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The Supreme Court has ruled that President Donald Trump can use $2.5 billion of Pentagon funds for a section of wall on the southern border.

There were five votes to four to block a ruling by a federal judge in California that barred President Trump from spending the money on the Mexican wall.

The wall, dividing the US and Mexico, was President Trump’s major campaign promise during the 2016 election.

The constructing of the wall is fiercely opposed by Democrats.

The decision by the Supreme Court means that the money will be used for wall projects in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

The court in California had argued that Congress had not specifically authorized the funds to be used for constructing the wall.

In a tweet, President Trump described the ruling as a “big victory”.

He tweeted: “Wow! Big VICTORY on the Wall. The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed. Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law!”

President Trump has argued that a new wall would help to curb illegal immigration, which he says is fuelling crime and placing a strain on the economy.

Democrats say they are in favor of border security but the wall would be expensive and ineffective. They argue that President Trump has manufactured the border emergency and that the wall has become a symbol of Trump’s anti-immigration platform.

On July 26, the US and Guatemala signed a deal, under which migrants from Honduras and El Salvador who pass through Guatemala will be required to stop and seek asylum there first, rather than heading straight for the US.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has vowed to seek an expedited decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals “to halt the irreversible and imminent damage from Trump’s border wall”.

President Trump declared an emergency earlier this year, saying he needed $6.7 billion to build the wall as a matter of national security. However, this figure is far short of the estimated $23 billion cost of a barrier along the whole 2,000 miles of border.

Democrats claimed President Trump’s decision to declare an emergency exceeded his powers under the US constitution.

About 20 states, along with groups including the ACLU have filed lawsuits to try and stop the president using the emergency declaration to bypass Congress.

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The House of Representatives is also taking legal action to stop the diversion of further funds for the wall project.

According to US authorities, 104,344 people were arrested along the southwest border in June – a 28% drop from the previous month.

The Trump administration claims the decrease is due to new policies with Mexico to curb migration, including increased security on the Mexican side of the border, and the expansion of a scheme that makes asylum seekers wait in Mexico while their cases are being processed.

However, experts say that reduced migration is also typical during the hot summer months.

The number of people detained on the US-Mexico border is far lower when compared with the previous decade.

The number fell in President Trump’s first year but rose again in 2018 – but even before the increase, when migration numbers were at historic lows, Donald Trump described the situation on the border as a national security crisis.


President Donald Trump has revealed that his proposed wall along the border with Mexico could have solar panels fixed to it.

Addressing a rally in Iowa, Donald Trump told supporters the panels would provide cheap energy and help to pay for the controversial wall.

The president suggested the plan was his own, saying: “Pretty good imagination, right? Good? My idea.”

However, solar panels have been included in designs for the wall submitted by companies.

During his campaign, Donald Trump pledged to build a wall along the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

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He insisted he would make Mexico foot the bill, but Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has dismissed the idea.

President Trump told cheering supporters at a campaign-style rally in Cedar Rapids on June 21 that he would “give you an idea that nobody has heard about yet”.

He said: “We’re thinking of something that’s unique, we’re talking about the southern border, lots of sun, lots of heat. We’re thinking about building the wall as a solar wall, so it creates energy and pays for itself. And this way, Mexico will have to pay much less money, and that’s good, right?”

The president added: “Solar wall, panels, beautiful. I mean actually think of it, the higher it goes the more valuable it is. Pretty good imagination right? Good? My idea.”

More than 200 companies have reportedly responded to an invitation from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to submit designs for the Mexican wall.

Among them was one from Gleason Partners in Las Vegas that proposed a wall of steel, cement and solar panels.

In April, media reported that President Trump had raised the idea with Republican Congressional leaders in talks at the White House.

In an article for the Wall Street Journal in March, two academics also suggested the idea of a solar paneled wall.


Addressing the Conservative Political Action Congress (CPAC), President Donald Trump has promised to start building a wall on the Mexican border “soon, way ahead of schedule”.

President Trump vowed to always put American citizens first and build a “great, great border wall”.

He also promised to focus on “getting bad people out of this country”.

Donald Trump was greeted by chants of “USA, USA, USA!” as the president addressed the annual forum in Maryland.

“We’re building the wall,” he said.

“In fact it’s going to start very soon. Way ahead of schedule. It’s way, way, way ahead of schedule.”

Donald Trump’s comments come a day after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly met their Mexican counterparts in Mexico City.

Neither made any mention of the wall in February 23 news conference after their closed-door meetings.

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The wall could cost up to $21.5 billion, according to Reuters, citing a Department of Homeland Security internal report – much higher than Donald Trump’s estimated price tag of $12 billion.

Donald Trump, who has insisted Mexico would later pay for the wall, needs Congressional approval for funding before moving forward with construction.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has said he would not finance Donald Trump’s wall.

On February 24, President Donald Trump also said he was working on a plan to “totally obliterate” ISIS.

“Foreign terrorists will not be able to strike America if they can’t get in to America,” he said.

Donald Trump continued that he “took a lot of heat on Sweden”, referring to his erroneous claim that an attack had recently happened there.

He told the crowd: “I love Sweden… but the people over there understand I’m right.”

President Trump then referred to terrorist attacks in France before telling an anecdote about a friend who used to love travelling to Paris every year, but has stopped because “Paris is no longer Paris”.

One of the loudest rounds of applause came when he emphasized his “America First” outlook.

“Global co-operation, dealing with other countries, getting along with other countries is good,” he said.

“It’s very important.

“But there’s no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag.

“This is the United States of America that I’m representing. I’m not representing the globe; I’m representing your country.”

President Trump devoted the first 13 minutes of his speech to criticizing the media and its use of unnamed sources, without saying which stories he was unhappy with.

Relations between the White House and the media hit a new low for his presidency a few hours later.

Reporters from the BBC, The New York Times, CNN and other outlets were excluded from a briefing by the White House press secretary Sean Spicer. No reason was given, but Associated Press and Time magazine boycotted the so-called gaggle in protest.

Donald Trump is the first president to address the group during his first year in office since Ronald Reagan in 1981, according to American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp.

A suggestion that United States may impose a 20% tax on Mexican imports to pay for President Donald Trump’s planned border wall has been widely condemned in Mexico.

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said such a tax would make imports more expensive for American consumers and they would end up paying for the wall.

Earlier, President Enrique Pena Nieto canceled a visit to the United States over the row of who would pay for the wall.

The planned wall was one of Donald Trump’s key election campaign pledges.

At the beginning of this week, President Trump signed an executive order to create a wall along the 2,000-mile US-Mexico border.

Speaking on January 26, Luis Videgaray said: “A tax on Mexican imports to the United States is not a way to make Mexico pay for the wall, but to a way make the North American consumer pay for it through more expensive avocados, washing machines, televisions.”

The foreign minister also stressed that paying for Donald Trump’s wall “is not negotiable” for Mexico.

On January 26, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said a 20% tax could generate approximately $10 billion in tax revenue per year.

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However, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus later said that the border tax is only one of several options being considered.

The rift between the neighbors and trade partners has deepened just days into Donald Trump’s presidency.

After President Enrique Pena Nieto pulled out of next week’s summit, President Trump said the meeting would have been “fruitless” if Mexico didn’t treat the US “with respect” and pay for the wall.

Earlier President Pena Nieto said he “lamented” the plans for the barrier.

In a TV address, the Mexican leader told the nation: “I’ve said time and again: Mexico won’t pay for any wall.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham warned that US consumers may wind up bearing the cost of the proposed tax.

“Any tariff we can levy they can levy. Huge barrier to econ growth,” he wrote online.

“Build that wall” was one of Donald Trump’s campaign rally slogans.

His executive orders also called for hiring 10,000 immigration officials to help boost border patrol efforts.

Donald Trump said: “A nation without borders is not a nation.

“Beginning today the United States gets back control of its borders.”

President Donald Trump is seeking a tax on goods imported from Mexico and use the revenue to build a border wall, White House spokesman Sean Spicer has said.

Donald Trump’s plan was announced just after Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto canceled a visit to Washington, amid a row sparked by the question of who will pay for the wall.

On January 25, the president signed an executive order to create a wall on the US southern border with Mexico.

Making Mexico pay for it was one of Donald Trump’s key election campaign pledges.

However, President Enrique Pena Nieto has always insisted that will not happen and on January 26 he pulled out of next week’s White House meeting.

Hours later, Sean Spicer told reporters that President Trump had discussed the funding proposal with lawmakers, and that they are considering making it part of a tax reform package the US Congress is planning.

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Sean Spicer said that a 20% tax could generate approximately $10 billion in tax revenue per year.

He said aboard Air Force One: “Right now our country’s policy is to tax exports and let imports flow freely in, which is ridiculous.”

He added that the tax will “easily pay for the wall”.

The plan is still being finalized, Sean Spicer explained, saying that the tax could ultimately be as low as 5%.

The rift between the neighbors and trade partners has deepened just days into Donald Trump’s presidency.

After President Pena Nieto pulled out of the summit, Donald Trump said the meeting would have been “fruitless” if Mexico didn’t treat the US “with respect” and pay for the wall.

Earlier the Mexican leader said he “lamented” the plans for the barrier.

In a TV address, Enrique Pena Nieto told the nation: “I’ve said time and again: Mexico won’t pay for any wall.”


Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said that his country will not pay for Donald Trump’s border wall.

In a message to the nation, Enrique Pena Nieto said he “lamented” the plans for the barrier, adding that “Mexico doesn’t believe in walls”.

However, he made no mention of cancelling or postponing a trip to Washington on January 31 to meet President Donald Trump.

President Trump has signed an executive order for an “impassable physical barrier” and has insisted Mexico will reimburse the US for it.

Enrique Pena Nieto told the nation in a televised address: “I’ve said time and again; Mexico won’t pay for any wall.

“I regret and condemn the decision of the United States to continue construction of a wall that, for years, has divided us instead of uniting us.”

However, President Pena Nieto said his country offered “its friendship to the American people and its willingness to reach accords with their government”.

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray – in Washington to lead a delegation that has held talks at the White House – told the Televisa network the president was still weighing January 31 visit but said “the meeting stands for now”.

Enrique Pena Nieto met Donald Trump – then a presidential candidate – in Mexico City in September and came under intense criticism at home and his current approval ratings are low.

Donald Trump said in an interview with ABC News that Mexico would “absolutely, 100%” reimburse the US for his wall.

However, Congress would have to approve funding for the structure, which is estimated to cost billions of dollars.

Building a 2,000 mile barrier along the Mexican border was one of Donald Trump’s key pledges in the election campaign.

The president spoke of a “crisis” on the southern US border as he signed the directives during a ceremony at the Department of Homeland Security on January 25.

The orders also called for hiring 10,000 immigration officials to help boost border patrol efforts.

“A nation without borders is not a nation,” Donald Trump said.

“Beginning today the United States gets back control of its borders.”

The executive orders are among a flurry expected on national and border security this week.

Donald Trump is next expected to announce immigration restrictions from seven countries with Muslim-majority populations in the Middle East and Africa. This could affect refugee programs.

These countries are believed to be Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.


Former Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray, who organized Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico, has been named as President Enrique Pena Nieto’s new foreign minister.

Luis Videgaray was sacked as finance minister in 2016 over the role he played in organizing the visit of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Donald Trump had angered Mexicans, calling Mexican immigrants to the US “rapists”.

Luis Videgaray will now lead talks with the Trump administration, including on the wall the president-elect has promised to build between the US and Mexico.

Announcing the appointment, President Enrique Pena Nieto said that “the instruction to minister Videgaray is to accelerate the dialogue and contacts so that, from the first day of the new [US] administration, we can establish the basis of a constructive working relationship”.

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Luis Videgaray was seen as the main organizer of the meeting between Donald Trump and President Enrique Pena Nieto in August, which was criticized by Mexicans both in the national press and on social media.

Many Mexicans saw the invitation by Enrique Pena Nieto as a sign that the Mexican president was bowing to Donald Trump even though the latter had said during his campaign that he wanted to build a border wall between the US and Mexico which he insisted Mexico would pay for.

Enrique Pena Nieto said the meeting was to convey Mexico’s interests to Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump appeared at a campaign rally in the US just hours later again promising that Mexico would pay for his planned wall “100%”, President Pena Nieto said that “we could have done things in a better way”.

Luis Videgaray stepped down from his post as finance minister just days after the visit and a spokesperson for the ministry said at the time that Videgaray would not take on another public office.

However, on January 4, President Enrique Pena Nieto named him as his new foreign minister, saying that Luis Videgaray would “promote Mexico’s interests without diminishing our sovereignty and the dignity of Mexicans”.

Luis Videgaray is replacing Claudia Ruiz Massieu who reportedly was opposed to President Enrique Pena Nieto hosting Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has in the past praised Luis Videgaray as “brilliant”.

Donald Trump has defended his call for a wall on the Mexican border, during his visit to meet President Enrique Pena Nieto.

The GOP nominee said he did not discuss who would pay for the wall.

Donald Trump also called Mexicans “amazing” and “spectacular” people, in contrast to earlier comments branding Mexican migrants “rapists” and “murderers”.

President Pena Nieto said Mexicans had been hurt but he respected that Donald Trump genuinely wanted to build relations.

Donald Trump will later fly to Phoenix, Arizona, to deliver a key speech on measures to tackle illegal immigration.

He has seen his poll ratings slip since the GOP conventions last month.

Both nationally and in key states, Donald Trump trails Hillary Clinton, who enjoys particularly strong support among minorities.Donald Trump Mexico trip

Donald Trump said his words to Enrique Pena Nieto had been strong and straightforward.

He tried to put behind him his previous comments on Mexicans by saying those in the US had made a “great contribution”.

“I have a great feeling for Mexicans. They are amazing people,” he said.

Donald Trump said he had employed many Mexicans and that they were “beyond reproach, spectacular people with strong values of faith and community”.

He said: “We recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders.”

But he said there was no discussion on who would pay for the wall.

Donald Trump had earlier threatened to stop cash earned by Mexicans based in the US being sent home until the country paid for it to be built.

He concluded by saying he was honored by President Pena Nieto’s invitation to visit, adding: “I call you a friend.”

Enrique Pena Nieto accepted there were border challenges but pointed out the massive contribution Mexicans have made to the US, and that “six million jobs rely on exports to Mexico”.

He said: “My priority is to protect Mexicans wherever they may be. That is my responsibility. Mexicans in the US are honest people, hard-working people who respect their families, their community and the law. They deserve everybody’s respect.”

President Pena Nieto has invited both candidates to visit Mexico, but has faced criticism at home over Donald Trump.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox earlier told CNN: “We don’t like him. We don’t want him. We reject his visit.”

Former First Lady Margarita Zavala also tweeted: “We Mexicans have dignity, and we reject your hate speech.”

At least two demonstrations have been planned in Mexico City.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has not yet said if she will travel to Mexico.