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Duck Dynasty stars returned to TV for a Christmas special and proved themselves to be a triple threat when they showed off their acting skills at their church’s nativity play.

“Considering the talent involved, it’s borderline miraculous [we pulled off the play],” Jase Robertson said.

Even the Robertson’s youngest brother Jep, who has terrible stage fright, managed to remember his one line.

However, Uncle Si Robertson, who played one of the wise men, insisted on calling frankincense “franken scents.”

“Everybody knows that <<franken>> is a prefix,” Si Robertson explained.

“Like <<franken stein>> and <<frank and beans>>.”

While the nativity play, which featured the entire family, went on fairly smoothly, the episode focused on what the Robertson family does best: hunting.

“Well every Christmas, it seems like my house is invaded by yuppies,” said Phil Robertson as he prepared to go hunting for the family’s Christmas dinner.

Duck Dynasty stars showed off their acting skills at their church's nativity play

Duck Dynasty stars showed off their acting skills at their church’s nativity play

“All they do all day long is decorate and talk.”

Before Phil Robertson could head out to hunt, Miss Kay and Jessica insisted he take them hog hunting.

“In the spirit of Christmas and in the spirit of the American West, we say y’all get your camo on,” he told them before quickly regretting his decision to let the women join him.

“If the yapping keeps up there won’t be a hog coming within a mile of us,” Phil Robertson complained. Failing to get Jessica and Miss Kay to stay quiet, Phil devised a plan to trick them into acting foolish.

He told them to scream for the pigs to come while walking in a circle and bending close to the ground. After several minutes of this Phil couldn’t hold back his laughter and the jig was up.

But there was no harm done as Phil soon after shot a pig for their Christmas dinner. He enlisted the help of Jessica who was not too happy to help her father-in-law drag the pig back to the truck.

“I’m a better pioneer woman [than Jessica],” Miss Kay said.

“I’ve been helping cleaning and carrying hogs since I could carry and clean hogs.”

Meanwhile, Willie Robertson was searching for the perfect present to get his wife Korie after she admitted he was not the best gift giver. In previous years she received a Snuggie and a bedazzled clutch.

Determined to make this year different, Willie Robertson took the advice of younger brother Jep and had a family portrait framed.

Satisfied his gift would make an impression on his wife, Willie Robertson was disappointed when brother Jase turned up with the same gift for his wife Missy.

Despite the minor setback, both wives loved their gifts and Willie was happy to save the “camo pajamas” he bought Korie for her birthday.

Alan Robertson also made an appearance on last night’s episode sporting some new scruff. The former minister led the family and the church in a prayer after the nativity play.