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Get Even Brightening Serum and Get Even Spot Repair from StriVectin are said to make women over 40 to look more radiant with even-toned skin and less hyperpigmentation.

The two menopausal skin care products claim to provide a solution to mottled, damaged skin, whether caused by the natural ageing process or by the sun.

As well as the mood swings, insomnia and weight gain that women of a certain age have to contend with, the menopause can also play havoc with skin.

Deeper wrinkles, dryness and acne are just some of the problems exacerbated by hormonal changes during this time.

Get Even Brightening Serum and Get Even Spot Repair from StriVectin

Get Even Brightening Serum and Get Even Spot Repair from StriVectin

British dermatologist and author Dr. Ellen Marmur said: “Women in their 40s and 50s often ask me how to deal with their skin pigmentation.

“A lifetime of sun damage coupled with hormonal changes brought on by menopause makes these women a prime target for sun spots, age spots and discolouration which can age them even more than wrinkles.”

The Get Even Brightening Serum costs £79 ($125) and is an all-over face serum for mild to moderate dark spots and discolorations. It claims to re-adjust skin tone and diminish excessive pigmentation in four weeks.

Within eight weeks, pigmentation is said to become normal and dark spots visibly fade.

Get Even Spot Repair, at £45 ($71), comes in a twist-pen applicator and targets dark, stubborn spots at the source.

Skin care company StriVectin says its clinically proven product diminishes the appearance of old, new and resistant dark spots. By eight weeks spots are said to visibly lighten.

StriVectin’s Get Even treatment appears to work by slowing down the production of melanin in the skin, regulating the transfer of pigment and improving the overall quality of the cell, as well as increasing cell turnover to reveal higher-quality cells beneath and get rid of dark spots quicker.

However, skin therapy expert Louise Thomas-Minns warned that no cream would solve the underlying problems causing age spots.

Louise Thomas-Minns said: “You need to look at what underlying issue is causing pigmentation, for example whether it is sun exposure or hormonal, as to how you would treat it.

“It is important to protect the skin from daily UV exposure as well as using creams.”