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Beauty pageant finalist Sheislane Hayalla refused to be second best at this year’s Miss Amazonas contest in Brazil.

At the coronation ceremony, on January 30, runner-up Sheislane Hayalla hugged winner Carol Toledo when she was first announced as queen, but a few seconds after the crown was gracefully placed on her rival’s head, Hayalla snatched it, threw it to the stage floor and left in a rage.

Sheislane Hayalla accused Carol Toledo of having bought the title.

Images of the incident spread quickly on social media over the weekend. Users created all kinds of memes mocking the unexpected grand finale.Miss Amazonas 2015 Sheislane Hayalla

The winner of Miss Amazonas represents the state in the national Miss Brazil contest. It was not immediately known if Sheislane Hayalla would retain its position as “first princess”. Event organizers did not comment.

“I wanted to express my disapproval of the actions in the preparations for Miss Amazonas 2015. I do not regret having protested,” Sheislane Hayalla said on her Facebook page on January 31.

“I wanted something clean and honest.”

Sheislane Hayalla represented Brazil in Miss Globe International, held in September in Baku, Azerbaijan, where she was first princess and seemed to accept the title gladly.

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