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Thousands of people have attended Rubi Ibarra Garcia’s 15th birthday party in Mexico, after her parent’s video invitation to “everyone” went viral on social media.

Family members had to move away a crowd of waiting reporters so Rubi Ibarra Garcia could attend a Mass in La Joya community, central Mexico.

The girl was celebrating her 15th birthday – a traditional coming-of-age party in Mexico known as “quinceanera”.

About 1.2 million people had earlier vowed to attend the party.

However, Rubi’s father later said the idea had been to invite neighbors and friends only – while stressing he would not turn anyone away.

Image source Twitter

On December 26, dozens of tents and tables filled with food were prepared for those who made the journey.

They were met by Rubi, who looked serene despite the crowds, wearing a fuchsia dress and a tiara.

In a video posted online earlier this month Rubi’s father said that “everyone is welcome” to the party featuring three local bands, a meal and a horse race.

The footage shows Crescencio Ibarra standing next to his daughter Rubi and his wife Anaelda Garcia.

He then goes on to announce that the winner of the horse race to be held as part of the event stands to win 10,000 pesos ($490).

Crescencio Ibarra ends by saying that “hereby everyone is cordially invited”.

It is not clear why this particular video went viral and was shared more than 800,000 times and prompted countless memes and imitations.

Crescencio Ibarra said in a later TV interview he had no idea what had caught the public’s imagination.

“We wanted to invite the people from the area, that’s all,” he said, before denying he had since uninvited all but personal acquaintances.