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A Metrolink train has derailed after collision with a truck in Oxnard, northwest of Los Angeles.

The vehicle became engulfed in flames and at least 30 people have been injured, a fire department spokesman said.

Police in Oxnard, California, say the crash was first reported at 05:44 local time.

A helicopter from a local television station is showing emergency responders treating multiple people.

Photo Abc7 Live

Photo Abc7 Live

Ventura County Fire Department Captain Mike Lindbery said the train was carrying 51 passengers, and 28 of those were transported to several local hospitals.

The driver of the truck that collided with the train fled the scene, and was “taken into custody south of the scene less than a mile,” Capt. Mike Lindbery said.

Aerial footage from the scene shows multiple emergency vehicles at the scene, with several fire fighters and paramedics moving people into ambulances.

One carriage can be seen overturned and laying partially in a nearby highway. Two others were overturned laying parallel to each other, and a fourth remains upright.

In a nearby intersection, the burnt-out shell of a truck can be seen with remnants of fire extinguishing foam.

The train was destined for Los Angeles, and crashed about 65 miles away from its destination.

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Metro-North train that crashed on Sunday in New York City was going 82 mph in a 30 mph zone when it ran off the rails, investigators have said.

Four people were killed and more than 60 injured in New York’s Bronx borough.

The Metro-North train from Poughkeepsie to New York City crashed about 07:20 local time on a curve.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating whether a mechanical failure or human error caused the train’s high speed.

The train appeared to have been travelling over the speed limit even before it thundered into the curve where it crashed – the speed limit on the track approaching the curve is 70 mph, NTSB board member Earl Weener said on Monday.

He said the train had made nine stops prior to the derailment, and officials had not yet uncovered any brake problems.

Metro-North train that crashed in New York City was going 82 mph in a 30 mph zone when it ran off the rails

Metro-North train that crashed in New York City was going 82 mph in a 30 mph zone when it ran off the rails

Earl Weener said preliminary data from the train’s event recorders indicated the train’s brakes became fully engaged just five seconds before the locomotive came to a complete stop after the crash.

In addition, he said the locomotive’s throttle went to idle six seconds before the train came to a stop.

Authorities continue to question the train’s engineer and three other crew members, and planned to transport the locomotive to a secure facility for further examination.

Officials were examining the engineer’s mobile phone – a standard procedure, Earl Weener said.

The engineer and assistant conductor were both injured in the crash.

Authorities also obtained surveillance video of the derailment from a nearby bridge, but the picture was of low quality, he added.

Officials have identified the deceased as Donna Smith, 54, James Lovell, 58, James Ferrari, 59, and Ahn Kisook, 35. Three of the dead were found outside the train, and one was found inside.

Of the 150 or so who were on board, 11 remain critically injured.

One man suffered a spinal cord injury that could leave him paralyzed from the neck down, a doctor told CNN.

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A woman pushing a baby stroller was struck and killed by a train in Riverside, Southern California, on Saturday.

The unidentified mother was killed after 2 year-old daughter got caught in train tracks last night – but managed to save her child at the last minute by pushing her out of the way as a Metrolink commuter train in Southern California raged towards them.

In a final moment of heroism, the mother managed to free her child – but did not have enough time to get herself out of the way.

She was trying to walk through the Riverside crossing when the stroller became stuck in the tracks, police said.

The woman did not stop walking even though the arms of the crossing were down.

The woman pushing a baby stroller was struck and killed by a Metrolink passengers train in Riverside

The woman pushing a baby stroller was struck and killed by a Metrolink passengers train in Riverside

Riverside police Sergeant Dan Warren said:

“She didn’t quite make it.”

“The baby’s fine, but she got hit.”

Sergeant Kendall Banks added:

“The arms were down, lights were going and she tried to cross anyway and the stroller got stuck and she didn’t make it.”

An eyewitness, Sandra Castillo was walking past the scene when she spotted the child alone in her stroller.

“All I did was get the baby – get her in the side walk,” Sandra Castillo told KTLA.

“Because I didn’t want her to get hit by other cars.

“I was like, did she just randomly come out of nowhere? Did she fall off the train? But no, her mum got run over.

“She tried to take her life to save her baby”.

Passengers said the train, which was going from Oceanside to San Bernardino, stopped after the collision as investigators were called.

Police and railroad officials continue to investigate the collision.

None of the 50 passengers on the train were injured.

The little girl was treated at a local hospital as a precaution and is now in the care of her grandmother.