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Moving and relocation


Glendale is a blessed city, so it is not surprising that new house owners and tenants often come to this place to realize their American dream. Though, relocation is usually a hard thing to do. Even a thought about moving frustrates people. At the same time, changing the place of living or location of your company will turn into a pleasant adventure, if you remember 4 crucially important things.

1 – Trust Experts Only

Since you want to move easy and without any rush, find credible registered movers. In the north suburb of Los Angeles Glendale moving company can help you do a residential or commercial move.

Choosing a moving agency, pay attention to working experience of the team, customers’ feedback, working hours and insurance possibilities. The latter criterion is the most eloquent one because only trusted movers with many years of experience guarantee that they cover a potential loss of things when moving.

2 – Do a Reserve List

Good moving companies offer not only loaders and trucks but also advise on some organizational issues. They do a list of all things they are going to transfer and follow clients’ instructions carefully.

Nevertheless, it is better to have a reserve copy of the list of items to be delivered to your new place. Such approach is helpful, if a dispute with a moving company occurs. It’s also very important to make a master moving checklist where you can easily check off things one by one as the process unfolds.

3 – Draw a Plan of Unloading

Do not hesitate to ask about some additional or special services. If you hire professionals from moving companies, draw them a sketch of unloading. Think about the end result you expect. Do you want to order only the delivery of things or come to a new house or office with carefully arranged furniture and packaged items according to your plan?

Specialists can help you arrange boxes in the specified rooms and organize a new space in a certain order. Thus you will avoid one of the most unpleasant moments when moving – the sensation of chaos.

4 – Have Your Very Important Bag on You

Collect all important things like documents, keys, credit cards and cash, office stamps, etc. into one bag or box and carry it by yourself. There are cases when people come to a new place but cannot find their passports, documents for real estate, children’s certificates of birth, medical policies and so on.

Also put the essentials in a separate package, if you do not want to run behind the napkins to the nearest shop. Do not rely on chance. Think in advance about important little things, so as not to get into trouble.

These four simple recommendations are very helpful in practice. Just follow them to make your move successful! Good luck and see you in Glendale!


So you’re moving out of the state? You’ll have a lot more to consider than when moving across town. You’ll have to think about schools, taxes, change in cost of living, transportation, and more. People move interstate for different reasons, but it’s usually because of a company move, a new job, or retirement. The reason you move will affect the factors you need to take into consideration. Let’s check out some of these factors and what you can do to best prepare.

Before the Move

Moving Day

It’s hard to predict moving costs when moving accross states. You can find out more about long distance moving companies here, as you will want to check out different rates from various moving companies. Any reputable company will offer an adequate rate quote before you move. If you have previous experience moving a long distance with a mover, see if you can find them in your area. It’s a lot less stressful to move if you’re familiar with the process already. Treat the movers nicely and they’ll treat your property the right way in return.

Make a list of anything you’re involved in that requires an address update. Of course let your friends and family or anyone else important in your life know. But you’ll also want to update accounts and billing and shipping information. Cancel your utilities and figure out what you’ll use when you move to your new home. Learn about the living costs of your new home and location. Oregon home insurance is different from Georgia home insurance. Same with taxes and plenty of other expenses you may not think of.

Are you using your car to move? Make sure to get your car checked before you move. It might prove smart to get a full service on the car and let them know you plan to move out of the state. If you have an emergency kit for your car, make sure it’s full. If you don’t have one, get one.

If you own pets, make sure they’re healthy and up to date on vaccinations. If you have any plants, you’ll have to fit them in your car or find somewhere else for them, as moving companies don’t usually accept them.

Items get lost in long-distance moves. If anything is just too precious to risk losing, keep it with you in your personal vehicle.

On the Road


Plan your trip to include stops. Driving for an hour or two might not drain you too much, but more than that and you might not have the energy you’d expect to finish the move. Keep yourself refreshed and energized with breaks long enough to stretch out your legs (which you’ll be using a lot of once you arrive).

If the trip is long enough, find a cheap motel you can stay in for a solid eight hours; you’ll be glad you got the rest. And make sure not to drive tired. It’s too dangerous, especially with all your precious belongings in the car.

Plan a fun route. You don’t want to get stuck in traffic, especially on the highway with nothing around. With really long trips, find stops to look forward to. Cool scenery, great food — anything will help. If you can afford it, buy your movers some food or coffee as a form of gratuity.

Prepare for a breakdown, too. Make sure you have your car emergency kit, as previously mentioned. If you break down in the middle of the night, stay safe until help arrives. Get AAA if you can, as its service can do wonders and is usually free of charge. Let somebody know your plan and ETA so they can help if something goes wrong. And don’t forget to pack food and water to keep yourself going on the long ride.

After The Move

Moving boxes

If you have different people helping you unload your belongings, you should offer another form of gratuity. Make sure everything gets safely unloaded. Hopefully the moving company provided you with the moving brochure entitled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move“. This should make the documents you signed clear and make sure there are no surprises with the move. It also explains your rights if anything gets damaged. Follow up with the moving company and let it know how it did.

Make sure you have everything before the movers leave! You don’t want to realize something’s missing or broken before it’s too late. Be safe, smart, and good luck with your move.