one’s capability to become creative.

Apart from improving creativity, gratitude has plenty of benefits, including:

  • Improving self-esteem;
  • Boosting mental strength;
  • Enhancing physical and physiological health;
  • Helping to create healthy relationships;
  • Establishing a healthy sleep routine;
  • Helping people deal better with adversity.

Students struggling with writing assignments should practice more gratitude in their lives, and they’ll be amazed at how such a small act will bring their creativity to a different level.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our list of little tricks and things to consider will be helpful. Strike a balance between creativity and responsibility, nurture positive thought, be grateful, and find inspiration in small things.

All these and a bit of tolerance to criticism will yield amazing results. Good luck!


Kris Jenner received some rather negative feedback on eBay after she offloaded some designer items on the auction site recently.

Kris Jenner, 57, was slammed online after a customer bought a pair of Tom Ford black frame oval sunglasses from her.

After purchasing the item, the user in question was far from pleased to receive a pair of “dirty” shades with “makeup on it and fingerprints all over it” according to RadarOnline.com.

The description of the “pre-owned item” had previously read: “Kris’s own black oval sunglasses from Tom Ford.

“These classic oval sunglasses with gold accents are a must-have for the summer.

“Gold T accent on sides with miniature Tom Ford plate. Black gradient lenses with purple tint.

Kris Jenner was slammed on eBay after a customer bought a pair of Tom Ford black frame oval sunglasses from her

Kris Jenner was slammed on eBay after a customer bought a pair of Tom Ford black frame oval sunglasses from her

“Stand out from the crowd with these fashionable sunglasses!”

Despite the glowing review of the sunglasses, the buyer was reportedly none too impressed, subsequently providing Kris Jenner with her very first negative review.

“Received item dirty with makeup on it and fingerprints all over it,” she wrote.

The same buyer also purchased a halter top from the star, and again was left disappointed.

“Not worth what I paid Looks Cheap,” she wrote.

Kris Jenner has followed the lead of her daughter Khloe Kardashian by offloading goods on the website.

Earlier this year, Khloe Kardashian, 29, launched an eBay store with husband Lamar Odom.

Khloe Kardashian started selling items from the more intimate section of her wardrobe – including her underwear and negligees.

One of the sports bras Khloe Kardashian was selling was advertised as “pre-owned”.

And at one point she even raked in 13 bids from happy shoppers hoping to get their mitts on the workout wear Khloe Kardashian had been sweating in.

Unfortunately, her silky slips didn’t garner quite as much attention on the site.

Kim Kardashian also launched an eBay store and sold some of her wardrobe last summer, with part of the proceeds supporting Life Change Community Church.

The European launch of HTC First, aka Facebook smartphone, has been delayed following disappointing US sales and negative feedback.

The HTC handset runs Facebook’s enhanced Home software, designed to be more integrated into the smartphone than a normal app.

First’s delay follows a raft of high-profile employee departures from HTC.

In recent months, chief product officer Kouji Koudera, Asian chief executive Lennard Hoornik and the firm’s director of global communications Jason Gordon have all departed.

Five other senior figures have also left the company.

Signs of discontent were played out in public when Eric Lin, an ex-HTC product strategy manager, tweeted: “To all my friends still at @HTC – just quit. Leave now.

“It’s tough to do, but you’ll be so much happier, I swear.”

Eric Lin had left HTC in February to join Microsoft-owned Skype.

The European launch of HTC First, aka Facebook smartphone, has been delayed following disappointing US sales and negative feedback

The European launch of HTC First, aka Facebook smartphone, has been delayed following disappointing US sales and negative feedback

Despite being one of the industry’s top players several years ago, the smartphone maker’s market share has fallen sharply and its income fell to the lowest level in eight years towards the end of 2012.

Mark Zuckerberg launched Home on the promise it would “change the relationship” people have with their phones.

The free-to-download software effectively replaces the phone’s home screen with a Facebook feed and chat options.

It was initially exclusively available on HTC’s First smartphone, before being rolled out to a selection of other Android-powered handsets.

HTC had hoped the Facebook deal would boost sales of the First device, but the handset has since been heavily discounted – and dropped by AT&T, the biggest US mobile network.

In a statement, Facebook said it had been listening to users’ “experiences” of the software.

“While many people love it, we’ve heard a lot of great feedback about how to make Home substantially better.

“As a result we’re focusing the next few months on adding customization features that address the feedback we received.

“While we focus on making Home better, we are going to limit supporting new devices and think it makes a lot of sense for EE and Orange to hold off deploying the HTC First in Europe.”